This is a linked list of the various figures that are in the website from time to time, from correlation charts to graphic diagrams. This doesn’t include things like images of Thoth Tarot which don’t belong to me.

The Aeons of Palyne (mine, as opposed to yours, I guess)
last updated: 2010-08-18

Mapping the 12 Aeons to the 12 Houses: Is There a Match? (an html table)
last updated: 2021-1-11
I just realized (11Jan2021), years later!, that 3rd house includes ‘transportation’ and part of Jared & El Nino is… a horse! Is that funny or what! Along with the heavy past-life involvement, and the fact this aeon is two-in-one, they are so obviously 3rd house, as the astro descriptions go, it’s kind of funny.

Palyne’s Tree: Modeling the Universe My Own Way
QBL Tree of Life, using the Thoth mapping, with my changes.
See explanation of my changes, here:
last updated: 2010-08-18

Identity: the Yin/Yang “Stretches” Into Infinity (detail of the concept)

last updated: 2010-08-18

Free-form psi-type impressions in a FOCUS Med: on Ithikah
last updated: 2009-12-14