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The morning of the 10th of July I wrote down these notes on my dream:

and bats
they were both repeating symbols in my dream
I noticed this in the dream
that I was seeing these symbols repeating in my reality
Eagles were everywhere in so many forms
and I felt bats were the dark side symbol
actually the same energy
lesser but still there
rather like a number reversed
and I knew I needed to meditate on
eagles, and to a lesser degree, bats,
to work out this energy

It was August 5 when I finally did the ‘Universe’ tarot meditation though I’d been messing around for awhile. I raved a bit about how I felt the symbolism of the card touched the Four, in part because of the 4 symbols of which the highest was a man and the next a golden eagle, which the Queen has appeared to me as (and bright gold is often involved with her appearances). I didn’t really think about the Eagle ref and the dream.

I was reading today, I have begun a brief review (speed reading google refs) on Vedic literature, looking for refs to The Four, to conjoined identities, or to the 12 Aeons. I found interesting:

These four signs (lion, bull, man, eagle) have held a place of honor from time immemorial. We find them mentioned in perfect sequence in the Rig Veda, and later in certain books of the Bible… […] The point to note, however, is that the Eagle is the higher symbol of the 8th sign, the only one in the zodiac to have a higher and lower symbolism.

(Edited later to add: a few hours later reading something totally different I stumbled over this reference to various animals, and coincidentally, on the list it had bats as representing “duality”.)

… and ’cause my meditation list is just NOT LONG ENOUGH (I need to move to a cave in Tibet to have time for a fraction of this…) I think I should definitely add the “Eagles and Bats” higher/lower energy symbol to the list.