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I dreamed about Jesus and Mary.

The fact that I am still resistant to the ‘Jesus’ mythos — though I am ok with the ‘Christ’ identity — didn’t seem to matter.

Everything I tried to write down about it just seemed ridiculous and ‘not the point’. And some things that mattered I have forgotten. But these things stood out:

First in the dream was the woman. I loved the woman. Loved her a little like I had Sedaena (IG4), that heart-centered overwhelming sweetness.

She wanted to bring me to her son and have us love each other. There were buildings I think had much symbolic meaning but I can’t recall enough of them now.

I loved her son. I didn’t even see him directly, and we were not directly introduced. I was “in his presence” a few times, but “his face was shadowed” and hidden by various things. But the love was astounding. I wanted to love him more than anything.

There were several long flat rectangle cards with red or black shapes/letters on them (this is a symbol of Senior, of the Four by the way). There were four of the cards total. I can only remember one of them. It ‘translated’ to, “Say ____” and the ___ was the sound Aye’-Uh, like Eye-Uh, like a chant. Like this two-vowel focus was the energy I was looking to tune into, and if I were to say this or even think it as part of my focus it would help.

I understood ‘as’ I awoke still in it, as if I were half-in and half-out of the dream, that the woman and her son were Mary and Jesus. Despite my resistance to ‘religion’ and hence those identities, I felt overwhelmed by the feelings.

I also understood that this relates to my… inner Angel, the one I met after the Abyss and dream about sometimes, HGA as some call it. I had observed just yesterday that there is this sense, a subtle sense, that the Sun archetype and Mark (IG5) have… a small area of overlap perhaps. Perhaps the Christ energy has some overlap with HGA.

This Mary did not seem much like the time I met her before (in Bewilderness). But the emotional impact is completely kickass.

I held onto the message in the one ‘card’ I remembered, the sound, for dear life, as I was exhausted, managed to type that, and fell back asleep. I’m off sick today.

Now it’s been a few hours since then, and I still feel wide-eyed and impacted. I wish I had more ‘dream events’ to describe, to seem to justify all the inner feeling it has brought.