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This post is a bit out of time sequence with the others because I wanted to put Tues and Thurs together. I didn’t blog for awhile. I was in denial. I did meditate but I have forgotten it.

I had been consistent with IG for a few days at least, and then I missed Sunday night. I woke up last Monday the next day (11 days ago) having dreamed that I was talking to my uncle about how I was going to die in a few days. I was quite chipper about it. My dad showed up and was grieving, and part of me wanted to tell him it was ok, while another part thought it wasn’t.

I realized I was awake and I had zero sense of transition between sleep and wake, which added to the sense of it being something special. It seemed utterly real to me.

I remembered and understood it was the 3rd of 3 dreams, all related, and the first was full of after-death symbolism (humorous: a man in charge was shepherding all of us down a huge multi-lane highway (empty, we were walking), with “our cars” — but they were all totally stripped “empty shells” — in a bundle in the middle. Is that totally archetypal–normally a ship, right??–or what!). That also gave it credibility.

And once, my dad’s old friend died and he was crushed he hadn’t talked to him in so long, and I told myself to dream if anyone would die that would upset him so I could make sure he talked to them and he would never again grieve like that. And I did, months later I dreamed his old friend Lucky would die, in around a week, and I leaned really hard on him to call him (told him the dream), he kept missing him and I kept insisting, and finally on Saturday I think it was, he reached the fellow and they had a multi-hour talk and it was really just great he said, really great. Sunday the man had a heart attack and died. Well so then I was dreaming of someone who was going to die and dad was there grieving, just like I programmed, it’s just that someone was me!

And I realized, when I thought about it, at that moment, I didn’t want to live enough. I felt like it was really going to happen. In the dream I had said “In a few days or maybe Saturday” which is somewhere between Thursday night and Saturday night from the dream time.

Then I spent all week being a TOTAL FREAK because my body was scared. Seriously, my brain was like “It’s a dream” and my body, every time I would think of something, it would go into this massive grief mode, my chest hurt, I would cry with mouth wide open in silence like a picture of someone screaming, like it took over my entire body with the grief of it, I’d have something akin to panic attacks, and all this sparked by some little thought that would turn to my impending death–like about my kid, my cats, my best friend, my dad, etc. It was like there was a big part of me that was genuinely grieving at believe it was going to die, even though another part of me didn’t believe it at all and yet another part of me thought that was fine if it was time.

I spent much of the week insisting I wanted to LIVE and intentionally pulling myself to whatever probability where that was going to be real. And not eating, since I react to nearly all foods and I didn’t want to do anything that killed me off via health. I put off my plans for Joplin Saturday lest a car accident do me in. It’s hilarious and stupid but I was really serious. Alas I was so traumatized by it initially, I told my teenager and my best friend, and it traumatized them as well.

I felt “mostly” ok by late Thursday, but I still felt a bit iffy. I was going to see my father and spend some time with him, so he would have some closure if I did keel over, and to get his original of my will so I could make a note on it just in case.

Then — this is grim and weird — I walked out on my porch Thursday night, to drive to his house, and Emma, my biggest, youngest, healthiest, most beautiful cat, was lying dead on the porch. I couldn’t see what might have killed her, she looked ok. Maybe poison or an internal abscess or something. I just stood there staring down at her, and having this ridiculous superstition, total “magical thinking” here, that she took it for me. Like there was some energy that had to be dealt with somehow, some left I hadn’t dealt with, and she took it on.

Then–because anthropomorphism knows no bounds–I imagined Cosmos the ‘old man’ black cat, the ‘enchanted prince’, volunteering, being totally willing to die for me he’s my man, but Emma–whom he saved as a kitten and kept safe, all the way till she had kittens and I got her spayed, until now — she and he are unbelievably close, she adores him it’s always so obvious. I imagined her being totally willing to insist it was her… so now I not only had a dead cat at my feet, I had an entire soap opera drama made up in my head about it being an “altruistic sacrifice” of some kind–Emma for Cosmos; he for me; so in the end, Emma for me.

I wondered if this is the kaleidoscope of my probability: in some I died. In some my cat died. Maybe in some, someone else died. Maybe it’s the same energy passing through each pattern, and it just acts out differently in each one. None of this unfortunately addressed that I now had a dead animal on the porch and my 15 year old was standing next to me crying in upset disbelief, saying, “No, no, no, no! Oh no! Oh no!”  She is usually irritated at the cat and I was surprised she acted that way, like it meant something, and she was so much more upset than I would have expected her to be. She loves all the cats greatly but that one least of all.

