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Is it possible that a given vibrational tone — which we identify as “the group of vibration rates at a given frequency” (there is infinite division within that we don’t usually hear) — could be an identity?

Surely it’s part of the infinite universe, as well as our world. It’s even a common part of our music, by accident and by design.

(I guess the first-ever iteration of a given “thing” I meditate on, is going to have all the “can’t wrap my head around it” philosophy…)

(Original post title: Vibratory Tones (at 528hz and 629hz) and the delta of their interval. I never finished this group of working so had not posted this.)

Ancient music, from what I was able to gather via webskims about the vedics, hebrews, sumerians, chinese, etc., sometimes included a different way of thinking about sound. It was unclear to me precisely what their notes “were,” and apparently there is still argument on this. But the part sometimes emphasized was “the space between the sounds.” I don’t just mean the intervals from one to another; even modern Western music cares about that, for aesthetic reasons. But I also mean the “space between two sounds” like it being a… “thing” and a healing-thing and kind of a thing-as-an-identity-just-like-a-modern-note-is.

Like: Imagine that a song on the flute was instead… an art sketch. The space between the sounds is the “negative space.”

I find this fascinating and as interesting (if not more!) than the idea of a sound as an archetype. Or is it an Aeon? I guess it would be at least of the universe of “sound.”

There is thing X. There is thing Y. There is “the space between thing X and Y.” In fact, the Tree of Life itself is exactly this: there are 10 Sefirot (well, depends on how and what you count), and there are 22 “paths” that are quite literally “the interval between” one to another. (And the tree is sometimes referred to as being like an octave, with infinite trees above/below that overlap the top/bottom sefirot.)

So in my first focus group (which is 13, as I am starting at Sefirot 4 on my larger meditation list), I have included two vibratory tones (I reference them by the frequency hz we would label them with), plus “the delta between them.” I am hoping to meditate on all three of these things, and then these combined, as four back to back meditations.

I’m hoping to do this while Nedlund is with me, since he told me his nature related to “sound.” I still can’t wrap my brain around this. I don’t understand it. Is it the sound that allegedly composes the universe? I don’t know. I don’t think so, though. That seems rather more cosmic and less personal than most the other aeons. I once asked him, if he relates to ‘sound’ are there aeons who basically cover the other senses I have, like sight? And he said yes. So this suggests that somehow it’s rather a more personal-body-soul kind of “sound” instead.

All the Aeons are in all of me, technically (that’s why they are Aeons, not Aspects) but each have “focus areas.” And those areas tend to be all over the place not just in one. Some are more dominant in one area (like Ithikah who said most of his energy was in my solar plexus chakra, but that was only “most”). This means chakraic energy, actual physical body parts, and probably lots I don’t know.

I am only guessing (he didn’t say) that this means Nedlund is at least somewhat present in the places where the throat chakra manifests — the obvious place at bottom of throat, but also in the eastern acupuncture tradition there’s also specific areas for it. (Previously, I once found I had weird issues in every place so designated for throat at the same time: collarbone, the bottom area inside the fold of my left arm, a place on my left forearm I have no name for, and somewhere else I forget.)

In any case so if I’m doing musical tones and interval, surely Nedlund’s the Aeon that ought to be woven with me for the start of it.

Numbers are Aeons of the Universe. I once merged with the number four during Bewilderness and that number happens to be the one I am starting with in this focus group. At the time I recall journaling that it was like stretching to become it, and then finding that I had become “one of the building blocks of the universe.” (That period of my life was rather more… experiential than most my archetype meditations.)

Geometric forms are also Aeons of the Universe. Everything fundamentally that builds the universe is both number and geometry, which are actually the same thing in a different perspective (actual ‘perspective’ being what changes I think), at that level.

So is a given vibration rate, that may be a sound, or a color, or something else, also a universe “Aeon?”

Maybe a very tiny one if the number of those are infinite?

Is it a pre- and ever- existing Identity which is “all of” something but “focused on paying attention to being one part of something?” That’s an Aeon.

Or well I guess in this case, it would be one very specific thing — specific like elementals are specific — but “all of it” in our universe or more?

I was wondering what the options are. Surely it couldn’t be an ‘aspect’ of the universe; is there any such thing?, because the universe is holographic. That much is very obvious after awhile of “internal cosmology,” for everyone I’m sure.

Still, it seems like, “the universe divided by 54 tarot cards, or 22 trump cards, or even 100-plus elements” has got to result in … larger… pieces??… than “the universe divided by infinity.” Maybe?

I’m torn between thinking as an aeon it would have to be so small that I’d question, could I even meditate on it, except in the way I can personal issues. But on the other hand thinking that a specific musical tone (one of the Solfeggio frequencies) and interval that has been used so much by humans since the dawn of time — and probably exists “naturally” sometimes in the sound of everything in our world (the wind through trees, the ocean waves, birds and so on) — would instead be incredibly powerful.

