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I wanted to do an archmed on 9 of Swords but I never got there. The Four apparently wanted some time first and then I just sat with that until sleep.

Me, Sun and 3rd were standing right at the edge of a cliff.  I bent a bit and peered over the edge. We were incredibly high up. Way down below at the bottom, there was some kind of city. The part I noticed most was this shape, tiny from here but the only thing large enough to really see at this distance. An oval-ellipse, that seemed to have three ‘layers’ from the outside in. Like an arena or something.

I asked Queen if she would fly us down. She and 1st appeared, she became the (simply gigantic, ride-able) golden bird. Sun joined me internally, me and 1st and 3rd straddled the bird and she took a few steps then leaped off the edge. She took her time to fly to the bottom, swooping back and forth in long glides going down, which I let myself “feel” to be more a part of it.

At the bottom, the four of us stood by the structure I had noticed. But I didn’t feel that thing had anything to do with why I was here, for some reason. Senior began walking in another direction and we all followed.

The city seemed like our equivalent of Roman times. We walked through a number of very narrow streets, and back streets, and then down a specific path and onto an area that had colorful stone paving around it. 1st knocked on the door. Some man answered, exclaimed in delight, and threw his arms around Senior and they did a bear-hug for a moment. I didn’t hear what was said, but the man led us all into his home, all the way through it, and then out into an area behind it that was private but open like a courtyard, and left us there.

There was a bench right next to a water feature like a shallow fountain. My brain got lost analyzing whether Romans had fountains, until I reminded myself this was an internal world and everything is symbol and “omg who cares?!” and stopped.

I could feel what Senior wanted now, which was for us to sit back to back like our statue, in that water. I noticed with curiosity : We dug out the statue like this from under water. The last time us four really sat together that way we were in a pool, in the meditation where the Largers connected with Solar Body instead of me. And now we were going to do it again — in a fountain. Seems rather key that we be in water somehow.

We stepped into the fountain and sat down in the position we take, the same as the statue we dug up and they gave me — four buddha-like people in lotus position. Back to back so we are all touching each other.

In the statue, the heads seem like they are wearing some kind of thick textured cap, that comes up to a high point above. There are three flat circles above the heads, the uppermost the smallest, lower the largest. My understanding is this is levels of energy of some kind that are cascading down, basically each level is closer to what we call reality, and then that’s what the pointy shape connecting those and the heads would be — the energy pouring into the manifestation of the four.

But this was just us people sitting there. We did that for awhile, and then we merged into 5th and 6th for awhile (me and 3rd merge, and 1st and 2nd merge), and then finally we all merged into 7th, which had a very 4-sides pyramid-like shape impression.

I should mention that in our world, when I see this symbolism, it is slightly different. Either it is one ‘body’ with four heads or four faces, or it is separate bodies sitting back to back like this but they are not touching each other. Only sometimes do they have the shape of/on the head like the statue. I haven’t yet been able to find a picture on the internet, photo or illustration, that shows it like the statue of the four they gave me. So the one I’m using for the blog image is just a Hindu Brahma focus, as this has the most in common with it.

The “joined, we create a pyramid shape” feeling was strong. The first time I encountered that pyramid shape for us, was in an archmed {Towers of Power and the Word} where I understood that the four of us, in that shape, we are like layers, and it is “the space between us” where the energy is generated. It is our interaction, and our action even on our own that is a motion, that creates energy between the layers. I realized in that med, it was like an Orgone accumulator — layers of metal and natural fiber back and forth.

The next time was in the fairly recent med with the Four and the royalty of a tarot suit {Visiting the Disks}, where we were at a table (the 8 of us) and the 1sts created the bottom layer of a pyramid, then the queens, then the princes, and then finally me and the princess created the top tiny layer with a point, basically a tiny 4-sided pyramid cube that was the top of the larger pyramid. Now in the present, we merge, and it feels like we have created, or become-more-aware-of-being-for-that-moment, a pyramid shape.

I don’t know whether this has some meaning I am missing, or is total trivia. I shrug and decide I’ll think about it some other time.

Had a very hard time keeping my thoughts still and staying “with” them. Eventually it got easier probably because I was getting closer to sleep. Then I fell asleep, but that was fine.

I woke up in my chair, stumbled into bed, and put myself back with them before falling under again.

When I woke up this morning, the first time, I thought of them, and realized I was still with them, and lay there with that for awhile, until I fell asleep again.

I had forgotten about it when I woke up next. Later, around 10am, I came to the blog to begin, do, and record, 9 of Swords meditation. But when I got to Mark, with Sun and 3rd beside me, they reminded me of all that went before. So I came to write this down, and now I will return to the archmed effort.