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This is my first-ever i Ching hexagram meditation.  I was not 100% sure it would be possible to use the i Ching hexagrams in the same way that I have used Thoth Tarot, or personal issues: as an archetype I could have a relationship with. But it seemed like…. probably. Because “anything” is a “collection of consciousness assigned a title” if it’s an identity, certainly far more tenuous and obscure things than that. And surely this has had a lot of human focus over time, so there should be a decently strong thoughtform for each of these… at least, in theory.

Tarot meds are different than life issue meds. Element meds are different than tarot meds. For that matter, even Ace vs. Court vs. Counted cards are different in tarot. “The nature of the identity” seems like part of this. But I don’t know how much of that is me, and how much is the seeming-entity at the other side of the equation. I don’t know, will a hexagram just be ‘a cloud of feeling’ or something? A funky geometry? I guess we’ll find out.

Mark (IG5/HGA) will help me. I’m in his room with Sun and 3rd with me, and my Aeon Nedlund is woven with me at the moment, and we refreshed that focus. I also ask Monde to help me with this however he can. I tell Mark what I want, and he reaches out and presses his thumb against my forehead (that’s novel).

He pulls back and I feel it leaves a golden-light mark, with lines in it I can’t see but kind of feel, that I think at the time are maybe his fingerprint, but now I think might have been the hexagram. I feel a bit faint, and I close my eyes (internally), but I do not feel myself going, or being, anywhere else.

Big impression so I open my eyes, and a big, black, very old-fashioned style locomotive train pulls right in front of me, from right to left. I’m still in Mark’s room yet this is operating without regard to that. A dude in a uniform comes down the steps and indicates for me to get on the train. I recall something similar to this (except that was a modern train) when I met my guide Shiante. So I step up onto the train.

I have a decent sense of the environment when I do so, and it takes off as I walk down the aisle. There is only one person in the whole car (which is how it was for Shiante) so I assume this might be another guide of some kind and I should sit by them. It’s a man, he’s a bit dark, ordinary fellow, sitting on my right, facing me. So I take a seat, and the seats are old hard wood benches that face each other, not the modern seats.

I was going to say hello to him but I am somehow distracted by my thoughts about something else, mostly about the brain-crunching consideration of how if there is no space; and there is no time; then everything is energy; so sure, a “hexagram” which seems like some kind of concept, could be “a place” that I was traveling to by train, because why not? I know that and yet somehow, at that moment, it just seemed kind of mind boggling.

I kept coming out of my thoughts, and realizing, “Oh, and I should say hi to this guy,” but then getting distracted into another thought series. Finally I come out of one and tell myself, oh get it together already! Focus!

Me: Hi there. My name is Palyne.

Guy: Hello, I’m The Well.

I was SO surprised! I mean I had just spent ten minutes thinking about the whole concept of a hexagram which is a concept which was somehow “a location I was traveling to.” It had not even occurred to me that the dude, who I assumed was some kind of guide, would actually BE the archetype!

I was speechless for a bit. I couldn’t even wrap my head around the arch being a person for a few moments. Then I started sobbing. Suddenly, I felt so honored.

He was so amazing. Because he was so REAL. He was so… accessible. So approachable. Like “inherently part of me.” Suddenly the tarot energy felt more foreign than me, comparatively to how he felt. He is an entirely different kind of… being. And it just felt so… so much more natural.

I felt all this merge-rushing and we hadn’t even begun the elements. Just that tiny interaction instantly was flooding my nervous system with it.

And when we did the elements, he didn’t change at all! Usually an archetype will change. Only when it’s a guide does it not change. But I did, the sun and wind got rid of a lot of me. I kept sobbing in awe, in amazement, in gratitude.

He was perfectly, casually, friendly. Like a friend I’d known my whole life. (I was nearly bawling while recording this on my iphone a short time later. “I just can’t believe it’s real! He was so real! It’s so amazing!”) I was a little bit reminded of Mark here, my angel, who despite being divine is so incredibly down to earth.

We moved from the train to me standing next to an actual well. Old fashioned sort, stone at the bottom, but wood beams and roof over it. Big bucket. But I was handed a small cup of water by someone I thought was him. Mark said to drink my own water in real life along with it, so I grabbed my water and imagined taking that energy into me with the drinking.

I felt like something slightly stabbed me in the left eye, the moment I first swallowed. Like when something gets in your eye. Owww I said, and understood — implicitly — this related to what I was doing, accepting the energy, that this was a part of me (the “I”), that had issues with receiving/allowing (the “left”), and it was being basically cleared-out so I would allow that within me. I used my finger to try and get it out, slight bit of hot pepper juice on it still, and that hurt even worse, though not terribly. I felt some amusement, because it was so clear to me that this physical experience was just part of the processing of working through the resistance to the energy so I could allow it for myself.

I gathered every bit of energy from me, the aeons, the four, the chakras, etc. and made it into a coin I could throw into the well, to share some of me. (And cried in amazement and gratitude while doing so.) I put my hands on the wooden beam near me, that held the roof of sorts. I just felt so grateful.

It occurred to me that somehow… I knew him. I knew him like part of the core of me. Like a soul friend. Like I had known him in many lives. That I was only meeting him again, and I knew him well, and I loved him so much. Like I desperately needed him, and longed for him, and did not even know this, or know him, until now I had finally met him again.

I felt this was not just like a one time thing, a meditation on some obscure thing of the universe and you move on. It was more like remembering an old and dearest friend. And now that we are connected again, I should simply come to him any time I needed him.

He just seemed so accessible. Just so real. So right there in front of me, who just a few moments before all the emotion had been… a stranger on a train.

I was frustrated then, and afterward, and still, that my language does not have words for what I need to say. It’s in the category of “directly accessible” and “personal or part of me and my world” but it’s something… amazing.

My audio recording after the fact, from the dark of my bedroom, was nearly incomprehensible because I cried nearly all the way through it. Gosh I had no idea such emotion would be triggered, or that a hexagram as an archetype would just seem so… easy to reach.

It reminded me a little of the private oracle and how astounded I was that merely saying the name in talking with Mark to ask if it might be possible to meet that identity Seth described, instantly had him right there talking to me so clearly. This was like that.

He’s so wonderful. He is so approachable. I feel so thankful. So grateful. So honored. So appreciative.

Well. (No pun intended.) That meditation went far better than expected!