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This is the second time I have visited this world I’m calling Lemur-land since I don’t have another name. The first time is described in this post: Tony and the World of the Big-Eyes

I spent some time with IG. His light flooding me from inside (as if sexual) and via kiss and just being with him like that for quite awhile, until I actually felt like my body was different. He said I should avoid climax today and let the energy be with me, and bring him in later if I wanted to keep building that. I had the feeling the chakras were absorbing the energy in some delight.

I re-read a lot of my blog from the last 10 months and then I went to see Tony, the soldier from this world (we think) who lives in the land in the lemur-eyed people, a parallel reality. I’d planned to go back for a long time now.

I timed it so I’d be standing in his main room there when he came in from work. He was delighted to see me, which made me feel delighted too, and we threw our arms around each other. I had thought we could do a lot of talking but he was pretty determined to have sex again immediately, so I laughingly went with that. I figured as long as I didn’t release any major energy myself it would be fine. I understand that he is completely alone in this ‘real’ life and virtually alone when it comes to women anyway in the big-eye world, so my visits are a big deal to him. After that we laid there in his bed and talked awhile.

He said he’d reported on meeting me, and there was some interest but faded when I didn’t come back. I asked about the time differences between our world and that one, and he said that they run about the same, but that time comes in cycles where it is slightly slower or faster, and each world had its own cycles, so it would slide out of sync one way or the other regularly, but fairly predictably after awhile. I had never even heard of the idea of that our world’s time might come in cycles that shifted like that. Weird idea!

I asked him if he thought the work he was doing there was important. He hopes so since he’s dedicated over a decade of his life to it and given he’s laying around nearly every waking hour it’s profoundly affected his health, and given he’s in another world nearly every waking hour it’s profoundly affected his psychology. We talked about the different states of tech development there. He said they’ve got a lot of far more advanced tech when it comes to things like fiber optics. He said most of their most advanced tech actually relates to ‘light’ in various ways, and benevolent tech as he called it, like things related to say health. I wondered if the big eyes and living underground at least in the place where he is, was part of that light focus. He said although most the major buildings are underground, that plenty of their world is not.

He took me to a harbor area where we sat on a hill and watched out over a sort of port. But it seemed so old fashioned. The ships were not very big and had substantial sails. I said, how is it people so advanced to have gotten one of their craft semi-accidentally into our parallel reality, like a UFO to us, are still using ships that look like something from the 1200s? He said that aside from some rather rudimentary machines — that’s what powered the ‘lift’ that goes up on a post, and some machines that dig out earth for buildings — that this is about it for their machinery development, except things related to light and biological life. He said they really don’t have much in the way of electronics at all and that’s our major focus so a lot of other stuff, which depends on or is affected by that, just never has happened for them.

I could feel there was something he wasn’t telling me. Several somethings. Much like the last time I visited, after spending a little time with him, I get a sense of rapport. Something that kind of upset him.

Have we found any other parallel worlds than this one? I asked, following the first gut feeling. He said yeah. He said there was a world that he’d been asked to visit at one point for awhile, but then they pulled him off that and sent him back to the big eye world instead, this was many years ago. I could feel his disquiet about it, and I insisted he tell me, and show me. He took me there and he said that the world in parallel was somewhere around the 800’s time-wise. But there was still something he wasn’t saying, I could feel.

I asked him what was different about the timeline development between our world and that one. He said that was the mystery, actually. They couldn’t find one. Every time that he (and later others) focused on and went into it, the development with our world was so basically identical that they couldn’t seem to find what it was that made it a ‘parallel’ except that as far as the shoulder-to-shoulder time goes, they were about 1200 years behind us, but you could point yourself to any point in time even matching ours and the worlds were basically indistinguishable.

I could tell I was getting nearer whatever upset him though, and he didn’t want to tell me, and tried to change the subject. I made him tell me, and show me. He took us to the equivalent of ‘now’ in that world and we were on the side of a hill somewhere in Western Europe and really it looked just like it would here I supposed, from pictures.

Then he ported us to about fifty years into our future, equivalent time there. And there wasn’t much left. It was like some kind of annihilation had occurred and natural life had already begun to massively overgrow the destruction and although in the distance I could see something that looked like a little bit of smoke, I couldn’t see any traces of people where we were. Clearly something horrible like the worst of all wars or astronomical disasters had occurred.

We just sat there, as we shared the exact same feelings about it, completely in sync about the inner freakout this brought. The really weird, dark and dense, stunned sort of surreal feeling of it. This is the world they can’t find a single development deviation from ours in, and it’s post apocalyptic not very far in the future.

I thought of the programmed dreams I had years ago where some guy said they were trying to give my people the probability for living on Mars via dreamwork, that it was based on a probability and was needed, and the little girl who was both in dream and really there, told us she’d been “rescued” from Earth in 2037 as a baby and brought there.

He and I sat there a little while more, and then we went back to the port in the world of the big eyes. And what do you say after that? Talk about the weather? Geez. We didn’t say much for awhile.

We went back to his place and we were both a little bit quietly emotional. He pulled me back down to his bed and we rather slowly made love. When we were talking after, I told him that he is the only friend I have in the interworlds. I mean I have guides and Aeons and archetypes and things like that. But I don’t have anyone who is just a friend, who is just another person like me, from my own outerworld, that I just meet there. That seems special to me, even though we are really just friends. I mean we are not romantic, we are merely sexual, there is a difference. I know it’s something that he needs, I get a lot of gut-feelings about how his work has profoundly affected him, and how my being there is a big deal to him. I understand.

I told him it would be interesting to meet him in real life sometime. But that I didn’t want any mil sorts dragging me into anything against my will, so I kinda didn’t want anyone to know the woman he was reporting on running into in the parallel was me. I told him I’d forgotten his last name but figured it was for the best. I tried to get the name of the place. Our talking is often translated, in fact usually — the 4th is dominant in cycles, not me — and I couldn’t begin to get the name.

“I keep getting a pear, and then the colors of the mexican flag,” I tell him, shaking my head. “That’s so weird. Does it mean the information is coming in at one chakra and I’m tuned to another, or what?” He laughs a little. “It is named the same as a fruit which turns all those colors,” he says. I still wasn’t able to hear him or get it though. Finally I shrugged. We kissed a bit before I went.

I told him I would come back again at some point.