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So the recent directive or understanding, is that I am integrating my “inner world” with my “outer world”. I am to let all the parts of myself “show me” internally the nature of what I am experiencing externally, which should also allow me to work directly with that energy (such as to change it).

I turns out I was just starting this once, long ago, from a different perspective. But after awhile I quit doing the internal work and forgot all about it.

Journal fragment, 11 January 2006

I’ll call this ‘Internal Katas’

Three ways I can work on an energy pattern and/or my relationship with it.

1 – Create an archetype. This is a relationship “reality” pattern, etc. on the outside, only.

2 – Get inside that matrix, e.g. merge with it, and then work on the new me from inside that.

3 – Find that pattern within myself. Everything outside, sources from inside. “Replicate locally the nonlocal pattern by revealing the existing points-patterns internally which match.”

I understood: The latter is the root of psi practices (like remote viewing).

Now it’s my job to practice. The kata: look inside for the pattern, creature, body-effect, which matches things in my outer reality.