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I was modifying my viewing charts. Reference pages, since I use a lot of archetype, aspect, Aeonic, guides etc. during the process, including a lot of more obscure things that I can’t remember off the top of my head, especially if I’m in some altered state. I had this whole group of interrelated realizations. This is one of those things where I guess nothing is truly new, but my level of absorbing it suddenly increased.

The tarot Trumps, as was once explained to me internally by one of the Aces, are combinations of the energies of their suit, but not merely the power combinations of the royalties (which are similar but suit-limited), but creative combinations that become “more than the sum of their parts.”

A given tarot Trump, let’s say ‘The Magus’ to take one at random, is not merely a singular thing. Or to be more precise, the singular thing which it IS, is so incredibly vast and creative, that ‘within’ its identity, it has infinite ‘variants on its theme.’

I once asked for a guide in a meditation and got the number 8. Only time that’s ever happened so far.  The guide told me that he was “8-becoming-9.” Like that was his identity. Like 8 was his family or surname and 8-becoming-9 was the equivalent of ‘Palyne’ — his personal name. Or wait — internally I am being corrected — ok, I had that wrong, it’s more like 8 is his country, like being a German or Australian, and 8-becoming-9 is like his family name or surname, but he is his own individual within that.

I realized during that meditation (to quote Liber al vel Legis), “Every number is infinite.” That ‘within’ the number ‘8’ is… infinity.

I was listing a few minerals and gems in a spreadsheet, as I wanted to add them to my aspect/archetype list. I was thinking about an old experience where I was talking with a mineral who was a big part of some gems, one in particular he was talking to me about.

Suddenly I was reminded: tarot is a map of the Universe. Yes I knew that already, so? But then I abruptly understood differently, in some way: everything is a map of the universe.

There is one pattern! We replicate it infinitely. ONLY ONE.

I guess I have thought that before — holographic, right? — somehow I am getting it more… acutely or more deeply now.

Minerals are akin to individual tarot identities. Gemstones are the Trumps.  They are ‘more than the sum of their parts’ and infinitely varied, though they have groupings.

And just like in tarot, how each card has a sign, a planet, even color, associations (or ‘correspondences’ perhaps I should say) — in gemstones, the fundamental shapes of the universe are also part of their nature. (And color. And numbers.) The crystalline structure, and the way it grows — numbers and colors and shapes.

When quartz is Amethyst vs. Carnelian vs. Citrine, it’s like ‘Quartz’ is an Aeon. A gemstone is like, ‘Carnelian of Quartz’  (vs “I am ‘8 becoming 9’ of 8”).

I already did understand that elements are Aeons of the Universe in their own spectrum. But I did not grok this about gems (and rock).

As I was wrapping up and thinking bemusedly, “Hmmn, interesting I guess,” it was like a ‘last word’ came through with the idea:

It’s the same for plants; they are like rocks; flowers; they are like gemstones. They are the Trumps of the botanical world.

That stopped me suddenly, thinking: Wait. You’re saying that botany is, as an entire life-form-type, like tarot, like numbers — combining and composed of the energies of the universe? The whole spectrum, so some larger-group of them are also Aeons?

I didn’t get a response to that. As I figured, oh well, the insight is over, and I was starting to move on, I got a sort of ‘understanding’ that translated to words, though:

The pattern is infinite.

It slowly ‘dawned’ on me what that meant. It’s not merely that the universe has a pattern. Sure. It’s not merely that we are drawn to replicate that pattern in the tarot. Sure.

It’s that… it’s just one pattern. Anywhere. Everywhere!

It’s a huge pattern, so there is infinite creativity to it, which distracts us from realizing that everything is based on the same pattern. It’s like a mandelbrot fractal, growing eternally.

(This reminds me of how viewing made me realize that the world, which I thought was so variable before, was composed of a rather finite set of “forms and dynamics.” With infinite variation.)

(I think I was put off by the botany idea, since I just kind of dropped that out of my head entirely until writing this.)

I have always been drawn to stone. That includes everything from rocks to gemstones, but even to a degree brick. (I don’t know why but I long thought I would probably marry a man who worked with stone somehow.) I know zero about stone and gems, except that some are pretty, and I like the way some ‘feel.’ (I once bought and carried around in my pocket and held in my fist while I slept, for a couple years!, a rock of hematite).

I think I get it now. I never connected the dots, internally. I didn’t realize that “the pattern of the tarot” was present in my reality, not just in the solar system. And it is so, precisely because it IS the pattern of the Universe — and that pattern is only one pattern, which is infinitely, creatively exploring being and observing itself.