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14Dec2014 Dream:

I was talking with an element from the table of elements. I don’t know which one. It was a mineral but it was one of several in a composite stone that we were looking at, a semi-precious combination of gem and rock, and he was talking to me about it.

Although I have been thinking about elements-as-aeons off and on for some time now, I haven’t been thinking of any element in particular for a while, so I don’t have any indicators to its identification in that regard.

He said that if I were to wear this stone like for energy reasons, the appropriate thing would be to have one cut flat side, that could be polished if I wanted, that would be against my skin, but the rest of it should be normal. In other words, what we would consider ugly, but he considered more like a true form, like to him that was a much a part of the overall nature of it as say, our skin is to us. But he did think the part against me should be cut or at least polished. Like even if it were naturally flat. Like to make it more raw in some fashion, against our skin.

I have the oddest sense — now in memory, not during the dream — that he considered the crystalline forms very energetic, and that the rest was almost a sort of protection around it, a mostly-stone cell membrane you might say, which gives me the impression of amethyst, the way it comes in geodes, though I had none of that impression during the dream. I have two amethysts — cut gemstones — hanging on chains on a shelf across from my bed, which I don’t think I’ve looked at or thought about in eons, but just as a mention.

He said the rest could be very lightly polished if I chose, the stone part, but he was fond of the stone outer layering that to us would make it less pretty (so, don’t cut/polish it away to reach the gem). He said that it shouldn’t be cut, like how our people think we have to make the crystalline forms of stuff perfect. He was indicating that however the stone was found, in terms of its shape (unless it was just pointedly broken like by the culling process obviously) was good to leave alone.

There was an additional impression during the dream that was very subtle but I think I can translate it now that I’ve been awake awhile and my language faculties are better, which is sort of like, making the whole thing actually more able to transmit energy is not the goal if you are wearing it on your body. That our normal association with gems, culturally, is not incorrect about the results of faceting and polishing. It’s simply that having one part touching you and the rest as-is actually keeps the energy of the stone more pure, more localized, and more “yours” in the part connecting with your body. Like if your point of its power was to hold it all in your closed fist, or to display it, then the full-stone faceting and polishing were fine. But otherwise the primary ‘open energy’ point should be the part against your body and the rest should be closed.

As if it were like… losing some of its light to the environment, instead of to your body, if you cut facets and polished the whole thing and then wore it on a chain around your neck or wrist. That this was not what should be chosen if a human body and a stone for intrinsic connection between them is the real goal.

When I woke up I was thinking that ‘real’ shamans would be wearing ugly rock necklaces, haha.