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Recently I woke up from a dream that felt so profound I was speechless. The funny thing is, it was so ‘simple’ when I thought of the elements involved, that I couldn’t understand why it had that powerful effect. It was almost an example of the whole summation of ‘archetype’, I mean the really powerful “universe condensed into a symbol” meaning.

I was standing on the shoreline perhaps of a sea. Nothing behind me that I noticed as I looked out. I was looking out upon this collection of cubes. Giant grey stone cubes.  I wasn’t clear on how many, 10 or more. They were everything, as if there was really nothing else in existence, in a way, except them. [Later edit: they looked exactly like a 3D version of the ‘cubes’ that are the Aeons on my current chart for them.]

The sense of ‘enormity of space’ which each of them contained was staggering.

The sense of ‘eternity of time’ which they were each composed of was awe inspiring.

And there was also this equally profound sense of those two things being infinitely “compacted together” — infinity in every regard, bundled into a ‘thing’ — that the “density” of each cube’s time and space component was also just breathtaking.

These are just words, there really aren’t any words to describe the emotional and ‘awareness’ impact this seemed to have for some reason.

As I watched, they began to change. As if they were shifting from impossibly huge, really edge-defined, ‘box’ like cubes, as if “the very definition of crystallized-into-a-THING”,  into … sand or something … not really more granular not that at all, better referred to as just “the opposite of separate, well-defined and singular, now.

Like as the eternity of time and the eternity of space, previously separated into little cubes or boxes-of-IS-ness, had just returned to the cosmic oneness of all.

Except visually, it just looked like a big sandy beach.

When I woke up I felt like it was something incredible inside me and some shift and of awe-inspiring importance. But I couldn’t figure out why, or what it meant.

Later in the day I was telling my kid about it and I was talking about the incredible span of time and span of space together and I added, “Oh you know, like an Aeon, like I said mine told me they were — Ohhhhh.”

I don’t know what that means. They have ‘blended’ or lost their individual identity to me?  It’s been so long, I haven’t talked to them… I don’t know. The emotional impact was a big kick.


The next morning, I dreamed I was in a place that had an incredibly large, long airfield. Along the runways at one side, were 3 rows of planes, parked in a neat pattern but some distance from each other.  People (like pilots maybe) were running toward them frantically, but most were still empty.

Planes flying loudly above, several, were zooming over slowly and dropping what was like bombs on all the planes. But they weren’t just like “whine then explode” bombs, I didn’t hear any sound when they fell, and they were like short white missiles, like maybe 3 feet diameter and 8 feet long. When they hit either the plane or the ground near it, first the ground sort of imploded several feet down and then a fireball came upwards.

They were pretty good shots and nearly every single plane was getting wiped out before any pilot could even reach it, and the few unlucky pilots that managed didn’t survive long enough to get it going.

It had a very intense emotional component to it, not that I was really on either side of that, it was curiously objective in that regard about the lives, but it felt like the ‘situation’ had some incredible importance, like the kind of situation that is some kind of “pivotal” event.

Telling my kid about it, I was reminded of the story of the Six-Day War. The way someone told it to me was (probably less accurate but more interesting than Wiki): the seriously outnumbered (as usual) Israelis who of course were fighting three enemies not one (because anything worth doing is worth overdoing), and their incredible pilots flew under the radar at dawn and totally wiped out the air force of the Egyptian army pretty much while the airmen were eating breakfast, bombing both the planes and the runway.  Over 300 planes of every kind were destroyed and about 100 pilots killed with super little loss to the Israelis. This and managing to surprise the enemy in a good half dozen other ways led to a very early end to that war. (I figure any end to a war is good… generally.)

Anyway it seemed like a similar situation in the dream, it was clearly a good sized organized air field, not civilian, but most the planes oddly did not look like our fighter jets — I used to work at Lockheed Martin so I am very familiar with that kind of thing and these looked — “less mean and more white-colored” is the best way I can put it. Anyway, whichever side had the airfield was seriously getting its ass kicked.

So recently, I only heard about Japan’s quake and tsunami (holy crap! Did you see the videos?!) because my buddy in Maui called me at 3am and told me a tsunami was heading his way. I heard a week or two ago (? my schedule is still ridiculous so time blurs together for me) that we were bombing Libya. Again, I recall our doing that previously. I have not read the news on anything except that one Japan incident, since mid Dec, and it turns out the world goes on without me.

Apparently it is busy going to hell in a handbasket and I am not paying attention. I don’t know if the war aspect has something to do with the dream. Could be biological for all I know.

But it did have that super powerful emotional impact that set it apart from ordinary dreams.


This morning I woke up from a dream that I’m mad at myself for not recording when I could. It had a unique feature to it. Only once before, I have dreamed of “the four” as people here in my world, with me the fourth of four, and my buddy J actually the third, and a man and woman I would never in a million years pick out of a crowd as senior and the queen.

In the dream there was some kind of bad situation going on where I was, and I and other people around me needed to get out of that situation. But there was no way out. You know, like there was just nowhere to go to be safe.

My friend who was playing the role of “3rd of 4” here, would show up and we would bundle ourselves and sometimes other things together, and he would do this weird thing, it had an overlay of sort of herculean effort on his part, it’s like he would pick up the entire ‘bundle of us’ (we in varying repeat situations in this dream included luggage, furniture, vehicles, and so on) and then he would do this thing above his head with the group of that like “spinning it around incredibly fast” around the sides and top — like someone twirling a fire baton, sort of — as if “fast enough” that at some target point, the whole of us became energy and “the probability we were trapped in passed through us.”

He had saved us. Like that was the only way we could get to another place. But after this happened many times, I could see that he was really wiped out exhausted from this and weakening from the strain, and I started trying to help him and join with him to do it. I woke up not long after that.


I am taking 2-3 hours off each evening to spend with the kid. I still work the day and the night and sleep too little, but at least 3-4 times a week (since last week) I’m sleeping a good 6-7 hours instead of 3. I’m going to a movie tonight with the kid (seeing Red Riding Hood, we are big Gary Oldman fans) though working the rest of the weekend around the clock. But it’s getting better. I have two young men who’ve been hired as contractors who are learning fast and a huge help to me. Allegedly I’m supposed to get one more… at some point. They are busy more than fulltime and can’t quite keep on top despite we are in a ‘lull’ right now and I’m not sharing various project work, which tells you how much work I was doing since I did everything they’re doing plus what I’m still doing. But I have slightly (just slightly) more time to focus on management level things and project things, administrative things — many of which I dearly needed to be doing and couldn’t. Still not ENOUGH time but I’m working-down the backlog. A few more hours for sleep and for the kid, that is awesome. I am working on reducing the amount of time I spend working, it’s just got to happen.

I haven’t had any draw to quality time using the energy to pull in the Largers in quite some time. Not sure why.

I actually kinda miss TKR and the dojo, and the RI project I was one day from finishing when this kicked in, and IG, I want to work with IG. I feel like I’m already in the air in motion of doing so but because I’m not paying attention to it I’m flying blind.