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Well she is nothing if not creative! This IG’s archs until now have been so complex I’m lucky to have ever gotten through them. Tonight’s was unusually simple though.

I put on the Narnia soundtrack. That music is so emotional you almost can’t help doing some kind of arch work during it, even by accident.

I told IG, “It seems to me that my relationship with you might relate to my relationship with myself. And that both these things might relate to my skill at remote viewing. Which I’m just restarting after some time away from it, so it’s totally painful at the moment. I’d like to work on something that affected those three things.” She said ok.

The arch was one of those creatures that looks like a dragon with three very long necks-heads. I went up to it but it kept trying to eat me, so I froze it in stasis while I considered it. I wasn’t real clear about it until I flew up and looked down on it. It looked as if each of the necks/heads pulled so powerfully in its own direction, that the part of the body where they joined was seriously injured, torn and bloody. So I healed all that, then turned the whole thing into energy until it felt non-mass, and then merged it all together and into me.

It was only a mild feeling, and I nearly griped to IG about that seeming lack of success, until I remembered her telling me that I have wrong definitions about what matters on these things. I guess only caring about the med for the sake of the merge is like only caring about a job for money, or a relationship for sex; it matters, but it’s really the least of the many things involved.

The other day I did a chakra meditation better than any I’ve done in like 15 years. It was the day following that rather astounding pyramid/Gaia med. At the end, it was like a really intense arch-merge for as long as I could slightly hyperventilate and hold the running-energy, which wasn’t that long, I’m a wimp now.

I got up early this morning, lit some Nag Champa (damn I love that stuff, even though it makes me sneeze LOL), and sat on the couch and did a chakra med. I need to expand to having a little relaxing music and maybe hot tea or something during this period. It would be really good for me to start my mornings that way. It reminds me of my former teacher, who always did that. She was always up earlier than the family and sitting calmly in the living room with a candle and incense and soft music, meditating. It’s rather difficult to keep meditative states of mind central in your life if you are not constantly brought back to that. Her whole house had that feel most all that time. Which makes me wonder why mine shouldn’t. I mean I’m in it all the time, my kid is homeschooled, surely I have far more control of my environ than most people do.

Getting up early would be easier if I were not up at 3am blogging. But I fell asleep face-down on my bed after that last archmed with IG and now I’m unfortunately awake. That last arch seemed almost embarrassingly… archetypal. LOL. What am I saying. OK, time to go do something more useful I guess. More coding on one of the Taskerbot applications, story of my life!