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I was thinking about how the outer planets were unknown to humans, and then came a time when we ‘hypothesized’ about them (mathematically) and then finally ‘saw’ them. These get incorporated into astrology as they arrive.

Sometimes, certain qualities previously assigned to an in-system planet seem to get ‘transferred’, such as from Mars to Pluto. There was this comment about Uranus:

Uranus stands for the force which seeks to break down the status quo and the old structures which Saturn seeks to preserve. Uranus is an innovator – the carrier of new ideals for the benefit of the collective, the greater good. Uranian ideals are utopian, to the extent that they concern openness and honesty, democracy and equality, and the possibility of humanity raising itself toward perfection.

It made me think: Maybe cosmology has its own form of saints and saviors. Of “energies which embody” in order that they might “create a new geometry with” all the embodied-energies currently in place.


Last night I was going to meditate but sudden profound tiredness hit me so suddenly just as I was thinking about it that I fell asleep in a terrible position with the light on. Happened this evening too, briefly. I have not meditated for a few days. Nero suggested I take one night off and it’s just multiplied. I remember the last part of this dream I was having earlier though when I woke up.

I was with a woman who was tall and had long dark hair (the Queen). I was telling her, “I am just so weary, so sleepy, so exhausted.” She said something like, “So that is why you’re not getting your work done.” I thought she meant my job work, and I was confused, but as I turned, first I saw that she was standing on a ladder, which put her above me, and she was mostly facing away, and then I saw my “work” on this table like a speaker’s podium.

I went over to it and saw that it was these oversized cards, like maybe 8″ high by 5″ wide. For a moment, I thought that they were really large tarot cards, but then one of them moved. Not the card, but the picture on it. I picked it up and looked at it. The card was not remarkable on the back or the edge, maybe white. But in the middle in a rectangle center it was like 3-D, like you could see into it, and it was very colorful; it had several colors, although just ‘some’, not like all colors or one spectrum of shades, but like maybe 4-6 major but different colors. It was a fractal of some kind, the math-based geometry. Complex looking. But it was moving, with an overlay that it is “ever in motion”. (I am reminded of the River of Sky (dragon) as I call him.)  As if the motion were as much a part of it as the colors or the geometry or the math which formed it. I moved that card, and I saw that the one below it had a completely different fractal and colors. I saw just a flash or edge of a few more and saw that each was unique in this regard. Then I woke up.

I felt it was the 2nd suggesting that I need to keep on with the tarot meditations.

I also felt it was clearly exampling something I already kinda grokked but this was a nice concept model for it: that the tarot are a combination of energies which amount to a conglomerate piece of the universe. An arbitrary collection of consciousness assigned a title, a name. It made me wonder if the 4 suits might be like, “the family of” each of the 4, with the Trumps being the 5/6/7 higher combined identities or maybe something else not clear. Maybe not. It’s easy to go overboard with simple numbers.


I’ve finished reading the three parts of psychological astrology stuff I found.  It was quite useful to me as I know so little about astrology. It’s a web intro section, and then two small books, so it’s a lot of reading. (Intro sections and then both Mapping the Psyche sections, use the left nav to go through the pages.) I actually read part II of the book, then part I of the book, then the Intro area, as I was looking for info on “Aspects” when I first got there on a search.

It made me realize something when I was done.

First: I do not for a moment believe that the motion of the stars “cause” anything whatever in humans or on earth.  This is quite literally what is “said” on astrology pages I found all over the internet, so if this is the definition of astrology, then I do not ‘believe in it’.

Second: I certainly do feel that there is a “synchronous match” between the details that ‘astrology concludes'[1]. I think that you can evaluate ‘probable’ conditions in either system (human or cosmos) based on the other. And, I feel this study is invaluable for psychological purposes.

[1] Done well, which is a gigantic consideration (the flaws of the practitioners are often blurred with the validity of the art, like psi skills face).

But I do not think, for example, that “Mars in Virgo is causing some effect on humans.” Actually — just a mini edu-point:

The constellations are not the ‘signs’ any longer. 2000 years ago the signs were based on that, but the whole thing has ‘shifted’ a great deal, and now they are separate things, literally and figuratively. The constellation Virgo is not the sign Virgo. In fact when you say that Mars is in Virgo, it’s actually in Leo, astronomically. More than that, it’s not really “in” Leo either, it’s merely “visible when we look in the direction of Leo”.  The constellations are all over the place in terms of ‘distance’, and the planets are super close to us comparatively; it means the variety of stars that make up the pattern that a certain major Western segment of peoples called ‘Leo’, are visible behind/around Mars for a time.

What I DO think is this:

There is some ‘causative dynamic’ which we do not know or understand; let’s call it DX for “dynamic {variable}”. DX has something to do with the “holographic pattern energy falls into” which is present throughout the universe, probably just as real for dogs and humans and trees and planets, it’s simply that we have only bothered to look for — and use our analogies and personalization skills for — how the patterns play out with humans, and a few other things (cities, events, etc.).

The concept reminds me of Cymatics and how sounds cause “patterns in the [form].” It’s as if there is an equation, or fractal pattern, that ‘everything’ is based on , and that pattern actually has a ‘cycle’ of its own.

In other words, I think the fact that Mars is in Virgo is a concomitant of the related human patterns we see — not the causation. Something else is at work, and both the cosmos pattern and the human pattern are secondary effects of something more primary.

In fact I think what Jung called synchronicity — quick google defines this as “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events” (acausal being that no known linear causation can be seen to connect them) — is a good word for this. That does not make it less accurate, less interesting or insightful. It just means that it is more a “parallel observance of the solar system” than an assumption that it’s doing something that is “affecting you.”

Since I believe psi is one of the primary, fundamental dynamics upon which our experience of ‘reality’ actually functions, it means I will also believe that the more you focus on something like astrology and mapping it to your perception, the more true, literally, it may become for you.

This reminds me of the anomalous cognition studies and LST. They took a ton of studies on various approaches to psychic work, from many countries and times, and then ran all the results and date/time/locations against every variable they could think of. Guess what. At around 13:30 Local Sidereal Time (that is time that matches our place compared to the center of the galaxy, as opposed to time that matches our place compared to our orbit around the sun — it is about 4 minutes less than our solar day and moves the opposite direction — google for more info), the psi effect-size results were over 400% higher.

At about 18:00 LST, it was like a dead zone — it fell to about chance.  So they got another big data set and ran that on the new set — same results. They combined them and the net result was as strong or stronger, with more ‘power’ due to the larger sample size.

Now, no scientist believes that these results ‘average out higher’ because Virgo is overhead the psychic during testing (that means the center of the Galaxy is basically in a direct line over the individual — now that might have something to do with it, but god only knows). In fact the guys in that lab for this (dominantly James Spottiswoode and Edwin May and Nevin Lantz — the paper is Spottiswoode’s dominantly), and their oversight committee, would probably rather fling themselves from a high ledge than seriously consider astrology related to this finding.

I think it’s pretty much accepted that whatever is going on, in terms of the psi effect, that it is probably a secondary effect of something else. Nobody knows what.


Today I was working, and talking to myself. I work on the computer, so I talk to myself and my computer constantly. I entered a title for a product I was delivering digitally, and I got an error because I had a dash in the title, and no special characters are allowed. In taking it out, I realized that I had misspelled a word in the title. That would be embarrassing and make me look bad. So I muttered at the screen, “Thank you for getting it wrong, so that I was able to see that, and fix it.” And then I stopped, and realized what I’d just said.

This sums of the entirety of human experience, doesn’t it. Of every challenge and problem and so forth. Thank you for getting it wrong, so that I was able to see that, and fix it.