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Yesterday I did the physical and mental/emotional exercise the (aspect?) Mark brought to me advised. It honestly seemed to help how I felt. Then I did a very long vibeplate (whole body vibration), laying on it. I’ve been doing the VP process for about 4 of 6 days now.

I was honestly surprised at how much exercise I could do before resting. Since my supp schedule straightened up and my eating cleaned up (dropped carbs), I’ve been feeling gradually more energy, and it felt good to work it a bit.

Today I adopted a new process I’d like to make a habit: every time I come in from outside (must let or take the dog out very regularly — every time I pee, which since I’m on lifetime diuretics, is often!) — I do three low knee bends and then grab the barbell and do three lifts of any kind, before I sit down again.

And in a month or so the weather will chill out some and I can get back to taking the (poor bored) dog Skip out walking. Which is a training process, and harder on my left arm (forcefully holding the short leash away from me so he doesn’t constantly crash into the side of my knee or walk in front of me or wrap the leash around my ankles!) which will be great.


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my life, my priorities, especially in terms of what I focus on doing, on thinking about, on “prioritizing” in my life. It is way too easy to look at social media, read something on the computer.

I’ve been spending more time practicing sanskrit letters — using my hands for something is pretty rare outside typing, and that’s something I feel the deep need to change, and my craving for various art forms is returning — and on the occasion I take the first 1-2 hours of my day to specifically do a variety of vibeplate and then the range of meditative work with Mark, Aeons, the Chakras, the Four, I feel like my whole day is so much better.

So why not have the discipline to do this so much more often?! I saw this meme I loved:

That’s really it. It’s chaos and competing priorities. But I am the CEO here and I have one job — and it involves actually taking that role seriously. If I am not doing any given thing that I’d “like” to do or “wish” I was doing, well whose responsibility is that but mine?!

So, the increased energy from the body habit improvements is helping with the mind. I’m getting the typical symptom of that energy increase: vastly more “awareness of my environment’ — and proactive desire to improve it.


This morning’s Aeon and Chakra and Four rounds all had a lot of nervous system rushing from merging, which is cool when it happens.

The other day I saw this video on ancient sanskrit things and some slightly less ancient drawings related to chakras, and how different they present than how I perceive them, even how IG4 “gave me” in the chakra-gem world. As it turns out, in the end the old docs basically are ok with making a focus on them however it works for you. But they see the 2nd and 3rd chakras as positioned lower; and they don’t seem to mention the universe-tunnel un-chakra between heart and throat; and they consider the crown ‘outside’ the body system (which technically it is but it has such power ‘into’ the body to me it’s all the same); and their colors vary some.

In the ancient stuff, they have a “god” — a personality — assigned to each chakra, and the goal is to go “inward in meditation” and meet that god and interact. In other words… I guess what I’ve been doing naturally all along, without thinking of it in that model. I wonder if the Powers as I call them, the “source” of the chakras in our larger self, which are powerful enough to be gods definitely, is what they mean, or if the gradual development of the “nexus points” of those powers “within us” — those nexus points, just like the joints and organs in our body, increase density-of-focused-sentience which in the case of chakras is (for me) becoming an “identity” of its own.

The docs also ref the male/female elements of chakras — and my chakras have told me, more than once or more than one of them, that they are all both male/female. Or presented clearly to me in various ways related to this.

Today I asked Alayaowaeiiya (Alaya, my heart chakra) about the male/female, as I have only perceived him as male, though I “feel” he is both, that has always been a given and I think the pink color that is also-present there is one sign of that. He confirmed he is equally male and female, but said — this is a rough translation I might have slightly wrong — that most of his activity in my life that I am consciously aware of is the proactive, hence the masculine element. That the feminine element is just as present, but that receptive aspect is more the internal subconscious stuff, and is also more geared to the lungs than the heart, although both are equally part of (them). So it’s simply that my awareness is more tuned to one than the other. Alaya is inherently equally both though; utterly and fully merged.

BUSM (throat chakra), I told and showed her what I saw about this old sanskrit Upanishad that showed the throat as half/half genders, like left-right. She said yes, but it was actually more like the ying yang symbol my culture knew. She pointed out how everything that she takes in, she puts out — breathing being a perfect example — but it was one thing in turn, and then the other thing. Even say, singing, has that in its nature. I had in my head this visual of the yinyang with the colors turning ‘through’ each other.

So she is both as all the chakras are both, but it is one that expresses half of itself and then the other half in turn… they are connected inherently as one though. Like a propeller with 2 fan blades… both are always moving in the same direction at all times, it’s simply that they were always at opposites. She contrasted her nature to Bessand Ari (2nd chakra), who is like “the female nested in the arms of the male,” Kyana Daoen (3rd chakra) where the polarities are fully separated (like to each side) and looking inward at each other, or Konewa Turi (1st chakra), who like the heart, is “equally merged and both” and can arbitrarily present as either. The idea being that KT and Alaya are ‘blended-both’ and KD is “both-separated” and BA is “both-nested” and BUSM is like the two joined at the hip or back to back. They all differ.

I asked BUSM about the marriage of her and ACKRCK (my forehead chakra). I recalled how beautiful she and her wedding dress were in that experience. She conveyed that most of the chakras have an energy which is… well you can think of it like a light, stronger at its core, and reducing in intensity as you move outward. The nearby chakra(s) “overlap” although “interleave” is more accurate there, as a “blend” — like how Alaya and KD have expressed about the area that is between them but also the overlap of both of them. But in the case of the throat and the forehead chakras, she gave me this model that was more like… like a mechanical gears connecting, or living puzzle pieces connecting: rather than fading/bleeding/merging into each other like the others, these two “connect and interact at the connecting point” — they are ‘mated’ instead.

I asked ACKRCK about the male/female aspect, as I perceive him as a him of course. He said that like KT and Alaya, those polarities are completely merged in him, but I had the feeling, the less developed he is in me, the more there can be some imbalance here, like being more analytical and less allowing intuitive thought and thought from other chakras to become aware at that level; I had an overlay of KT here, that if KT should rise to the forehead level, that it would force more proper blend as part of the energizing element.

I asked RCA-Crown about this. I have never perceived crown as either gender, though I usually have to invent a pronoun for conversation about it. Crown said it is not so much that it is both of these, as that such a thing is actually kind of a non-sequitur where it is concerned, that it is kind of like a singular from which those are birthed, as well as slightly transcending that.

I am not sure how or why the male/female elements in chakras matter. It feels like these differences are part of their natures and do speak to something about their relationship not just within themselves, but with our bodies and us. I don’t feel like I’d be prone to obsess on this, I was just curious after seeing how the old/original writings about this topic in some ways agreed and in some ways differed from my own experience with them.