Could I talk to a frequency, like it was a person, like the amazing i Ching meditation was? Or would it be like when I once meditated on Hydrogen and just found myself in the middle of a cloud of somethingness?  (H is on the list of this focus-group by the way so I guess we will see if that was just a one-time thing.)

Well we will see. 15Aug2021.5:08pmCdt

Archmed: Two Vibratory Tones and their Delta Interval (528hz, 639hz)

I did a brief breathing round with the aeons, with the four, went to see all the guides and invited them. I asked Mark for what I wanted. He seemed bemused in some way but I couldn’t place it.

Me: What? It’s not a bad thing I’m meditating on this is it?

Mark: No.

But he didn’t say anything else about it, and then he touched me, and me, Sun and 3rd (who were with me) were in some environ I couldn’t make sense of. It seemed visually empty, yet it felt like it wasn’t empty. I had no sense of gravity or the ground so I called to that so I could function better. We walked around for awhile, but nothing showed up.

I felt I needed the guide-tool-friends. I asked Mark’s lightning-sand glass statuette, as I held it up at my left shoulder, to show me more of what is truth and present.

The environment was now filled with stuff but it was just… stuff. (I had a vague reminder of Works, which is 3 of disks, which had this sort of made of light rays pyramid floating in the sky like the card, but this and the whole environ had been “desaturated” is the only word I had for it. He later made clear he is the energy we use to create but we are, we add, the color.) It was like.. geometries maybe, infinite stuff, but all a sort of not-actually-form that I sensed more than saw and it was like ‘wonder woman’s invisible plane’ in the cartoon I saw as a kid, like outlines of something you can only barely see.

We were basically existing in an ocean of them. I kept walking. Nothing made sense still.

I called the Queen’s statuette tool-guide-friend to hand, held at my right shoulder, and said, “Please give me insight and understanding about this.” And then I understood that these were rather like what I experienced with IG and the four once where I was in space and there were all these tiny things of different shapes and natures and was told they were thoughtforms, not yet fully developed. Except in THIS case they were the infinite not-yet-manifest collection of what I’d consider musical tones and intervals, like I was in a soup of them.

I called Wand to hand and as usual he requested if I use his energy that I give him some kind of rhyme with it. Oh brother, but I quickly worked on something like, There is a way to the truth at its home, show me the path that leads to the tone!  Imperfect but I was getting impatient… and a path of light colored sparkles showed up like a giant irregular zigzag that led into the distance. So then we followed that path.

Wand, I eventually complained, My God, how long IS this path?! And why is it shaped this way?

Wand: It is as long as it needs to be.

Verbally that doesn’t seem helpful, but it came with an understanding: the shape was mostly to make it longer within a defined space, and that would be infinite if I didn’t get my act together for “allowing” better than I had so far. So I really focused-in and “allowed” consciously, in the hopes this would improve.

It seemed to, and then we found ourselves at a… a house, of sorts. It was dark brown wood, and it was not huge width-wise, but it was very tall, but not so much in multiple stories, but an unusually high, unusually pointed roof. I had a vague reminder sense of a few photos I’ve seen of old houses in Europe where the snow is ridiculous so their roofs are bigger than the houses and far more pointed than the A-frames we have here.

I wondered if my rhyme for Wand had helped create this in the energy symbolism — a ‘home.’

There were double doors, unusually tall, but thin. We knocked.

Someone I couldn’t see opened the door, but it felt like “the butler” or “a caretaker” or something, amusingly — I knew it was not the archetype.

Butler: You have a sound?

Me: Eh? What?

Butler: You must have a sound, to enter.

I thought about it. What did he mean? A note? A song? A clap? A name? I didn’t know. Thinking for a moment, I finally sang to him (out loud with my body as well) the words Kyrie Eleison, in a series of notes and intervals I once heard for a super old, acapella, single note line, music tune, from pre or during the renaissance I think.

This must have worked, as the door opened and we were let in.

I immediately was attentive to the floor for some reason. The floor was made of wood, but square tiles like we normally do stone or ceramic, and they had beautiful intricate designs on them I couldn’t quite make out.

It was just so… so… wood. Not just the look but the feel.

There is something difficult to articulate here. There was also a sense of… quality. I had this sense when I met Wand, as well. (Who is also wood, maybe coincidentally?)

Everything inside was medium to dark brown wood. Walls, floors, ceiling, furniture. There was other stuff but everything that could be, was wood. I admit I was baffled as to why a vibratory-tone would come with the symbolism, in its “home,” of wood so overwhelmingly. But it is what it is.

