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My crown chakra once had an experiential-conversation with me and showed me some detail about its nature. Since that time I have had various insights. I’ve decided to write down what I feel is my greater understanding of it, now that it’s had more time to assimilate in me and be improved by further experience.


There is a ‘second’ chakra about a foot above the crown chakra. I don’t know what to call that.

(Once when The Four merged, and I moved outside and looked at us, we were that tree-of-life thing in 3D, with those two chakras a foot away from crown and feet matching the top and bottom spheres of the tree. All chakras were white orbs in that experience.)

The area ‘between’ the two top chakras (crown and the one above it) is like a spectrum with bandwidths, each bandwidth with its own nature. Both the chakras are related and in synthesis.

I call the area that just about touches the top of the head the ‘bottom’ of crown. I call the part that fountains out a foot above the ‘top’ of crown. I call the column of energy that goes down into the chest the stem.

  • Crown’s energy or ‘stem’ as I call it reaches down to just under the top of the heart chakra. The base chakra’s rising energy goes up to the heart. They meet in the middle. The 1st and 7th chakras feel a huge love/lust for each other, and meet at the 4th in the middle. It feels like a ‘mating’ of sorts, with the heart chakra directly involved also; I think given the nature of the heart you might say they become ‘married in christ’ — an experience with three inputs not two.
  • The top of the crown is “projecting” the energy of thoughts into manifestation. As if thoughts were snowflakes cut out of paper and the crown was a bright inner light and reality was the outer wall their patterns were all shining upon.
  • There was a big “boost of brightness” at mid-crown due to crown’s nature at that area. Like it was a cleansing.
  • It went about a foot upward, and then ‘fountained’ out into about 8-12 (no idea of exact count or if this varies) major ‘lines of power’ in a way, strong golden lines.
  • Just as the lines began coming downward and outward (vaguely egg shaped around us), they “diffused-out” into each other, so the energy from the lower head to the upper feet looked more like a thick golden glow with some thinner golden lines going ‘through’ it.
  • About 12 inches below the feet, the ‘diffusion’ of the energy cohesed back into those solid lines of power and they flipped under and were pulled up literally through the feet (from under them), and the energy was pulled all the way up ‘through’ the body. (Through every cell actually.)
  • There was a tiny open core in the center of me. The circular ‘fountaining outward’ at top, and being pulled back inward and up below the feet, made a cycle of motion that was a constantly-turning, inside-to-outside-via-the-top “torus.” You’d have to squish a human down to more wide than tall, and enlarge the ‘core in the center’, in order to “see” the donut/bagel shape of the torus I imagine, but still, the energy resulted in that shape.

(Note: there was no lateral/spiral motion that I could see. It was top-bottom inside-out twist of the torus. I don’t know if that varies.)

The cycle of energy had effects.

  • The ‘focus’ of the person imprinted into/through the energy at the just-at-crown point. Then that energy was ‘improved’ upon by the effects of the crown on its brightness, like there is a cleansing-cycle.
  • The energy cycles and we pull it up through us like a tree does water or sap. It’s like “our body experiences the effects of the thoughts” that were projected outward just before. Like every cell of the body has this energy go ‘through’ it like a river, and so our kneecap experiences the results of our focus/thoughts.
  • The energy was also affected by — like ‘colored’ — by the body itself, during its traveling through. So the kneecap experienced the ‘communication and interaction results of’ the energy of the right big toe for example. Every part of the body actually experienced every other part that came ‘before’ it on the upward path. And less directly but still, all the others also, albeit their energy had been affected by the ‘cycle’ by the time the kneecap energy might finally reach the toes.
  • The ‘brightening’ effect at the crown would gradually cause the energy with every cycle to get the slightest bit brighter, like a a really light ‘wash’ of color into the energy, not clearly noticeable until a number of cycles consecutively combined the effect.
  • It was clear the ‘default’ focus (of me) was often reducing luminosity some, and then the crown brightening the energy that went through right after that was ‘compensating’ somewhat. Whether it compensated “enough” that the result was equal luminosity to the last cycle, or slightly more bright, vs. slightly less, really just depended on the focus.

{Although the health of the chakra mattered too. But it was fairly clear (implied) that the health of the chakra, just like the health of the cells all that energy moves through, is affected by the focus and the effects of the overall energy. Definitely a matter of every mote of energy being part of the larger result, and the larger result in turn impacting the mote.)

There was some other stuff it showed me, and some of this took me a long time after the experience and some other experiences to absorb and understand.

  • Just above the bottom of crown there is a direct (‘wireless’) connection to something akin to knowledge plus something-else… that word is not correct, I don’t have a better one. It is more like information than energy as far as how we would translate it. Perhaps “the energy _signature_” of something.
  • When our ‘focus patterns’ imprint through the energy, and then it moves through this ‘connection’ bandwidth, those patterns ‘invoke into themselves’ what I would call “an energy signature which is ‘potential’ (in a physics sense), and which after it is run through the brightness of crown’s fountain, then blooms into manifested energy.” Like the cleansing cycle is a trigger to the bloom. If that manifested energy is dense/intense enough it may manifest in ‘physical reality.’
  • It feels like what energy-signature pulled in was done by “matching resonance.” (I wondered if this related to viewing. If we focus on the ‘intent’ do we ‘match resonance’ — is that our data stream?)
  • It was pulling something into energetic manifestation, from nothingness, right through my center. (Something from nothing = zero point energy in our words.)

