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I feel like I’ve been unplugged from myself, from my soul, during the last six months of doing nothing but work every waking hour.

I took last weekend off. I didn’t work Monday night, or last night, and I’ll do a little more tonight but otherwise I haven’t really worked tonight either. I have a specific goal to try and force the work I must do, to get done with the resources I have: me 10 hours a day and three full-time contractors and whatever vendor resources I can outsource to. So far, this is not working at all, and I’m panicking over all the work I’m supposed to be getting done… and isn’t getting done. But I have faith that if I really want to work normal hours, and I have some resources, that I can make it work. I just have to not let the initial panic during adjustment period send me back to working all the time, or circumstance will not be forcing me to find smart solutions, since I’ll be solving it with the extra time (‘hard’ solution) instead.


It’s still rare for me to intentionally expose myself to UFOlogy lit, despite many experiences clearly in that category. Recently I read “Into the Fringe” by Karla Turner and put some notes about a few little syncs in Bewilderness, over on my Red Cairo blog:


I hope within several days to be back to meditating and posting here.