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Long ago I had a teaching-dream about ‘Truth’ that still moves me.

I was reading old blog posts here and saw a comment I had somehow missed.

How do you know Truth (the “is-ness” Truth with a capital T you mention) and Meaning when you experience it? […] It’s particularly difficult to sort out Truth from the centuries-long efforts to obscure it, like in the case of Christianity. I tend to feel that every time I think I’ve discovered Truth, I’m probably wrong in some sense, because I continue to learn new things that change what I think I know.

I was thinking about this for awhile.

I re-remembered something I got a long time ago, and I think I blogged it but forgot. Obviously this is only my feel and could change and I don’t own the corner on such info, but this is how I feel about it.

Everything I say is not entirely if at all true, though some is accurate. Words can’t directly touch Truth because they are… energy at a different ‘place’ than truth resides. Truth can come ‘through’ words, when their energy is clear enough to be used like a ‘carrier wave’, is all.

Truth (capital T) is only the pure line of energy right at the heart. The center is the Sun and as purity that is nothing-but-truth goes, that’s it. It’s almost a laser-thin focus, a sort of ‘superstring of energy’ that runs through your middle, between galaxy-core and earth-core and right through us vertically, and then in a ‘plane’ through the heart chakra, which is somehow the sun-energy (and the very most-core-root of the christ-energy). That incredible laser-focus where that superstring and that plane ‘meet in the middle’ is our core.

The rest of the spectrum is “creative interpretations of Truth” — and they vary from “partial” to “near enough to wholly-true to be nearly indistinguishable from it” to “total flotsam-jetsom that is not even false because it’s not even applicable to questions of truth.”

This includes even the most pure, holy perceptions, like some things of chakras. Only the center line of the heart is purely the big-T. Everything else involves the big-T sometimes in a big way, like with chakras, but they are as much “partial creative translations” of the big-T as what our eyes translate of the vibrating energy physicists say make up reality.

It is less an issue of true or not true as it is creative interpretation and experience of truth is all. You might analogy that Truth is the white light and everything else is either ‘partial’ or ‘blended’ with something of-lesser-luminosity in order to allow the creative universe we experience.

Truth fundamentally is the equivalent of pure light. Everything that is a variation on that may carry truth inherently in it, but it is a creative version of truth which means it is also including some degree of not-true as well. Everything we perceive in existence is some spectrum percentage mix of true and not-true.

The meaning of Truth is not interchangeable with the word accuracy. Accuracy is a crude/gross/simplistic outer-world version of one ‘creative interpretation’ from the throat-to-ajna chakra levels of energy. It is possible to be accurate, even technically precise, and not to involve Truth much if at all. It is also possible to have non-true perception or presentation but have it created in such a fashion that it links the perceiver directly with Truth.

Nothing intellectual is ever wholly True. Truth exists at the heart level and all intellectualism is at other levels. The best one can hope for is that a sufficient percentage of Truth is inherent in the ‘thoughts and their words’ to provide a line of connection between the person hearing/reading it and the Truth within them. Which is fundamentally part of all of us, so we always have it.

The farther you get from that laser line of energy at the heart chakra, the more the interpretation or expression moves over on the spectrum from ‘IS truth’ toward ‘is ABOUT truth-and-else’. So by the time you get to something like religious doctrine and grocery shopping lists, it isn’t true or false, it is merely flotsam-jetsom, the verbal and literary gum-wrapper level of energy, the white-noise of the outer-worlds. To the degree that some things have less opacity (less interference, less not-truth), combined with the degree of the ‘intent’ that created those things in the first place (which determines how much Truth/ ISness/ Power it carries), then people encountering that may feel Truth ‘through’ it.

Ideas are only a secondary form. They are constructs built ‘around’ Truth, which exists both as symbols and flowing like  rivers in our outer-worlds, and impacts those who encounter it, as it is fundamentally the IS-ness which IS also power. If you build a structure (say religious doctrine or a metaphysical philosophy… including mine) around that Truth and you present it to people, they may experience the Truth to whatever degree the structure allows and their mind allows. Alas, sometimes if they perceive a degree of Truth, they give credit to the structure rather than to the thread of truth it allowed, and usually was built to channel in order to present the secondary construct.