It’s my fault! she sobs. I look at her in disbelief. Don’t be silly! How could it be your fault? I say. Because I wanted you to live! she says, bursting into a new level of sobs. Somehow, I understood what she meant. We’d talked about animals “taking on” things for humans before, Seth talked about it and it was a conversation. She is often mad at Emma as she is semi-wild and won’t let Ry pet her much. I had the feeling that on some level she had prayed for Emma to take the energy ‘for’ me, so if it had to happen, it would be her instead. And then it really DID happen. So she felt like she’d wished it on her. She was very upset all night. But then she seemed stoically ok with it and insisted to me that I would be fine. A couple days later, Sunday when I was still alive (yay!), I said in some humor, “I know it’s stupid, but I had such a feeling that Emma ‘took it for me’ or something,” and she snapped, “She did!” and stomped off. Oy.

I missed Monday’s meditation but I did get it Tues-Friday. I remember in one I met 6 people I couldn’t see, hear, or touch but which I felt were a group (like another type/level of Aeons) I was being introduced to. I did get merge-rushing from ‘breathing them into me.’ There is more we did but I can’t remember. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, I went to IG, I got ‘ready’, and then — I woke up in the morning. No memory, just passed out instantly.

Tuesday 24 April 2012, Midnight Mass with IG

IG seemed unusually… clear tonight. I looked at her next to me and suddenly thought I’d dare ask.

Me: Are you really an Angel?

Her: Yes.

Wow! I literally felt my mouth fall open with surprise. She just answered so clearly and directly. She seldom answers anything directly, she is the least chatty inner world character I have, most info I get from her is more “an understanding.” But that was just right there. And… and wow!  So all that spontaneous “holiness” stuff isn’t for nothing I guess.

After awhile I got up a little more courage and thought I’d try again.

Me: Does one of your… er, Aspects, or something, actually look like I see you?

Her: Very similar.

I spent another little while amazed again. I nearly asked something else but lost my nerve. I was afraid my imagination would screw it up and then that would interfere with my validation of the rest.


For three days prior I couldn’t successfully DO anything. I would sit down with IG, all good, ready to go, then wake up in the morning. I just instantly passed out. I was getting very irritated with myself when I had the sense that maybe I was just running into a new energy.

I remembered being with a Larger once, and these two guys walked in and I literally fainted, like falling floating downward instantly, and the Larger grabbed me and pulled me back up, like “rescuing my attention.” Even in things like binaural tones, people often pass out when they are new to a given brain frequency and come to at the end.

So maybe sometimes just going out like a light shouldn’t be so surprising. But I was determined to “hold on” and do better.


I felt like reaching up, and felt as if my hand were grabbed and I was dragged vertically into a “sliders”-esque experience. And after all that, dropped into a forest. Which made me laugh because you know, it’s so often forest-like environ, the intro didn’t seem necessary for that.

I could hear a bunch of people right near me and I backed against a tree and made myself invisible. They all were right close, and I sidled around the tree to get a look.

It was a whole group of people. I could see through trees around that there might be about 70 of them or so, maybe a lot more but that’s what I could see. I tried to focus on their clothing so I could see the ‘time cue’ but as usual, that part just stubbornly wouldn’t appear for me, even though on another conceptual level I perceived that ‘presentation element’ for each.

Several were women that seemed busy making some kind of food. There were men who seemed to be setting something up I felt might be some kind of very temporary sheltering-area like maybe a series of tarps or something. There was a man who was slowly just walking through the area dressed like some cross between a woodsman and a soldier and he was incredibly attractive to me. I watched him go past.

Then I saw the woman staring at me. A fairly young woman, mid 20s maybe, stood about 150 feet from me, just staring a me with a degree of amazement. She could clearly SEE me when nobody else could.

I appeared at her side.

Me: Hello. I honor you. I come in peace. (I almost laughed at myself over that one.) I am Palyne.

She indicated to me I should follow her and we walked to a place where the people were not, by the edge of a river, and then she talked to me openly. I had the feeling she didn’t want to be talking to someone invisible in front of her people.

