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A few misc. items relating to RV/psi, and a meditation (ok just sitting around) with the (late… the Four removed him from me/us) internal thoughtform Dor.

Journal Fragment, February 25, 1998

I heard one of my outer guides! I could never hear them before! OK so it’s probably ‘me’ but I could never even hear myself-as-them before.

He said… “Go to the plane that is right at heart level.” The one that I was using awhile ago to sense something… I forget what. I visualize it like a flat sheet of light that connects to the bottom of my chest, sorta.

He said… something like, “That is where the real RV data can be {found/acquired}.”

I had been planning to do an archmed on RV in a little while but he answered my question I guess!

Journal Fragment, Date Unknown

RV Haiku

we seek evidence
for the coincidence of
our matching data

Journal Fragment, November 10, 2004

Last night while relaxing I had the feel that a man ‘sat down inside me’ like a ghost or psychic. I thought, well perhaps I’m imagining this.

But then I realized that I had completely quit breathing in response, and surely my body wouldn’t spontaneously react so strongly if there was nothing to it.


Journal Fragment, May 17, 2005

I had this dream. This is like ‘abstracted through 7 levels’ to get to words, so it sounds like one trite thing on the surface, yet was something… so much fuller in the experience. A female identity ‘inside me’ {the Queen – P} was talking to me about remote viewing. She was ‘showing/sharing’ with me various things and was going over how, during viewing, one got into the feel of what someone present at a target was feeling/thinking/etc.

I wasn’t clear on the share. She went into it and ‘showed/shared’ me, the situation, and said, how would you feel in that situation, how does this make you feel? And I ‘felt’ as my communication, my response. She shared, then that is what you would perceive as how the person at the target felt. I realized she meant that I would not really be perceiving the target, but rather how-it’d-be-if-I-were-in-the-target-situation.

I asked, are you saying that I must cease all feeling/response to things in order to clearly get what the target individual is experiencing? And she ‘shared’ no, it was that I needed to understand and know what my *own* feeling/response was, so that I could “recognize” that as my own, and so be able to set it aside from the more subtle energy (to me) of what someone else was feeling about it.


Journal Fragment, February 2006

A collection of ‘insights’ while I was just sitting around and Dor was visiting my attention.

Aspect RV can be done using Tarot symbols as Aspects. Even Oliphant could do that. Any way of dividing the world up can be used like this. (Never thought of that.)

The heavens are their own tarot, their own chess set. There is a reason they play so strongly in early man’s lore. Iapetus, for example, if this is a cultural name for a heavenly body, this can also be used as a valid “Aspect” for anything Aspects are called on for. (Never thought of that either.)

Shakespeare’s work is so enduring, because he unconsciously modeled existing archetypes, and people subconsciously recognize these, and these carry power.

(Humor: Dor thinks “The Astrology Diet” might sell. Reminds me of L’s calendar idea “Cats Gone Wild” lol.)

The patterns of a universe show its meaning. Patterns in this case are apparent size, space, relationships, orbits and cycles.

Every molecule is like a mini-universe. The Galileo temperature gauge (fluid filled spheres floating in liquid) is an abstract analogy of this concept.

DNA is a form of technology in one framework. Our species is not using it except at incredibly rudimentary levels.

When I say ‘Ry is my universe’ it has analogy to something literal. We have our own cycles and relationship. We have a certain orbit. Those cycles if we tracked them would make it clear: Sometimes we are closer or farther away from each other. Sometimes one seems to ‘block the sun’ (occult into darkness) the other. Sometimes the proximity of a certain cyclical pattern point causes turbulence in one or both. What we call relationships are really orbits.

Planet X in history is like a lover that shakes up earth and then moves out of her life. This is a powerful archetype for humans to work with.

The Inorganics love TV. They encourage us toward it. We are psychic-emotional batteries with this. We are motionless, mostly expressionless, much energy generated inside us which we are not pulling through or utilizing and it has nowhere to go. As a result, we easily succumb to the lure of inorganics in dreams and daydreams where we expend that energy, just like a person expends money at a store. Because this energy does need dealing with in some fashion, it is very subtly rewarding for the human to release it as well. This can become a habit feeding cycle if allowed.

Wow. Thanks Dor.

(I hadn’t realized that inorganics are behind a lot of the urge and fascination to fall into daydreams, especially those with emotions (esp those negative). Now that’s something to think about, sheesh. I guess it makes sense. There is no difference in dreams and waking except our perspective. The dynamics don’t change.)