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Had some time this evening. First time that I have not been profoundly sleep deprived, and had at least an hour to myself, in longer than I can even remember.

I decided to do some meditating.

First I roll out my world as usual and am reminded–I’d forgotten–that for some reason, a staunch tree grew on my plateau near where I appear. This plateau is super high, nothing but rock and wind, but there it is. It is amazing to me that despite I’d consciously forgotten about this, it’s like the thought form has its own coherence. I couldn’t remember what/why it was there, if I ever knew. I finally decided a tree wouldn’t be a bad thing after all; I mean symbolically it seems ok; so I poured some energy visualization into the overall setting to make it nice for me and IG to meet there. I thought since I meet her under a tree — albeit some distance away, and through a cave, and out into a subworld — that maybe this was a sign I should just do the work here instead.

So I meet IG and after some rapport tell her just whatever she likes, everything I most need to work on, let’s do it.

The first archetype med had me opening my eyes and I was floating in space. This is rather different. Ahead of me is what looks like some kind of gas-cloud constellation, as well as tons of fragments of stuff that looks like everything from asteroids to some distant planets and some moons and even space junk of some kind. The territory this spans is just VAST, and I stare at it and ‘feel’ it in some awe.

I think for awhile about what I can do, how I can share energy with anything this vast, how to work with this as an archetype. I finally decide that I just have to relax and allow myself to ‘fill’ that entire space and my energy to permeate through every object and the space itself, and I imagine myself becoming vast and one with all of that and I get lots of ‘rushing’ energy feeling so that seemed ok. Tons of spontaneous yawning, I get that when doing energy stuff like this at times.

I ask her for something else when that’s done, whatever she wants. I wasn’t even surprised that she gave me another guide and I think I had the feeling that was going to happen before I even asked. This one wasn’t human. It was one of those 50 foot tall egyptian-like statue-entities. Except I didn’t have much egyptian overlay, that’s just the only model I have for those entities in previous experience. Go figure. He tried to tell me his name but I couldn’t quite get it. In the end I had something like two words, like Hot (pronounced haute or hote) and something else with a few syllables. None of it ever worked out fully so I finally shrugged and dropped it. No idea what he deals with. He took up position behind Jared & El Nino who are right behind me. Had some energy in that one as well.

(Edited 21NOV09: Name is Hot Amanakhaton.)
(Edited 21NOV10: and what are the odds about the date this just happened to occur on??: he has gradually become a normal person for me. He says his personal nickname is Jiri. Pronounced jee-ree.)

Then I remembered the binding meditation and I went to the room where we’d imprisoned that part of me and just totally absorbed her and allowed her to absorb me and focused on sending energy through the heart chakra and feeling love and oneness and that we would work it out, whatever her issues might be. That was some nice energy too and seemed to work.

Then I dropped into the ground and went down, while a part of my mind played this tiny video like a map that showed how as I went down into the earth I was moving down my brainstem in literal focus somehow. (Don’t ask me to explain that, I don’t know what it means, unless it’s the obvious.) I called for Tek though the room was a bit different, and the angelics who came and put a hand on each shoulder blade behind me, and asked to deal with whatever body thing needed it. The entire room was promptly utterly covered with brown to black thick runny yuck stuck to every millimeter of floor, walls and ceiling. Really gross and pretty archetypal I guess. I’ve had something akin to that before though not that scope of it.

I first imagined that the whole floor was a grate and under it was the body’s waste disposal system. Then I visualized a vertical wide-spread hose sprayer that got from roof to wall to floor and in several feet and then imagined I was gradually spraying all the way around the room. It was taking so LONG. I reminded myself how I’ve been told the ‘sense of how long it takes’ depends on me and my acceptance of it mostly. I worked on believing that it could happen much vaster and still be effective and finally got the entire room cleaned out.

Then I went to see the four and hugged my mate really tight repeatedly, and presented to the royalty of The Senior and The Queen, and then we merged.

Then I hugged/shook hands with various guides around me and tried to merge with a few of them.

I told IG I’d be willing to do a dreamlets series but it didn’t come. Then I ended up spacing out a little.

It’s the first meditation of any kind I’ve done for quite awhile. I miss me. I miss meditating. I must return to that.