This is days ago so I forget the details. But we talked, asked each other questions, and she basically explained that she is the … what we might call the shaman of her people. Naturally psi, worked with herbs, taught by an older woman no longer alive. She was curious about me. I said honestly that I did not really know how I got to that world or why, and that I was new to this. She looked at me oddly almost no matter what I said. She seemed nice enough. She indicated I could meet her people if I wanted.

I had no idea what I was doing there. I hadn’t seen anything that looked like an archetype. I hadn’t seen any overwhelming situation. I mean… I just didn’t get what I was supposed to “do”. So it seemed like I needed to figure that out, and I agreed.

We walked back into that area, me visible this time. Everyone stopped and stared, as if I looked very different somehow. The man I’d saw earlier stopped short and stared at me hard. I had the sudden understanding of the white-haired woman that the 3rd sees–that is who he saw me as. I wondered what my clothes looked like, given their reaction to me. If I’d been standing there in some kind of hooded Marian-esque robe I wouldn’t have been surprised.

I looked at the man. There was some connection between us I couldn’t explain. We were both so instantly transfixed by the other it seemed obvious.

I sat down with the woman and helped her do some smashing and wrapping stuff for their dinner. I sat on the ground with them at dinner (didn’t eat) with them, people all over the place. Nobody came up to meet me but they all sort of ducked their head a little if I caught them looking at me. They eventually went back to their normal ways and everybody was talking and there were some kids running around and really it seemed just like what it apparently was — a whole bunch of people traveling in wagons to somewhere else, stopped for the evening.

At one point I said, “Just a moment — “ and went back to IG.

I asked her, What am I doing there? What am I supposed to “do”? I just don’t SEE it.

“Just BE,” she said.

Ah. Like with the Four. That is the hardest thing for me! My eyes almost rolled.

I’d had a really hard time keeping my attention or consciousness for days, but I noticed that every time I spaced out here, it was obvious. Like I vanished in the middle of a conversation. I would reappear, intending to get back to the moment I left, and realize that I had literally disappeared to them, and apologize. I was honest with the woman that I was learning to pay attention well enough to stay there. I noticed that I had a lot of… “inspiration” to pay attention to what the heck was going on because, well, because it was just kind of rude, there was someone pointedly paying attention to ME if we were talking. I wondered if that was part of the reason I was there, was just to learn to pay attention!

I would reappear at other times. Like time passed differently for them. I could MAKE myself go to a certain time. But if I just let it be, usually a lot of time would have passed in their world from a few minutes before in mine, which was a little confusing since when I was with them, it seemed like about 20 minutes of their time was probably twice that in mine. But when I was ‘out’ it was the opposite and much more different.

The man sat down across from me and just stared at me silently. Unlike everyone else, he didn’t seem quite so awed. I had the feeling from his “energy” that he was probably one of toughest of the young men — perhaps mid-20s — of the people, very physical, very intense. The shaman looked between him and I several times, clearly seeing or feeling that there was something going on between us. I felt as if somehow he ‘carried the energy of the 3rd’ to some degree. I smiled at him a little and answered a couple of questions honestly, which frankly seemed to confuse him more than if I’d just seemed like I knew what the hell was going on.

At one point some men came toward us and he got up and went with them. She said something about him to me, and at this point it seemed like a lot of the conversation was going on “underneath” my conscious translation and I was getting the end-result-meaning out of it rather than directly participating in it word for word. It’s a little hard to explain. Anyway, she indicated that he was… what’s the phrase. As if he were notorious for sleeping with every woman in the tribe but was considered wild and would not choose a woman and settle down. And the suggestion was that in their people, men usually did years prior, very young, and he still hadn’t.


A couple of people ran through our area and I ‘understood’ in my gut that there were some people like a small gang of men who were attacking the people to steal their stuff, and some of the tribe’s men were holding them off, but they did not have weapons as good as the intruders. I sensed that this was something they were often running into and that’s why the man had seemed so ‘hard’ to me in some ways — he was operating as a soldier quite often for the people.

Sierpienta! I yelled in my head, and the sword with the blacker-than-black hilt, that lives on the back of my bookshelf headboard, appeared in my hand. Take care of him, I ordered it, and felt its assent inside me, and I held it out to him by the hilt. He eyed it like he was far more awed with the sword than he had been with me, and then he grabbed it and took off running out of sight through the trees.