We walked through the house, through various doorways into other rooms, and then we heard something, and it was down a long hall to the right. So we go down to that, and I knock on the door at the end.

I sense assent for me to come in, so I open the door. Still we see nobody though. We enter the room, and I’m just… I’m so impressed. It’s so beautiful. The ceiling is super high, all the way up to the unusually pointy roof. This was like a personal study or something — there was a fireplace lit, there were bookshelves, there were some beautiful things of glass some of which had light in the form of fire like tiny lanterns, really the whole thing was just … like the archetype of truly beautiful, but all natural, room.

A door at the side opened, and a man entered. He “arrested my attention” completely.  I felt my whole body just stop, even breathing for a moment, as I stared at him. Clearly he was “The Guy.”

I could only somewhat make out visuals. More concepts, as usual. Ordinary fellow. Bit tall, brown hair. The feel of him though — was a new feeling. Maybe more like i Ching than tarot. Like he was… true. Like it was so completely real there is no mystical or cosmic or large sense at all. Just acceptance.

I see already, between this and the i Ching arch, that I need a lot more words for “true” just like I need a lot more words for “grateful” and “God” — like there are such depths to these feelings, they deserve whole vocabularies, but I don’t have one. English doesn’t have it.

Already this had answered a lot of my prior questions about “vibratory tones as an archetype.”

Me: I honor you. I’m so honored to meet you. I — wow, you’re really — you’re real! And you came through as a person — thank you for that, for this interface that takes a form I can communicate with.

I didn’t have time to offer the four elements, because he immediately took my hand and pulled me out the door with him, the one he had come through.

We were standing in a small courtyard… floored in wood tiles, like the house, but outside. It was lovely, there were gardens and flowers and such around it, and it was early dusk. He released my hand and just looked at me. Like he was waiting for me to say something but I didn’t know what.

Me: I… could I share my four elements with you?

He nodded, so I began the process. The meditation until now had a lot of “bringing my attention back” — until I saw him, then that stopped — but now it was back again and I kept getting lost in thoughts. Doing the elements took eons as a result. And he did not change. Not even a little. But I did a little, like a thin line through the middle of me head to feet. On the bright side, now I could perceive him a little more clearly.

Me: You are… this… part of the universe, that tone? How… does that work?

Him: The majority of me is found where there is life. (I sense he means ‘biological life.’ As opposed to deep space, or minerals.)

Me: So… more on earth and less in space.

He nods yes.

I consider this. I guess since I chose a specific frequency group of vibration that falls into our biological perceivable (and create-able) range, that probably makes sense.

I take both of his hands.

Me: I want to want you. I want to feel you, to know you, to be one with you. What can we do to get closer, to learn of each other?

He reaches out to hug me and I wrap my arms around him and we hold each other for awhile, until I feel like we can just merge right into each other. We do. But I don’t feel the merge at all really, and no nervous system rush either.

Mark suggests that I keep him with me for a day.

Me: Can you weave him with me?

He does. So Nedlund and me and the vibratory collective tone(s) we know as 528hz are currently hanging out in my body-mind-soul-whatever.

I don’t really feel like I can do the next meditation on the different tone, or the interval. I didn’t even make it through this one yet, to a proper resolution. So I will have to do those tomorrow.

Sigh. Tomorrow is IG Meet day so I had planned on having no weaves for that and my whole day will be about prep for the big IG meditation. Well, it is what it is, maybe I can do that prior to those, earlier in the evening. (Note: Mark un-wove us at my request, and re-wove us after it was over.)


So “Can a sound be an archetype?” Apparently so.

“It is just an arch like I would make of some idea or coming event in my life?”

I can’t say for sure, but so far, I think he seems like his own self, or identity, not just a temporal construct of mine. That is to say of course the detail is as much me as him, but I sense the core of him is “existing” in a way that feels like it’s in that category of the occasional realization that something “is, was, always had been, and always would be.” In other words: an Aeon; not an aspect. Part of the stuff-like-him-perspective-of-the-universe; not merely part of the me-perspective-of-the-universe.

Will save this post to finish it whenever… I finish it.


23Aug2021. Well I keep putting it off and putting it off. IG Meet Day was 8/16 and it’s the 23rd and still have not continued. I talked to Mark about it last night.

Me: I felt like I had no idea where to go with it, in the meditation. And I still feel like that. I think I’m avoiding it not so much the way I do tarot meds, as the way I do things I feel uncertain and unsure of myself about.


And that is where I left off, back in August (Dec 27, 2021 now). I literally forgot about it, and this post was in my ‘drafts’ as I had wanted to finish this arch, plus the other tone, plus the delta, plus an arch of those combined, all in one post. I’m making it public now and moving on. I do still need to finish this but it might not be the first archetype meditations I do next.