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I’m taking each of my ‘lines of focus’ in this giant many-year meditation plan, and creating a succinct graphic for that “collection.” This will likely take as many years as the meditations do.

I call them meditations but it’s better called “introductions” because everything in this style of meditation, in one sense or another, is an identity. Functions as an entity. Some are actual gods — not-quite-capital-g — individually.

F13-focus-line-tinyiconThere are 40 different “focus points” in F13. Most individual things, a few together, or both individually and then together.

I began my first “line of focus” night before last, with Hexagram 48 (The Well) and Jupiter as the first two meditations. This is “focus line 13.” Which comes after a few other Sefiroth and Paths.

So after I created the image for F13, I started thinking about the nature of doing this.

How is this not just a complex form of sigil?

This reminds me, though I’m no expert on them, on the archaic magickal stuff. Maybe I am reinventing something by accident.

If an archetypal-identity can be arbitrarily created, and meditated on, and communicated with, just by telling HGA you’d like to work on {insert 10 even unrelated things here}, then is doing this, in this way, basically “creating an identity?”

Seth once said that people often create identities that basically from then on live out their own paths, not in the ‘real world reality’ we know where the ever-amorpheous “we” are living, but… in the infinite, I guess. Like a tiny fragment sometimes, or a whole “probable self.”

If awareness in our universe is infinitely divisible and combine-able — which it seems to be — then you might say that “as a group,” all that collection of awareness in my F13 group, added together, becomes “one distinct identity.” Like we bundled those up, put a nametag on it, and now we can call it “Fred.” Or “F13.” Whatever. Really, the image is the ‘name.’

And has anybody in history ever chosen to actually combine these specific things together as I have? Honestly it seems unlikely, especially since some like the Chakra ‘named identity’ are distinct to me. Am I creating an identity with this?

Assuming all these things are relatively positive and most somewhat correlative with each other, is this a (we assume) “positive” identity? And given many of the “components” of this identity are literally lowercase-gods, what does that make the end-result identity?!

Is this a non-physical Tulpa?

If we create a sigil as a concept (and those in earlier days were specifically used to call — and then to CREATE — an entity!) could this be anything else?

Will it be more powerful than me and eat me for lunch?

Will it just be a powerful ‘guide’ of sorts?

If something contains things at various angelic levels, does a conglomerate identity become angelic, by default?

I’ve always been sensitive to the energy of things visually in my house. Like I don’t want a Tarot I have not yet meditated on visible as I feel it brings that energy into my environment and there may still be unresolved turbulence. I worried at one point if I put my pictures up of the whole deck when I had so much work to do on it still, my life would fall apart!

I think even an enochian, sanskrit, or hebrew letter, all have a substantial energy that becomes part of the environment if it’s physically displayed.

(By this theory, I should have meditated with everything visible in my house — to include my guitar, the recliner, the shoji lamp, and the squat cage — or be living like a minimalist monk.)

F13 explanatory detail

F13 explanatory detail – links to larger version

I am often amazed anew that I began a ‘psychological hobby’ that became metaphysics that became deeply spiritual. But now as if by accident, it seems it has become deeply magickal, and not just because I’m including the tree of life stuff, but just the nature of what I’m doing. Do all roads lead to that home?

I joked to Law that I should make one personal sigil of something I want in my life (that one assumes I will always want there), and add that, and then this would be like a sigil shoal — with 22 robofish, half of which are gods, the other half are somewhere on the spectrum to being so — and my one little sigil to follow them. Would it be possible to have anything NOT get a boatload of energy from being in the combined presence of all the rest?

The back of my head is reminding me of the Midas myth. Like maybe I should be careful what I ask for. I decided to “sleep on it” and ask for guidance. I woke up feeling a huge sense of importance about it, that I needed to review it and change out a few things (which I did), and that I needed to take this seriously.