Most constructs are probably born of good intentions and, like the rest of reality, are merely “creative interpretations of Truth.” The degree to which that interpretation allows a degree of Truth through to a given individual is the only question. And eventually that individual may be ready for a bigger, larger or purer dose of Truth, and they will find what they thought was true has changed, and now they have a new “truth.”

Really, neither/none of their ideas were or will be Truth with a capital T. All of these are secondary constructs that carry/allow some percentage of Truth, which is fundamentally a pure energy. The best we can do is work to ‘feel’ it regardless of what we see/hear.

Truth is like the path in the forest in those magical spells where if you look at the path, it takes you elsewhere, but if you close your eyes, and let your feet ‘feel the way they should walk, based on your intent’, you stay on the path to the secret kingdom. Ha. Never realized what an analogy that is before.

The only guide for Truth is the inner feeling. There is no such thing as total-truth which is a verbal or written statement. So I don’t think that any of us are ever going to be able to look at anything from a math problem to a religious doctrine to an abduction account to a suicide note and say, “This is totally true or not.” We may be able to say, “I feel in my gut that there is truth here, in a strong or light intensity.” We may be able to say, “I feel there is a ‘break’ in the flow of this energy and two ‘cold words’ indicating someone other than the main author inserted these two words.” We may be able to say, ‘I sense accuracy (note: this is not Truth, but accuracy is a valid energy of its own) in the first part of this sentence, but not in the second part.’ All of those things can happen, and can help us intellectually evaluate things in the outer-worlds. But none of those are actually a decree of “This is TRUE!” or not. Because our reality is a kaleidoscope of patterns that are creative variations on Truth. There is Truth within the patterns to varying degrees, and ‘through’ them, but the fundamental composition of our reality is only some percentage of Truth.

And that is not a bad thing, it is a fabulous thing. Everything is a matter of creative interpretation of Truth (as opposed to whole-literal Truth), including every form, every dynamic. Every mountain and tree and tiger and whale and mineral and manmade trinket and event and relationship is a creative work, incredible and beautiful. Everything is a symbol, a work of art. A single event of making love or the larger relationship of a spouse, both of those are creative works of art. The ‘garden’ of a meal, that creative composition, of a song, it’s all a form of glorifying Truth, God, ISness, Power. (By accident or by design. Because God, ISness, is all-things, even the bad-things as we perceive them, are all still based on experience, and hence upon life.) There is a lot that is not ‘True’, for example in two individuals, in their relationship, in the flotsam of their reality, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. It makes their relationship a creative thing. It merely is what it is, and they are the artists. There are no brownie points for things being more beautiful or more difficult, since we have the right to create as we will; there is only the experience and the learning.

So when I read something new to me, I don’t much (any more) think something like, “Is this true?” I think something more like, “How do I feel inside about the sense of righteous/rightness here?” And in some places I feel it (some sentences or words or names), and some I feel it ‘blocked’ or ‘interfered with’ or ‘cold’ or ‘distorted’ and in some places I don’t feel anything at all as if the energy was sucked out of it, and sometimes I just don’t ‘connect’ to any feeling because I’m oblivious. Which is often the case now. Not always but more often than not.

But even when I am feeling somewhat ‘connected to Truth’ — and the sense of ‘connection to it vs. opacity blocking it’ in something I’m hearing or reading is actually coming through to me — the question for me is not, any more, whether something is accurate, so-called truth in our world. My interest is merely if I feel a sense of Truth in it.

The words may be accurate but not particularly True, or not very accurate at all and yet carrying a lot more Truth. A completely fake story may analogy a genuine dynamic that carries great truth within it inherently, and well demonstrates the actual situation of something despite its details were completely different. The story of Jesus and some of the Old Testament stuff is a good example of this I think. Some of it’s probably completely wrong but some of it still carries tremendous Truth with a capital T. While other parts that may be completely accurate don’t have that Truth. Something technically precise may  ignore or even distract from (or appear to contradict) the actual Truth of something.

So in the end, accuracy is not the measure of Truth with a capital T. Truth is fundamentally an energy of the heart level, of the Sun. Everything else we perceive is merely some creative fraction or variation on it. And it’s ok. Because as long as we care about what we feel internally, it is likely to come through more clearly, more recognizably, over time.

It will adjust inside the individual to fit what they are ready for and willing to allow:

Truth, like water, finds its own level.


PS: None of this is True, of course. 😉