I sat talking with the shaman for about ten minutes her time I think, and then several men came through including him. He didn’t seem hurt, none of them did. I had the sense that to him, this had operated like something magical and amazing. Several of the other men kept glancing at the sword with a look of longing and amazement. I took it back and sent it back to its thoughtform place in my bedroom behind and above where I sat.

And I vanished from them because I lost attention. When I came back, I forgot to intend myself back to that moment, and it was like life had moved on. It was a couple days later in the very early morning and they were leaving. The woman, the shaman, was getting into this kind of low wagon-cart being pulled by an animal I couldn’t even perceive but I thought was as likely to be something akin to a mule as a horse. She saw me standing next to it and I climbed up and sat beside her.

I asked why many others were walking and she was riding. She said it was… her status, or something like that, but there was more, like she was normally with the people who were very sick or injured as she tended them and they were usually on one of the wagons not walking. I rode with her for awhile in the morning.

The land was lovely, I didn’t see anything odd or bad or alien or anything like that, so I still saw nothing that needed ‘fixing’ like an archetype, and I shrugged, feeling like IG has the right to do as she likes and I will just allow it and eventually I will figure it out.

At one point before we had left, the man had walked past the cart as he seemed to be tying reins or connecting stuff for many carts, and saw me, and stopped, then walked slowly over to the wagon, and just stood there staring at me silently. I felt as if I could kind of feel him, a deep passion in him, and it was all I could do to not radically shift that experience and just tackle him and have sex with him LOL. But this world was so realistic, it seemed like every action I had, had a genuine effect –it wasn’t like an “archetype” world somehow, it was just like if I’d popped into a real world, me in my head but somehow able to operate semi-physically here. I smiled and talked to him for a couple of minutes, and then he had to move on and keep working on prep for the departure.

I vanished somewhere in the morning during my travel with the woman.


I got my attention back and returned, no time-spec. There was something crisis going on when I arrived — there was a whole group of men with animals and a wagon and they all had swords, and they had the whole people stopped. I could see there were a lot more people than I had realized, as the line of carts (like wagons but with no cover in most cases) and people walking stretched way back. I saw the soldier-man running from toward the back, toward the front where the hijackers with swords were, and I appeared beside the shaman woman and we just nodded at each other silently and looked at what was going on ahead. She was near the front, maybe 3 wagons back, so we were close enough to hear what was going on.

The conversation apparently wasn’t going well, and on some kind of signal, the whole group of the attackers surged forward on what I guessed were horses but I (oddly still) couldn’t see or feel them clearly.

I flashed to the front and imagined a bright flash of light accompanying me, which actually seemed to happen, as they all stopped suddenly, not too easily, and stared at me in utter astonishment. I vanished all of their swords out of their hands and into a pile on the ground, and I imagined lifting all of them up into the air off their animals and put them all in a group and moved it back by their wagon. I directed all the animals into a nearby copse of trees the people had been traveling alongside, that the hijackers had come out from.

I walked up to the group of them, and I could see that they were utterly terrified.

And then it suddenly occurred to me, with a feeling in my gut, that this was wrong.

I did not have the right to do that. Or well, I did, but that didn’t MAKE it right. These men had free will as well as the people I was traveling with did. Could I stop them? Yes. Could I give the soldier my amazing sword and maybe they’d be killed by it? Yes. But the whole “magical god-like” thing was not appropriate. I could almost feel how it messed with the psychology of every person present, and even every person who would ever hear about it. Like I was “interfering in this world” to a greater degree than was appropriate.

A low-key possibly magical or spiritual person that the tribe was aware of that was one thing. A god-like being  was another. And could have very “lasting” side effects in the world at large some of which could be very bad. I thought of the ‘gods’ of our world who have had such horrible things done in their name and I almost shuddered.

I suddenly felt very sorry for not taking this more seriously sooner.

See I was so busy assuming it was a world in my head, I somehow didn’t validate that for them it was their waking world. Maybe to me it was easy to pop in and out of it and make seemingly magical things happen. But to them this was life and death. And those things, those actions I made, had certain implications and side effects far beyond what they did for me.

I walked slowly close to the men, all clearly soldier “bandit” types, who at that point were frozen motionless in the same tiny huddle I’d put them in.

