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This is a few small cleaning center meditation notes from various years, and a cool meditation on chakras that had some new insights for me.


Journal Fragment, July 17, 2002

I SAW a guide! I mean I really SAW him with absolute real-world clarity, amazing!! (It was the asian guy but this was MUCH more clear than ever!) I asked him why I could see him so super-clearly?? and he said I was ready for him. (Then I was like, “I can hear you too! OMG!” hahaha!)

We went to the Cleaning Center for a “body cleansing” med and I worked on what the guide gave me, weird and gross as often. I was cleaning when I stopped and asked him, “Hey, can we somehow send this same cleaning effect to ‘all else in the body of the same shape or circumstance?’ Can you arrange that?” He said yes.

He set up a second holotable, wired into the first one, and I took each piece of the big encrusted yucky blob over to do a cleaning, and strongly “willed” this to every point in the body similar.

Man. I felt like vomiting! I felt so exhausted suddenly. I did the next piece. Each was different. After about six of the major parts, I just had to stop. I feel ill and tired. It’s ok, I think it’s just a lot of toxins in my system all at once. I’ve got to drink major water from now on…


Journal Fragment, July 27, 2002

Cleaning Center med. Was to be a simple cleansing but ended up more like a full med on chakras.

1. They were presented to me as “intelligences of their own”, as part of us. Like our liver has a sort of identity, so do chakras — but pretty large ones actually.

2. They were shown to me be “dimensional doorways.”

{So it’s been THREE times this has now come up for me? And I keep forgetting?!! –P}

I did the root/K chakra. Went ‘inside’. Finally had a symbol of a complex ornate floor-door, heavy metal, it had four levers, 2 and 2 together, that had to be put down to release it, and then I pulled it open. {The spiritual technology of the Four. – P} It rushed up; it was a coil of course.

When doing the 2nd chakra, I had the insight: power (root/K) + love (heart) + will (solar plexus) give “manifestation”, both pre-reality and creativity. {Might have read that wrong. I’m illiterate… – P}

The symbol surprised me when released, a huge fire flared below and this was an analogy to a pot put on to boil the contents. {OH! I just got that just now! So it is “love and will” — quite literally! — and the K power basically heats them like a chemist’s test tube and the three dynamics together create something of great power. –P}

I got to will (SPlexus, 3rd chakra) and had the ‘insight’ that often our cravings for food or color reflect our need to strengthen certain chakras that the color may relate to; or that or the food’s contents may touch (stimulate, in any form) part of the body where that weakened chakra resides.

{This is an intriguing idea. Like scratching an itch, often something that is feeling pain, and even brings on more pain of a different kind or to temporarily redirect that energy [like scratching does in a nerves sense], is natural. So let’s say you had problem X in your torso, and gluten or sugar actually did you harm there indirectly by causing inflammation or even subtle attack; you might crave those foods, because subconsciously your body is driving for ‘stimulus in that place’ — just like scratching an itch. Just like some allergies can actually create a craving. This implies that the health of chakras affects the whole body including hormones which in turn affect appetite and addiction, but I guess I should already have known this, I just hadn’t thought about it that plainly until now. — P}

It took like hours for all that, so I ceased and instead did a cleanse/scan of body from hips down, figured I’d do top half with those chakras another time.

All went normally until my left leg. Ye gods! Energy symbol of hard iron spikes, like railroad nails, with one through my left thigh from the back, one through my left knee through the back, and then literally every single inch down the back of my left calf had a spike through it. It looked and felt horrible! My left ankle and foot had iron up to the ankle that had “grown into” the whole foot and ankle in a fractal, complex and insidious way. It took me awhile to get it out/off!

The outer guide I saw so well recently helped, he did much of the foot/ankle work. I had to visualize it getting out and he worked it and removed a piece or spike and then gave it to another guide next to him who projected it into thin liquid energy and put it deep underground in a strip well under my backyard for the earth to transmute.


(continued 8/2/02) finally got to finishing heart to crown of scan.

In the heart chakra I had a big denial problem. There were lots of these ‘globules’ of green-yellow pus. Yuck!! [That is the color of a kind of fear.]

In my breasts more globules but these were black. [Physical toxins are energetic too you know.]

Up both my arms from the base of my hands were many ‘strings’ of dark energy, they felt ‘controlling’, they went around up the arm and then wrapped around and around from armpit to shoulder, tightly like trying to immobilize it all. My crown had a dark solid ‘cap’ of energy just underneath the top of my skull that I had to clean out.


Journal Fragment, November 8, 2004

On the outer-guide (OG) plateau I anchor myself. I sense a thick “skullcap” of dark energy on me. I slowly rip it off. It was attached to some things IN me, strings and cords buried in my head. I command the strings to un-entwine.

When all off, a guide was suddenly there to take it, and he gave it to another, who buried it deep in the earth and he (first guide) had his hands over my chakra, healing.

{I had so forgotten that my OG’s used to do a lot of energy work with me. Sheesh! – P}


Journal Fragment, 2006 sometime

Cleaning Center note: At the beginning of the year I was doing these meditations that were absolutely knock-yer-socks-off vivid, real, intense, etc. Really astounding. Anyway in one of the least of them, which was still great, I was tracking “dark spots” in my body, and I clearly felt that there was a small one in the spine in my neck, in the back. I put my hand back there on the back of my neck, just one finger, and imagined that the toxin was being freed from the spine/nerves and was being vented out the skin. I swear, I was thinking of “chakra” — you know, just energy — that’s all.

But, I am not kidding: this was at night, and I woke up the next morning with a gigantic zit EXACTLY where my finger was, I mean exactly. I was so impressed. I shouldn’t be, I mean, that’s what biogram theory is all about too, but still it always amazes me when it’s so clear it works!