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Yesterday when napping I had such an ‘astral-ish’ dream. The sort where you can totally feel your energy body moving around. It vaguely related to remote viewing but I didn’t remember much detail. Only that I was lying on a trampoline and gently throwing myself (impossibly) up into the air and then sinking low and rebounding.

Last night I was dreaming and again, I was focused on remote viewing. Not a surprise as I’ve been working on a human target pool yesterday and today. A man showed up to help me who seemed normal and friendly, we were going to be working on my RV, and I was just feeling enthusiastic when another man showed up very suddenly and pulled me away from him, forward in space but somehow in time as well.

The man who had arrived had a ‘fascination’ element for me; his eyes were black and hypnotic. In the back of my head, I was concerned about the nice guy, but couldn’t seem to think very clearly about it anymore.

We were continuing on this journey, and the first man showed up behind us to join me. He seemed to think that it was his place to be with me related to RV. The second man with ‘the eyes’ grabbed him and threw him some impossible distance away. I looked back, stricken, worried that he would be harmed, and it seemed he had crumbled in a heap in the distance. But then the new guy’s eyes distracted me and we continued on.

The nice guy showed up behind us a second time, refusing to leave me alone with the other. The other guy then grabbed him and somehow threw him into an oncoming speeding car that tumbled over until when I looked again, somehow he was stretched out like a cartoon around the end of a truck, obviously dead. I was getting more concerned now but again the eyes distracted me and we walked on.

A third time, the man showed up beside me, and the guy next to me threw him back on the ground, and the man with me shot him in the head three times. I looked in some horror at all the blood spreading on the ground behind us, and feeling some odd sense of grief I let the man pull me forward and away.

I suddenly woke up, and the dark-eyed man couldn’t hold me asleep as I felt he tried to; he was gone to me when I awoke. But I could sense the other man in the dream though–the nice guy who had come to get me three times–as if he were right there with me while I was awake–something I’ve only felt Nero do before.

I said to him, “Damn, what a dream. Are you real? Are you one of my Guides?” He said yes. I brought us to Inner Guide and asked her if he was in Nero’s group and she said yes. I said, “How can you be ok?” He answered, “He can’t really hurt me; he can only give you the illusion of my death so you would give up on me.” I thought then about how it did seem that when I looked back, his various injuries had sort of followed my attention.

“What’s your name?” I asked, apparently too sleepy to remember this part is usually difficult for me, and he said, “Marcus.” “Just like that?” I asked with some humor. “So… you are a guide who would work with me on RV, yes?” He nodded.

I still don’t really understand the dream. Who was the bad guy with the black hypnotic eyes who didn’t want him near me? It had that “three” sequence which I often get in meaningful dreams.

Well so I guess I have another guide now. At least this one’s name wasn’t hard to figure out.


(Later edit: Marcus told me he was better with Marcan as a name. I asked why and he said he gave me Marcus because “It was familiar to you” and he wanted me to perceive it without any resistance. So… ok. I have changed the name in the blog so the labels work.)