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I don’t really know if my session with IG the other day has had some specific effect on me. But there are a few significant differences I’m perceiving that make me think that somehow, all her gold-light ‘writing into me’ is having some side effects.

Not the least of which was 24 hours of the oddest all-over neck ache I think I’ve ever had, from my head to my upper back, in every direction, so it’s not just like when you sleep on something wrong. That’s usually just the neck and usually more more in one direction/side than another. I wouldn’t consider it related to her except for the timing, and the odd feel of it, and except that she spent the majority of her time on my head and neck.

When I sat down to meditate this evening I was intending to do the 9 of Disks. I don’t think Bo and I even got near it frankly so it’s still on the to-do list. But the minute I got comfortable, I felt there were more important things. I had no idea what, but I felt if I just started writing they would pour out.

I got my notebook and pen and asked what those things were and they arrived fairly intuitively.

There were five meditations to do before continuing the standards:

  1. There are ‘energies’ I am not allowing myself to consciously recognize and address. I want to work on what IG considers my most powerful and/or problematic points of denial.
  2. There are ‘relationships’ with energies/entities which impact my evolution.  I want to work on whatever IG feels will further my most-effective, most-divine relationships of greatest current effect.
  3. There are ‘understandings’ which when I finally hold them, will be powerful and helpful to me. I want to work on whatever energy(s) will best contribute to bringing about those which IG feels are most important.
  4. There are skills, arts and styles for active meditation which are most effective both for my intent, and for my understanding and improvement. I want to work on whatever IG thinks is best for developing and improving these.
  5. My ‘requests’ for meditation topics help define my ‘path of learning’. I want to work with whatever energies IG thinks will best “enlighten” these decisions and requests I make, for the most ideal path and results.

It kind of seems like a list IG wrote not me, don’tcha think!

I’ve only done one so far… next post.