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I’ve been thinking about my offbeat driving interest in objectifying the Aeons outside of me. It’s really funny how often this comes to mind for me. I’ve been wondering what I could do to represent them on a variety of custom jewelry for example. I have various spontaneous desires to do like ANYTHING that would ’embody’ them — now there is a funny, kind of literal word — in my reality. It actually crossed my mind that I could make some kind of design in cross-stitch. I don’t even DO cross-stitch nor do I have any real interest in doing this, so that was just hilarious.

I suspect that Nero would say that objectifying desire is one way of interpreting some underlying energy/emotion I am not that clear on. (Great. I don’t even need to question whether his talking to me is my imagination or not anymore, apparently; now I just imagine what he MIGHT say and skip the actual conversation altogether!)

I have repeatedly wondered if there is some way that I could symbolically represent each one, much like how Ithikah has a ‘symbol’ I feel in my body instead of a picture I perceive.

Would it need to be a shape they ‘felt’ was right?

Is there any existing “system of 12” — given that common number/grouping historically — I could assign them to?



Would just initials work?

What about Hot-something since I still can’t quite get the rest of his name? (It starts with an A that sounds like “ah” and has an M and N sound in it somewhere, but I suspect that is pretty common for the Egyptian names I have seen thus far in life, so that doesn’t help much.)


A circle of 12-anythings?

A specialized beaded necklace to use similar to a rosary? (Hey I like that idea.)

It reminds me of when I met the placed energy-block inside me. Pretty sure the cat-eyed lizard guys created that. Took me DAYS of meditation, and this in my hyper-psi, super-meditative era no less, to finally get past it and clean off and free the stuff hidden behind it (1995). And I had to use a Medusa approach in the end since any looking directly at it literally ‘slid the mind off’ and it could take a long time to find my way back to that idea.

Anyway it was a wall/block but I talked it into joining ME instead, as part of me, and becoming a door, so it could evolve to both blocking AND allowing and would be cherished in my sacred space. I named it Dor and it spent one evening telling me it wanted some kind of talisman I would wear on my body, and showing me the ‘additional insight’ it could provide in trade. It was really amazing, its insight, and I agreed. But it took me a YEAR to finally get something made for it, I resisted subconsciously though I didn’t know why.

I finally had a necklace made for Dor and I liked it a lot, wore it all the time. Dor was really helpful in many meditations. At one point, the Four, they just… it’s hard to explain, they were strongly “with me” for that moment and they stepped in and I had to take it off, and that was it. There was no argument allowed. They simply made it clear that this was inappropriate, that this was not a relationship I was to have, and it was over.

I had not given any serious thought to the fact that this thoughtform (Dor) was created by someone else. I figured if I negotiated it into working for me instead, I’d accomplished something. I guess maybe the appropriate thing would have been to surgically extract it altogether. Not sure I would have been able to, though.

(Of course, by getting past the block and freeing stuff I ‘triggered’ some posthypnotic type suggestion and promptly found myself fully conscious OBE searching for those people who appeared to have re-blocked whatever the hell it was. You know, I really dislike those guys.)

My meeting with Dor and what led to the talisman and more is here.

Some insights from Dor, as well as a something (Aspect? Aeon?) called “Oliphant” — both a ‘role’ and a name — I had TOTALLY forgotten about until I just went looking for something, is here.

Anyway that was the last time I had the ‘objectify’ drive and that wasn’t my drive, it was a request from — an inorganic I guess you could call it. But now I have the idea and inspiration and enthusiasm and creative ideas, about the Consortium, all thee freakin time. I assume it is them that is pushing this ‘through’ me and that it would probably be good for me.

You know, I have a LOT of beads. They are buried in the fire swamp (the back room, which currently looks like some cross between Armageddon and the future in a Terminator movie — it’s only missing crunching bones underfoot — as we are still ‘in process’ on the house and it is the ‘store till we figure it out’ room). But they’re all neatly in a drawer there so in theory I could get to them, to make some kind of modified rosary idea for them.