(You could say that the energy of ‘you’ is constantly slightly-increasing at the crown point, as the focus-patterns ‘draw into them’ some ‘matching frequency.’ It created an ‘ever-expanding’ effect in the torus visually to me, although the overall shape of it did not seem to grow larger, which led to a sort of Escher-effect in my perception. I think that’s one reason it took awhile to grok this part.)

  • The crown being is used like an antenna (by animals as well as us). The signal sought is a sort of pure information. We do this naturally as part of understanding our experiential reality.
  • Our perception of outer-reality (usually) colors our ‘focus patterns’ at the crown point. Those patterns in turn ‘invoke/absorb matching energy’ from that zero-point I guess you could call it. And so we by default tend to focus on what we perceive, and that focus calls in (like sympathetic resonance) more of the same energy. This is added to our toroidal pattern, and fountains out, which in sufficient … intensity, becomes more physically manifest for us.

(It is clear why most of us get more of whatever we have. It’s a cycle. The chain has to be broken, and that has to happen at the ‘focus’ point. You have to focus on something-else that is not what you perceive in physical reality, in order to change it.)

  • The understanding of our experiential reality, by reference to pure-info, seems to happen in the 3rd and 4th chakras (gut/heart). When there is an understanding, we feel the “balanced equation” or a sense of closure.
  • The outside of the torus seems like “external reality we’re projecting energy out to.” The inside of the torus seems like the “internal source we’re pulling energy from”.
  • In our middle chakras we can feel when those match or balance. When they don’t, I feel it indicates an actual imbalance in the geometry of the torus’s dynamics. This is not a bad thing, this is merely experience, it is the very nature of having a ‘reality.’ The ‘drive for understanding’ is also a geometry equation, and I feel it may be causing the motion of the torus to twist or move (e.g. spirally or laterally) but I did not see this.

(Like if we had perfect understanding and balance/match between inner and outer, we would just sort of ‘exist’ spinning in a single place. It is the mismatch in our middle, between our perception of reality and the source of pure-info, that causes geometric change, that to us means “experience.”)

(I sort of conceptualize it as ‘akin to’ a whole bunch of spinning tops. The ones that just slightly lean or aren’t perfectly balanced will be moving (traveling). If they lean or unbalance too much they’ll be wobbling wildly and at some point their spin will collapse and they’ll fall.)

  • When we do _not_ feel a balance between the inner/outer energy experience, this is a result of an insufficiently open or occluded crown chakra. There is a fundamental degree of this in all of us, or we probably wouldn’t be in this reality. This results in a sense of “lack of understanding” in our middle.
  • We instinctively move the top of the crown to ‘tune the antenna to a different place,’ like tuning rabbit ears on a TV for better reception. Even for major things. That is why when any animal life form is trying to understand something, it often tilts its head. It is aiming the top of the antenna in a different direction, looking for the signal that gives it the center-chakras feeling of match=understanding=closure.
  • The bottom part of the crown (the actual ‘crown’ chakra, not the one above it or the space between them), reminded me of a head of garlic with tons of bulbs and a very long ‘stem.’ I didn’t have words for it initially. I didn’t even notice this coincidence of shapes until a couple days ago which is the first time I’ve really looked at the card except in passing, but if you flip it upside down, it actually looks a whole lot like the shape the ‘prince of cups’ is holding in his hand in the thoth tarot. I don’t know if that’s related or not. For all I know it’s supposed to be a lotus flower or something in his hand as those are all over in that deck.
  • The ‘stem’ that goes from the crown down to the upper part of the heart chakra maintains its geometry. When we are “tuning” the top of crown antenna by tilting our head to the left side, the bottom of the ‘stem’ that is in the heart area moves to the right: it holds its form, a straight column, between its bottom and top.
  • The heart area relates to our “understanding.” When we are tuning with the top/antenna to find a signal, the heart area is like the box receiving that signal, and we ‘feel’ the result the way we’d see the clear or fuzzy picture on the screen. So when the picture feels clear, we feel we have found that proper signal; we have a balanced equation, a subtle internal sense of closure.

There are some things I’ve come to suspect, though they were not shown me at the time.

  • There is a lack of integrity which is specific to lying to oneself about oneself — our language lacks words for most of this. I feel this is added to by genuine physiological issues created through experience (energy blocks caused by trauma moments, un-vented emotional biochemical, etc.). I feel this creates a degree of occlusion (sometimes blocks but generally, a growing degree of opacity) in the crown chakra which, in turn, causes the individual to be less able to make that ‘connection in the middle’ that amounts to ‘truth,’ although here I’m talking about a fundamental thing, not an ‘accuracy’ thing in our surface world.This can develop until the individual has lost most sense of Truth (with a capital T), and it becomes evident in the personality. They may show side-effects of this, such as an increased obsession with accuracy to the point of technical pedanticism, because accuracy is the only rough translation we have for Truth and on some level they do not consciously recognize, they are trying to find that connection again.

    The effects are substantial on the heart chakra and to a lesser degree solar plexus, as they are the critical central part of the ‘connection of inner to outer’ in a person. ¬†Other side-effects may be an increased degree of emotional focus (e.g. ‘drama queen’ behavior, which can also become a spiritual-ADD where nothing in their life gets any serious focus for a decent length of time, but they jump between focus-dramas, constantly distracted). I see these things as a “self-medicating” response to a spiritual and even maybe cellular effect you might call pain.

That’s all that comes to mind for now, although I feel I’ve forgotten something.