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Maybe I was “feeling lucky,” as Google search puts it.

I was searching google for info on Copper. This idea/info has recurred with me many times and I think I need to start the archmeds that are the elements, maybe with that one. Since I was curious what chakra it allegedly relates to, I included that word. When I search, I usually go through the first 3 pages of results and ‘open in background tab’ whatever seems interesting on the list.

So after wiki, I’m reading through stuff from my copper/chakra search, and suddenly realize that what I’m reading is a review of exactly one of the major gnostic docs I was reading recently and responding partly to in my previous blog post. What are the ODDS.

And you know how I said some stuff looks like bad channeling and I didn’t feel what it said was accurate? — well this whole website is a radically different interpretation of it, the author believes that particular work is a brilliantly concealed mystic (as in energy body awakening) work. Now, I don’t know if that’s true or not — I didn’t feel anything in my gut either way on that count — but it was interesting. Then I started reading it and collected a bunch of quotes worth sharing I’ll put in a follow up blogging later.

Anyway the point is, I went searching for a MINERAL and ended up at a website exactly addressing that topic instead, just like the other day, I went to go get this article I posted for someone on ALIENS and ended up at a website addressing more pertinent stuff to my current focus instead. This reminds me of the other day, the 696 number in the filename/title on a post talking about english gematria and my dream about the secret key being zero/nothingness, and then it turns out a quick search turns up that number In english gematria as including the terms ‘english qabala’ and ‘the key to it all’. Come on, that’s just funny.

So in my head I have this vision of an alternate Google search engine that is cosmic, not mundane. You leave the search field empty for nothingness, and because it doesn’t matter what you want to search on anyway.  You just press the button, and your inner energies will show you what THEY want you to read, apparently.