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Some time ago I had what I call a ‘sponsored intuition’ about how I should be doing a daily Aeon round, to continue improving our integration. (Which in turn affects my integration with the four.) When I finally got myself to do it, it did seem effective, and it was not difficult or time consuming. But it’s been so difficult to “get around to,” and getting myself to DO it basically never happens, and conveniently it turns out I didn’t write it down, and repeatedly put off and forgot to write it down, and then eventually forgot the exercise even existed.

When I avoid something that much, I know that means it is a threat to my ‘status quo’ psychology — which is to say, that suggests it’s quite effective and I should be doing it regularly.

That reminds me of some yogi once saying:

If you can’t find 10 minutes a day to meditate, you had best make it 20.

So this is just to document the simple process so I can no longer forget it exists or what it entails. Once I get something to my blog I cannot but help trip over it repeatedly, because I re-read it a lot to “put myself in the feel of that energy.” Which is where I stumble on all the excellent advice I’ve been given internally that I have so far done absolutely nothing about.

(Many days later I get back to writing this post…) Each breath is in, out.

BREATHE… settle myself, center.

BREATHE… visualize white light cleansing all through me and my environment

for each Aeon:

BREATHE… the Aeon is IN ME, and it is them looking through my eyes around the room

BREATHE… I am in the precise center of THEM, which is also a section of our universe (stars planets etc.). There is a boundary (vastly distant) of this 3-D sector of space-time-concept (which is what they told me an Aeon really is, long ago). That boundary I think of like a ring or outside-of-sphere, and it is their ‘identity.’ (This goes with the “Ring of Identity” post, for my own.) Everything now is “we” for “intent,” we are doing this together.

BREATHE… White light at our intent cleanses all the “outer mass” — all objects, their surfaces, within this sector, and they get brighter

BREATHE… White light at our intent cleanses all the “inner mass” — goes ‘through’ all the objects, inside them, and they get more luminous and whatever colors they are gets a little more intense

BREATHE… White light at our intent cleanses all the “non-mass” — the dark, the ‘space between’, like flotsam-jetsom, ‘noise’, is cleansed, and the dark gets cleaner, darker

BREATHE… White light at our intent cleanses the “ring of identity” — the boundary of this aeon, this sector.

BREATHE… I ask the Tuning Fork function-friend to be present with us and help us with this intent

BREATHE… I strike the tuning fork hard against the precise concept-of-center of this aeon, and it rings its energy powerfully all through the sector

BREATHE… I call Aya! Aya! Aya! Christ Come Unto We! in that center, and this+ the ringing of that tone I focus into the very center of ME, my spine, the sword that was given me from the lake with Alayaowaeiiya (heart chakra) is ringing powerfully with that energy. Sometimes this takes an extra breath to get through

BREATHE… accept and observe/feel how Divine Light is now cleansing all the outer+inner mass of this sector, and it gets even brighter and even more colorful

BREATHE… accept and observe/feel how Divine Light is now cleaning all the non-mass of this sector, and the dark gets vastly more richly dark in contrast

BREATHE… accept and observe how Divine Light is bringing the “ring of identity” that defines this aeon “into harmonic resonance with” the christ energy of the tuning fork, the christ energy that is vibrating in the sword within me, the christ energy that now has all mass and non-mass of this aeon vibrating in harmony with it

BREATHE… accept and feel how Divine Light is now cleansing ME and bringing all of ME into alignment with the aeon and the christ energy, and I observe how all the stars of that aeon within me become even more colorful, and I allow them to be more present within my attention.

when all the aeons are done then to close:

BREATHE… and we are all one, and we are all in harmony and resonance with Divine Light, Divine Will, the Christ energy, and each other.

…and that is it for one aeon. It’s about 14-15 breaths. 5-10 seconds each depending. So, per-aeon, this takes about 1:15 to 2:30 of time. For the dozen of them, including the breath or two at start and finish, that’s about 15:30 to 30:30 of time — although bearing in mind, every second of this is a very “focused attention.”

That’s it. It is not difficult, it is what, a couple minutes with each, it shouldn’t be difficult to make myself do, yet it is. I feel like every time I do this, on the one hand, I feel very good about it, like it really did help or do something, like we really are a little more properly integrated. On the other hand, I think this is what my psychology is reacting to, that it’s actually working, so it becomes an identity-threat.