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Geez, I just had an epiphany. Well it feels like that!

In a previous post I was talking about ways of mapping the inner realm, and how Steinbrecher uses the astrology/tarot model, but I feel that probably any way of mapping the universe ought to work and be a good model for archetypes and relationships. I wondered-on-paper what other models might work for this. How is the universe divided up, energetically? I gave some ideas, from i Ching to colors.

I wondered to myself the other day, when looking at a star chart: who creates constellations? Why do they choose some stars and not others? We have an entire cosmology made from a lot of assumptions, but those stars could be ‘grouped’ in any numbers of ways, and most are left out entirely. Different cultures group them differently in many cases.

Who made the tarot? It’s much the same but there are some variations in inclusions and interpretations. Both these things are “cultural” maps. The QBL Tree of Life is a cultural map; as is the i-Ching, as is astrology (which varies quite a bit depending on culture and even chosen framework), as is Tarot.

That’s great. But still that’s not really world wide let alone solar system or universe wide, that’s people wide, and only the current crop of people we know about (most history of the planet is unknown to us). I wondered, is there anything that is NOT limited by culture? Anything that really is fundamental to everybody, to the universe outside that we are looking to access, understand and map from the inside?

Now, I’d forgotten this, but a few weeks ago we watched an episode of SG-1 where they go to this world and find what seems to be, Daniel figures out, ‘a language’. He says, if you had some super advanced races and they had to find what was the ONE thing that radically different life forms, no matter their biology or culture, might have in common, what would it be? It was a novel idea. I hadn’t thought about it since, however.

I was at looking at books for the kid’s homeschooling tonight when I chanced on one book that looked really great, more layman than textbook. The cover was really cool too, everything had this nifty colorful cool looking symbol. Then I chanced on another book that is a focus on a big beautiful photograph of every element in the periodic table. And it hit me upside the head.


THIS is how the universe really IS ‘divided and mapped’!

It isn’t culturally based. It’s a fundamental. The building blocks of reality!

Anything manifest is powerfully dense energetically. I “feel” this is more important than I’m even capable of comprehending right now.

I have no idea how archetype work using the elements as archetypes would go.
I have no idea how working them together would go.
In fact my brain is still working on wrapping around all this.

But at the moment it occurred to me, it seemed so profoundly “right!”

It seemed like one of those things that is so simple, and so obvious, that you wonder how on earth it wasn’t obvious to everybody all along!

I suspect all mappings are possible in that realm, and this one seems just as valid to me as astrology. Maybe to me as a left-brain sort it’s actually more interesting in its own way.

I’m not sure how to imagine it; how the psychology and inner world would deal with this, and what relevance the energy of ‘copper’ might have in my life or reality. (Whoa. Deja vu while typing that!)

I wish that IG was more “conversational” because I’d love her opinion on this in detail. I can hardly wait to get the book with the summaries and photographs!

I keep editing this post with new ideas. I can’t shut up! OK look at this:

How can this NOT look like a more advanced version of an Enochian Tablet? If I combine the elements of a given color, will I get a daemon?? Is combining certain elements in the inner world the equivalent of a ‘constellation’? Or well, working toward that?

“Every man and every woman is a star.” Is this incredibly LITERAL and we just think it’s some kind of symbolic meaning?

Humor: If I’m talking to each of the ‘identities’ on the periodic table, I think I have taken the use of the term “elementals” to a new level! 🙂

I’m including the following super-simple overview of atom-to-compounds for reference:

What is an Atom ?

All substances are made up of matter and the fundamental unit of matter is the atom. The atom constitutes the smallest particle of an element. The atom is made of a central nucleus containing protons (positively-charged) and neutrons (with no charge). The electrons (negatively-charged with negligible mass) revolve around the nucleus in different imaginary paths called orbits or shells.

What is an Element ?

An element is a substance made up of atoms of one kind. There are about 82 naturally-occurring elements and about 31 artificially-made elements as listed in the Periodic Table

What is Atomic Number and Atomic Weight ?

  • Atomic number of an element is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom. Since atoms are electrically neutral, the number of protons equal the number of electrons in an atom.
  • Atomic weight (or relative atomic mass) of an element is the number of times an atom of that element is heavier than an atom of hydrogen. The atomic weight of hydrogen is taken to be unity.
  • Mass number of an element is the sum of the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom.

The elements are arranged according to increasing atomic numbers (along with their atomic mass) in a table called the Periodic Table.

What is a Molecule ?

A molecule is formed when atoms of the same or different elements combine. A molecule is the smallest particle of a substance that can normally exist independently. Examples:

  • Two atoms of oxygen combine to form a molecule of oxygen [O2].
  • One atom of carbon combines with two atoms of oxygen to form a molecule of carbon dioxide [CO2].

What is a Compound ?

A compound is formed when atoms or molecules of different elements combine. In a compound, elements are chemically combined in a fixed proportion. Examples:

  • Hydrogen and oxygen are combined in a fixed proportion of 2:1 to form the compound water [H2O].
  • Carbon and oxygen are combined in a fixed proportion of 1:2 to form the compound carbon dioxide [CO2].

Thanks to this website for that simple overview.

I’m not even sleep deprived right now so I cannot blame this ‘wow’-effect on that.

I swear, I feel both brilliant and stupid right now. I feel like, the part of this my brain gets is so simple as to be idiot-level. I feel like my idea is just the tip of the iceberg, and this “model” — this approach to “mapping of the inner realm” — is profound.

I feel like it’s a doorway of a depth I can’t grasp, my brain does not even have the ability to comprehend it because I’m too ignorant about everything — about chemistry, my soul, the universe, astronomy, plasma physics, all things that would somehow contribute to understanding WHY this matters so much.

I feel like on the surface I’m going, “Oh groovy what a neat-o idea,” but I can feel that really, I only see the surface. “A way of putting the universe in pretty little boxes!” A thin layer on top that my girly love of colorful art probably got partly from a book cover.

But underneath something is telling me in my gut, “This is SO heavily important, in ways you cannot understand right now.”

I was wondering… and here’s my answer. Actually lately I notice that almost everything I wonder about, from ‘internal’ things to trivia in reality, within days at most the answer or whatever I was looking for shows up. So I guess this is an answer.

It feels important. It feels like the part of me that doesn’t really relate to this, the eye-rolling part of me that is thinking, “Oh come on. It’s just another way of dicing it up. Probably less intuitive than the other systems frankly.” just has no idea of the depth of potential.