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I’ve spent many days working on the new “focus path” of the next decade or so, and this was my last day as I was just finishing up the first draft to begin with. This is structured based on the Tree of Life, and its Paths, but also… everything else I want to do. Some correspondences are ‘official’ (tarot, astrology), while others I have simply glommed on as I chose to the “lines of focus” or “focus groups” — some because they seemed to fit well, some simply because I was adding them to the overall list, had no idea what might match, decided it doesn’t really matter. I will figure it out over time if it does.

Nedlund has been woven with me for a few days now but I haven’t done any meditation, not even my normal daily rounds.

I decided against starting at one end or the other, asking my inner world for insight as to where. But nothing struck me as interesting. I felt a bit drawn to Jupiter’s symbol for some reason but ignored that.

I do not believe the tree, or paths, have a beginning or end. I believe it’s like the tarot, you could start anywhere. They do have a sequence of sorts though, albeit in any direction. Which I will probably ignore sometimes, but “usually” keep to. But it seemed like maybe the heart chakra level would be a good starting place. I mean intellectually, that seems good.

I remembered Nedlund was with me. Oh! Well then I should just start wherever HE is, right?! Let’s do that! Let’s look him up and see. Nedlund’s focus line is associated with “The Devil” card. hahaha. Oh boy. I decided I should not be prejudiced, and these cards (like that and Death) don’t mean quite what people assume of course, and fine then, I would start there.

But I abruptly fell asleep. Middle of day, was looking at my computer. For seconds? Minutes? No idea.

All I know is that I made that decision, and next thing I know I am waking up, and inside me are all these different people (the Aeons) and they are ALL saying their version of “Go to the Well!” “Would you go to the Well?” “You need to go to the Well!” “Pleeeeeease GO TO THE WELL!”

I’m confused, waking up realizing a whole bunch of people inside my head are all yelling at me different versions of the same thing at the same time, and then I’m like: “What the heck? Go to the well? What does THAT mean?!”

I had no idea. Because I’m dense! My guides must need anxiety meds thanks to me. I shrugged and let it go. Crazy dreams, man.

Moving on: I was going to meditate but I suddenly realized I had totally forgotten an entire category of stuff that I’d wanted to meditate on: chemical formulas. I wanted to add at least half a dozen, probably more like a dozen, to the overall list. So I skip diving into anything yet, and instead go to a search engine to begin finding some that I’d had in mind. I end up as lost in pages about formulas as I previously was pages about polygons (for shapes) and such. I get the info I need, and I return to my spreadsheet to put things in.

I figure, maybe I should add a descriptive column. I leave the spreadsheet focus area, which is all tiny squares because I have “icon-ized” the list to make it succinct, and go waaaaay over to the right where I have text columns with longer names or descriptions that I haven’t looked at in days because I’ve been working on icons (took forever to find them all, and fonts, and so on). I start to make a column, but suddenly I see:

Hexagram 48 (The Well)

And I realize — I had TOTALLY forgotten, maybe because I did this several days ago — that one of my i Ching entries is actually called “The Well!”

Wow! OK obviously the Aeons want me to start THERE. OK then!

I look it up on the icon chart and it turns out, it’s the focus line that has Jupiter. So maybe that attraction to it was legit and I should not have ignored it. It is Chesed, the 4th Sefirot. Here is the group of focus on that line for me: (edited as that grew as I created the big round graphic version for this focus group):

Focus Group 13

Focus Group 13, spreadsheet version – links to larger readable version

So (in whatever order I feel like when doing it) that includes the Sefirot itself and lots of other things, and when it’s complete, that focus group as a singular collective identity of its own.

But Law and I watched an old video and I was so tired I just went to sleep.

Woke up at 4:00am wide awake though, and thought, wow how odd that I woke up precisely at this minute, and feel so calm yet awake. Meditate, says the Aeonic inside me, so I agree, ok then, I will.

Got up for restroom, sat back in bed. Had not done a single round with the Aeons since Nedlund was with me, so took some time to do a simple version of that first. Cleansing; then slow breathing in and out for each; call the Four in, the guides. Show up in Mark’s room, Sun at my left and 3rd at my right, as usual, but now Nedlund is there ‘present’ in me.

Will make that its own post, to get all this messy intro on how I decided “where to begin” out of the way. Ref:  QBL Meds F13: iChing 48 (The Well).