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A few days ago, my left ear suddenly started bothering me inside, like I had a rather abrupt kind of infection. This is often a sign a bad cold is coming, that or feeling the gland in the throat or neck ‘twinge.’

Trivia: in the 1930’s there was a doc who swore the cause of the common cold was a germ that was so large the only entrance was the ear canal. He insisted that cleaning the ears regularly with a germ-killer (hydrogen peroxide works fine by the way) would greatly reduce colds. He was of course mocked and dismissed. I passed this in speed reading on the web some time ago I don’t remember any details.

I have an online friend who suffered much of her life with chronic terrible colds etc. One of her ear canals is too small it turns out and a doctor told her to use hydrogen peroxide in the ears now and then to keep the wax content down, just to prevent it plugging for her. She noticed long later that around that time, her chronic illnesses abruptly stopped, but she had never made the timing connection with the ears until I mentioned that trivia above.

It may mean nothing, but I have found when C. and her kids are around and they are often ill, if I use H2O2 in my ears fairly regularly (couple times a day when things are threatening) I simply don’t pick up anything. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not. But I had forgotten about this entirely for quite a long time.

So since my left ear (head) was bothering me a great deal I put a little HP in it and got the normal fizz, but it seemed to trigger the existing infection to being a lot more active in some way. It didn’t spread to my body fortunately but sure did make a lot of drama in my head. For two days I did H2O2 and some DMSO+Potassium Iodide that I had mixed in a little bottle. I noticed that after I did the latter, it would quit bothering me for about an hour, that seemed good.

So today I found my little bottle of Lugol’s 2% which is a very dilute form of Atomic (non-radioactive) Iodine plus Potassium Iodide mixed. I used a little of that in the ear and HOLY MOTHER OF — ok, that had a definite effect.

It just got more and more ‘intense’ until finally it actually hurt, and then I could feel the ‘intensity’ spreading into the gland in my neck, and the gland below my jaw, and even inside my throat, and then the pressure built up (like airplane cabin pressure), and it hurt for a short time (an hour?) — but it felt like this was RIGHT. Like anything that was really killing the bad stuff WOULD hurt and it was ok, was how I felt. (It hadn’t occurred to me until after I did it that in fact, the thyroid uses Iodine to kill things that come in through that avenue of the body so in a way it’s the perfect medicine for this.) The pain started reducing until it was just “very uncomfortable” but not painful for quite some time. Now and then I would get this tiny micro-second ‘flash’ of pain and then gone, for a couple hours, no big deal.

But when it was done — a few hours — it felt like the infection was killed. Like maybe there was a few cells here and there the body would still work on, but that the spreading problem was taken care of. After days of feeling like some kind of swollen festering was gradually spreading, now it felt dead.

I have no idea why Lugol’s, and at such a dilute 2%!, worked so amazingly when Potassium Iodide + DMSO didn’t — well I think it did, just not remotely as powerfully or completely. If I ever get another ear infection, despite that it means a short time of some serious ache as the battle rages, I’m going to use Lugol’s.

Edited to add: warning: much later when using a different brand of Lugol’s, it burned the crap out of my sensitive inner ears and I couldn’t get it out – it was horrible. So I’m not sure I recommend this after all.

Maybe, I thought, there is something I don’t want to hear (left/negative/resist), maybe something I am in denial about or some energy I’m working out.

Then again maybe I just have an ear infection…


While I was waiting for the pain-pressure to recede I decided to do a brief meditation with Mark. He brought me someone I couldn’t see well but could feel had a lot of ‘issues’ and so I just focused on sending the four elements (all together) plus his-energy-via-heart-chakra all out against and through the archetype/whatever, until finally they seemed like they were clean, and they were a normal person. Then we both put our hands like in prayer position and bowed to each other like buddhist monks or something.

And this just went on! He just kept bringing me weird stuff, none of which I could make out clearly, except conceptually I could feel a variety of ick/problem, and I would just immediately do the same thing until finally they were clean and good and we’d bow to each other and they’d leave and he’d drop something else in front of me.

I found that the process worked best, and sometimes gave me some rushing, when I made myself consciously aware that the ‘other’ (archetype?) I was perceiving was “already perfect” like imagined their solar body as such, and what I was actually sending the energy through for cleaning/ balancing, was the energy “of mine which they were carrying for me,” and that me-in-my-body had that energy too, like entangled mirror’d particles.

I did this for half a dozen or so before I asked if I could be done. But I had the understanding that a couple things Mark has previously told me to do regularly — visualize the entire body in a gradual cleansing visualization, and channel energy through my heart chakra into him/ from him/ whatever, need to be added to this: and then let him just give me ‘stuff’ to ‘clean up’ and just clean it up, whatever is required, and move on.

Like it doesn’t need to be a big formal archetype meditation — it should just be a daily habit of psychic hygiene you might say, he’ll supply whatever needs it most and I should supply the focus and effort for at least a few of these daily.


I forgot utterly about this until I was starting to meditate tonight. I stopped to write it down, to make sure I didn’t forget again.

PS: I utterly forgot that at sometime after my “things I’m in denial about” guide and now, I met a guide who was a collie (a dog). I laughed because it struck me as hilarious, aren’t collies often guide dogs? He said that his form had something to do with my association with this. I remember nothing else and the only reason I remembered even this is because I stumbled on a tiny note about it I’d written down. Sigh. I am having a lot more trouble with memory lately than I have in a long time.