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Morning: Breathing with Jiri (Hot Amanakhaton).

Formerly-winged-guy felt more like 18% or so merged. Well, there is no ‘feeling’ involved just a ‘scan for awareness’ I’m doing.

Prayer. The real kind.

Did nothing else useful for most the day.

Late in day: freaked out for some reason. Actually ordered pizza and a 2L soda. Yes that’s very bad, not common for me but I was having some weird sudden moment I can’t explain, I wasn’t even really hungry and I had plenty of stuff (including carbs if that was the goal) at home. Took lots of gluten-ease but was only able to eat a few slices and had to force myself, at that. The whole thing tasted off. As if my body chemistry has changed in some weird way. The only thing that tasted weirder than the pizza was the soda (Sprite), that was especially icky-bizarre. It just didn’t have the good-brain-chemicals response this stuff normally would. How confusing! What a waste of money. I just put it all down and refused to eat or drink any more of it.

Formerly-winged-guy: about 23.something % merged. I’m wondering if I can blame the weird food response on him.

Late evening. Breathing with LaeLee, Calme, Nedlund.

I have felt especially affectionate about all the Aeons. Not really connected frankly. But affectionate. I prayed as part of each one today, to allow, to release and dissolve any resistance to their energy.

I felt at one point, that merely being allowed awareness of the … glory for lack of a better word, or holiness … of an energy of any kind, is its own reward. When I focus on a lot of this stuff, my state of mind changes a lot. I just feel so honored to even know of these things, these identities, to have even once gazed upon IG or my ‘blue eyes of soul’ inner Angel, and so on.

Later evening: ended up spending a long time at youtube, watching/listening to a/v of chakra exercises, binaural frequencies, and so on. None I found were particularly good, most are bad, a few are ok. One of the chakra collections, most all 7 of them are variations with the same pictures, diff colors, that sort of thing. I watched them all in series. But I was intrigued to notice something. A sync.

A couple pics in the heart one were diff — not in the other vids. And they were specifically of human+ faces that were richly colored skin. It actually startled me! Because it reminds me of the ‘Themelian’ I saw briefly recently. Now, it didn’t really look like this–if it did I would suspect my visual was actually precog instead. Thank god I did not see this until AFTER the experience or I really would have invalidated myself.

But if I were to ‘fake’ what it DID look like, “sort of,” not quite but kinda, the basic of the “richly colored, shimmering skin” (and yes impressive eyes, and an overall “human but clearly humanOID, something diff” face, though that wasn’t a big notice/memory for me compared to the skin)–there is more than one color on the face and the skin IS the color I mean it’s not painted, it’s made that way–this would be good.

What are the odds that the heart chakra shows himself to me briefly and that’s what little I was able to hold in memory to bring back to ‘this’ outer world, and then these pics would happen to show up in a heart chakra video?

Colored face #1

Colored face #1 from heart chakra med. If the skin, instead of powder makeup and sequins, were a super deep, rich, shimmery color--the skin itself--it'd be a good match.

I could be wrong but I didn’t see them (though I saw a few variations on just the ‘eye’ not the face around it) in the other vids by the same source. I don’t think she knows–I mean I somehow doubt she has seen the Themelians and so has a clue at all–I just consider it a sort of “subconscious synchronicity” on the author’s part. It just ‘felt right’… for good reason.

The second one was more the archetypes or greenman type image (although the chakras have both male and female (or projective/receptive) component, so maybe the dual eyes is appropriate here, like how the Hindus used multiple heads/arms to illustrate composite identities), but still, there’s a face with multiple colors on the skin.

Multicolor Face

Multicolor Face #2 from the heart chakra med

I’m¬†reminded slightly of this experience during my Bewilderness era where a sound during it was exactly like some old, bad science fiction movie of the 60s or something, that funky high sliding-scale vibrato sound. I just couldn’t get over it even at the time, how utterly hilarious that it would sound just like that, and how unbelievable that would make telling it to anybody else. I had to wonder if people (like who make movies) might have subconsciously, via psi or non-remembered experience, been drawn to that sound. Like it just seemed right.

Really, you have to wonder, why did we come up with that sound for ‘alien’ themes instead of, saw, the ‘Jaws’-type music instead? Maybe humans unconsciously model and mimic a lot of things.


PS After posting this, I went back to watch some of the things I had selected but not watched previously. One is a throat chakra visualization. For some reason, there is a picture which looks more like a forehead/ajna chakra focus, but there it is again–a human this time, but with colored face. Now, this is not too much like them. They were not quite human like us but mostly, their colors were utterly pure/solid and rich jewel tones and shiny and textured, so this is a bad example really.¬†

But after seeing that I thought ok, either my talking to the Themelians today and begging them to help me see them and remember them is having some reality side-effects, like now some variant on them is everywhere, or maybe this element (faces with richly colored skin of various colors) is actually everywhere and I just never noticed it before seeing them!

Yet another colored face

Yet another colored face. Although this one is not a good example for about 9 reasons, still, it's the point of it...