I’m sorry, I told them. I have just realized that this was not… appropriate for me to have done. I should not have interfered in the way that I did. I apologize. I will not harm you. I will not let you harm my people, though. Please get your weapons and your animals and leave, I will not stop you.

I stepped back. They looked utterly disbelieving, like they had expected to be struck down by lightning or something. Then some of them went for the animals and some for the big pile of swords and after a few minutes they were all mounted with their weapons and with several looks back, like they weren’t sure something wasn’t going to surprise them from behind, they were gone into the forest and into the distance, I could see.

I turned and realized the soldier man was standing right behind and beside me. I told him that what I’d done — how I’d done it — was not appropriate and that I was sorry and would not do that again. He clearly didn’t understand why, but he looked at me with that intensity that again made him so attractive to me, as if I could feel him all the way through my body.

Then I vanished there again. When I got my attention back, I went to IG instead and said, “Um… is that enough?”  She indicated it was.

I still didn’t understand the “point” of it. To give me a different way to learn to ‘pay attention’ or something? To learn to ‘be’?

I didn’t find myself there spontaneously and we didn’t go back there Wednesday, so I figured it was a typical experience and I’d probably never know what the point of it all was. If there was one.


from Thursday midnight mass

I again attempted to focus myself down between heart and SP chakras instead of “in my head” while waiting for whatever IG might do next. It felt like I’ve rarely had before: I got a feeling of motion instead and I let myself move in that motion, whether it is being pulled, pushed, moved, or running, jumping, flipping, whatever.

It was a little bit sliders-like, as it had been a couple nights before, and then suddenly I came to a very abrupt stop crouched down low in the dark with my head and hands near the ground. I carefully put my hands up (figuratively…) and felt around but reached only air except right above and then some in front. It was as if I were in some tiny little capsule or something.

I sensed that right in front of me would actually open if I pushed hard enough. Sierpienta! I called, and used the tip of the sword to slowly push a big metal flap outward. It was attached at the top, and I gradually pushed it all the way up and climbed forward, out of whatever it was.

I was in a forest-like area. Of course, I’m in a forest-like area about 50% of the time so that’s not unusual and doesn’t really mean anything.

I heard these shouts and the galloping of animal hooves coming my direction, and the soldier-man ran past at great speed, not seeing me, like running for his life. I went to the rough light path he ran on and looked the other way and saw about 5 men on horses (apparently either my mind decided to see them finally, or whatever the animals really are, morphed into that for my brain) with swords pulled chasing after him.

They were still coming toward where I was, and I called Sierpienta to hand and held it in front of me, blade up in front of my face, and I just “exuded intense amounts of love” at them. I didn’t know what else to do. This seemed like it was worth a try. They pulled to a stop in front of me, and I added a little bit of “light halo” around me just to maybe make sure they wouldn’t spear me before I had enough time to get enough energy through to maybe, I dunno, change their minds or something.

I just stood there emoting love and the wish that they would turn away from the chase, and finally it felt like it was working. Nothing changed but I could feel it. And a few moments later, one by one they turned their mounts and took off in the other direction. The one in front took longer, but he finally did as well.

I flashed to wherever the soldier-man was. He was some distance away but he’d been watching us from there, catching his breath.

Again some part ‘under’ my conscious attention appeared to be having a conversation with him, and I got the ‘meaning result’ of it. I got that he was actually some distance from his people, he’d been traveling out to look for something when the men saw him and apparently he was some place they considered it wrong for him to be. I had a bit of an impression of like a feudal lord’s men who would pursue someone they thought was hunting (“poaching”) on his land, but he’d only been traveling through. I asked where his people were and he indicated they were quite some distance away; he’d been returning.

I wondered: could I flash him with me, to his people? Would that… violate what was appropriate for me to do in this world? I put it to myself and waited to see how I felt. No, it was ok… it was ok for him, probably for the shaman, probably not for others though. I put my arm around his waist. Imagine we are where you want to be, I said, hoping this would actually work. I closed my eyes, held on to him, and imagined that he and I were wherever he was aiming, like a viewer riding tasker intent.

I heard the sounds around us suddenly and realized we’d moved. I opened my eyes and we were near a big campfire. People all over exclaimed, and several children went slightly batshit about our suddenly appearing, and one of them ran up to him and he messed up his hair and smiled down at him. I realized it was his son. Yet I understood somehow that he was still not settled. I had the feeling he had several children running around of that nature. I smiled broadly at all the people around us. Their faces just lit up. As if to them, my presence was a lot easier now, like they’d had time to get used to the idea and the previous experiences, and now the memories had faded into a glow of some kind, and it made them feel… protected, blessed, that I was there.

