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Tonight’s midnight mass with Mark was brief, but lovely. A lot of feeding me the light, in every possible way. Then told me to stay with it (e.g. not release it like in quality time) for about 24 hours. And told me to get a little bit of exercise, but said the VibePlate briefly would be fine, before going to bed.  Then he went through my whole body with cleansing light. I realized he could have done this flash quick but it was a nice, slightly sensual and rather intimate time between us instead. It has been so long since I had a love-riff with him like this. The avoidance being my doing, not his, of course. The whole thing only took 20 minutes. We didn’t do a meditation though he indicated that we could if I wanted. I told him I wanted to write it down and I would focus back with him tomorrow.

I found a pretty image (Royalty, by Tom Wilcox, 2007 – a downsampled partial of it I suspect) I like so well I’m just going to use this on all my midnight mass posts unless there is another topic to focus a pic on. Since this blogware really wants images. I’m using it rotated 90d clockwise. I’d love to see a high rez version.

Royalty by Tom Wilcox 2007