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I feel like I’m just a drifter lately. Not focused. Relaxing, half asleep, floating on the current of life. Not proactive, not even reactive, just sprawled out in weightlessness, freed from the gravity of my normal life. I have so many self-created ‘obligations’ to helping other people, doing free projects online, etc. that for years it has felt like I literally am ‘working’ (paid or not) every minute of the day, and when I wasn’t doing that, I was feeling guilty about not doing it. Lately I haven’t been feeling much of anything about anything. Which sounds depressive, but really it’s just a relief.

I’ve taken up watching shows on I loved the Dresden files. And Firefly. And a variety of other things. I’m generally a SCIFI/FAN/ACTION sort, if that’s a clue to taste. I used to think that no decently intelligent TV shows got made for the most part. It turns out, they do get made. They just don’t last for more than 6-13 episodes is all and I never saw them. Hulu has rescued a lot of great shows from obscurity, leaving fans like me grieving that it was over before we ever even ran into it.

I did a meditation the other night. OK nearly a week ago. IG brought Ray back. It’s a male human guide. (I was thinking maybe the name might be like ray-of-light and might be something unusual, but I guess not.) Of course, despite a meditation and then a dream with Ray, I remember approximately nothing about him. This hardly seems like coincidence, given how effectively he fell out of my head the first time. Oh brother.

I used my Procyon again the other day. I haven’t used this very often and want to get back to that. It’s a light-sound machine that pulses sound and colored LED’s at beat-intervals designed to create a frequency following response in the brain that puts you in a given state of mind. I’ve had some insomnia issues and putting on some delta does seem pretty effective at knocking me out. Although in fairness if I am sleepy at all even an alpha program will do that.

The guy who runs the company I bought my unit from worked for some time on Vista 64 drivers so I could do the custom programming for it. I haven’t tried them yet (just got them a couple weeks ago) but want to try that. I like the idea of combining a verbal walk-through of say, an archetype meditation, with the cool music stuff I got (‘looping’ synth tracks), with custom beat patterns both sonic and photic, to see the end result. Although it seems like this is the kind of thing you could get into and still be experimenting 60 years later. Knowing me I won’t be happy until my brain is jello.

I’ve been experimenting a little now and then with a tantric redirection of sexual energy toward the aeons around me (the guides), sort of putting energy into them/our connection. It’s a hard temptation (as the most pleasure is letting it spill out at random of course) but seems to work, insofar as directing the energy to them seems to vaporize it — which I assume means the ‘re-routing’ is effective. Have only tried it a few times and haven’t yet done it while “in” a meditation (normally I’ve done this as part of an advanced archetype meditation and a rather highly ‘personal’ relationship with the arch) so I’m not sure yet of any real result.

Temporarily (I hope) I’ve completely lost traction on my 14 year remote viewing obsession. I mean at the moment it’s like the whole topic could evaporate and I wouldn’t even care. I assume it’s just burnout on a variety of related things and that will pass. Always seems to. It feels like a good thing though. Like I had too much ‘attachment’ to it, in the Eastern sense, and I am releasing that, and letting it be-what-it-is-for-me without a lot of other conditions.

I tried my pressure cooker for the first time the other day. It did manage to turn stew meat, that would normally take a solid 6-8 hours in the crockpot to get soft, into the same texture and good taste in 15 minutes. (And 20 minutes of gradual depressurizing.) I’m going to have to start using that more and experimenting. Since I eat lowcarb (mostly meat) and cheaper cuts taste good but are tougher, anything that speeds up cooking time/trouble dramatically is a good thing. I think my next experiment in it might be pork carnitas.

I’m hoping to do a little meditating this weekend, if I can pull myself away from Hulu that is. I’m turning into a couch–well, laptop–potato. But I’m running out of shows I like well enough to sit through, bummer! Anyway I’m planning to do a brief alpha session with the procyon and then do some Tower/IG/Arch/Guide work. Hope to have something useful enough to post on before it’s over.