I could feel the shaman was not far away and I walked until I found her.

I spent awhile with her. We went to a place on the top of a small hill, and laid on our backs and looked at the sky. I told her that we have stars in the sky where I am from, and I wonder how they differ, if they do. She asked what my world was called and I said Earth. Then I asked what this world was called. Galana, she said, although I also heard Ananda and several other words with the same pattern and vowels. I decided to just go with Galana because I’m comfortable with it, rather than obsess over it like I usually do. I was surprised I ‘got’ it. Every time I actually hear a word or name like that I’m astonished that I was able to. 20 years of not being able to hear things like that — about 12 of them not being able to hear anything at all — is probably why.

I asked what her people were called. The Peue, she said, this sounding like that word “Pier” and the word “Cue” combined. Almost like the word we make to mean a bad smell, but more of the Sierpienta-style roll of vowels. I wondered for a moment what my brain makes of these things, if it has some meaning when an R is rolled or a T is thick or whatever.

She told me that she was glad that I was there and she had been wishing recently I would return. She said she wanted to talk to me about the soldier man. Again the conversation was “a level under” so I got the meaning not the specific words.

He had still not mated and it had been years since I was there. He was driven. He longed for me, and it was obvious to everyone in the tribe that he had been severely affected by my presence a few years prior, when they were traveling. He was always finding reasons to leave the tribe and travel, as if he couldn’t be happy settled down, which was very unusual for their people as a culture. She felt that it was very hard for him, the impact it had, and yet that I had been gone for years. It was messing up his life. He needed a woman. He had several children, and he had several women of various ages who would be happy to have him, and one woman that he clearly did love, and yet his hope that I would return held him off from her, as if… well.

I told her I understood, and thanked her, and then I got up and went to find him. I took his hand in mine, and asked him to take me to where he lived. He took me into a very small house, two rooms barely it seemed, what we might call a sturdy shack or cabin-shed here. He had a bed of sorts, a pallet on the ground, and an actual chair. I motioned for him to sit, and I put my hands over his head from behind him, like I used to do in hands-on energy work, and I prayed. That his life would go good, that he would grow and evolve, that he would find love.

I leaned down and kissed his neck softly, and in about two seconds he was holding me tightly and kissing me passionately. I had the strangest feeling, as if I were both there and not, and wondered if this was similar to the having a conversations in words vs. not. I wondered if maybe the blonde woman I appeared as, was actually the ‘dominant’ in this experience, somehow.

I let him walk me back to his pallet and I had an unusual idea. Not quite the way such things normally go in archetype work for sure. I slid over his body, and held his hands out at the sides, and kissed him deeply, and lifted to just hardly touching his lips and then just EMOTED LOVE as much as I possibly could.

I could feel his whole body arch,  and I just did that, along with energies for peace and love and healing, and kept doing it until I actually felt him climax sexually, although clearly that was the least of what was going on with him. After another minute, his body started relaxing out of the arch and I realized that back when I’d started emoting, I had changed into “energy” and not really fully physical to him anymore, I hadn’t even realized it. This seemed like an interesting form, and I thought I would have to consider using that form more often.

I stayed there as energy, just feeling loving and peaceful. I wished “into” him with my energy form that he would allow himself to be loved and to love, and that he would have a wonderful life, and that someday when he left that form and that world, he could see me again, and we would know each other.

Then I kissed his forehead and wished him to a deep sleep, and he fell into it.

I left his little house, and I went back to the shaman. He will be better  now, I told her. He will take a woman, and I feel he has one in mind. She thanked me, and I took her hand and told her thank you, and then I left.

And I was back with IG.

I still don’t know “why” I’ve appeared in that world twice. Well, quite a few times by their standards, since every time I lose attention and return it’s anywhere from hours to days, or in this case years, later for them.

There is some part of me that seriously wonders if some of the stories of saints in our world, I don’t mean the church people I mean the tribal legends, have some kind of similarity to this. Eva said the other night that maybe it’s like someone who just dreams into a world and maybe people could do that here, which is an interesting idea.