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After my meditation with Hexagram 48, The Well, I was an emotional waterfall. I was so amazed, and moved, and grateful — I need a word for “gratitude” that is exponentially more profound than English. It’s been several days since then, as I write this, and I still just feel… profoundly moved and grateful.

And still no end of surprise inside me at how different “the nature of” this felt vs. tarot, or archetypes, or guides, or even planets, or an element. It’s like the energy was of me, was always of me, but I didn’t know it was of me until we were one again.

I didn’t expect anything to top that meditation that morning, for sure.

After recording it, I asked Mark if I could also talk with Jupiter, before we closed for the night. Because he is on the meditation list and I just felt like it.

There he was with me in Mark’s room, a huge guy who gives the “strong, fatherly, teddy-bear” impression to me — which I think means, all the big strong masculine things, but no sense of threat, rather the sense of “caretaker.”

I remembered that I had forgotten him. And I remembered that I had forgotten how much I missed him. So I started sobbing again, which is funny now that I’m listening to my recording on my phone about it, but was so serious at the time.

I threw my arms around him and held him so tight. I forgot I knew him.

Me: I forgot I knew you! I used to work with you in the 90s!

Jupiter, from a backyard scope

Jupiter, from a backyard scope

Jupiter: I am always with you. And your prior IG(4) often brought me into meditations with you.

Nice striped agate sphere that is tan and orangey and reminds me of Jupiter

Nice striped agate sphere that is tan and orangey and reminds me of Jupiter

Then we hugged more and he conveyed that he wanted me to make a representation of him in my house. That he would prefer something in 3D like a sphere but a picture would be fine. He said his energy is always available to me.

I asked him to be more present in my life in a positive way. Big Luck. Big Money. Big Love.

He’s so beautiful. The energy is just so beautiful. Just so easily accessible. I felt so blessed. I kept saying in a whisper, I am so blessed.

I cried through a lot of Jupiter’s meditation too, mostly with a clinging-death-grip my left hand in his right hand, didn’t want to let him go. (Later: I went and found a sphere that reminds me of him in stone — I love stone — and ordered it, got it, I like it. Gotta figure out a way to hold it in something. For now it just sits in a basket next to me.)

It felt like in an odd way the two meditations were the polarities of the same thing. Like the Well was the “inner resource and refreshment,” the core of things beneath our feet. And Jupiter’s like the opposite, the big thing, far away, but it’s also a contributive energy of that kind — it’s just “big” and “from far” somehow.

I felt so lucky, for both meditations, opportunities.