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I told IG I wanted to focus on work. On being more enthusiastic, more dedicated, more responsible, and so on. Lately I’ve been having some passive/aggressive sneaking into me and that really bothers me. Work is important to me and I want to do well at it. So while I was at it I told her, I think I would really like this to be powerful in effect, and I think I could, you know, take on more than normal in some fashion, like I’m willing to “try harder” if needed for seeing it or healing it or whatever.

Then I called Sun, and each of the planets in turn including Earth (that I had no merge with whatever, as if we were already full-up it felt), and then the Angelics, and then Responsibility, who turned on his sexy+ persona and made me drool and asked me to come “want” him with real passion again soon and I agreed. Then I imagined them all standing in a group behind me together and for some reason, the minute I “accepted them as together and within me” I got massive body-rushing for a good 30 seconds while I hyperventilated. It reminds me of one time when I did something similar, in that case I invited literally everyone I could think of and whole categories of entities in the universe, and that time, the rushing was un-freaking-believable and hitting me in ‘waves’ for a long time. (I fell asleep that time barely into the med! Sheesh!)

IG used a couple fingers to paint my whole eye areas with something, the lids to brows and below them, that was odd. She did a few stripes on each of my upper arms. I had my eyes closed and then I felt her, with her whole hand covered with this sparkly paint like stuff, throw out her palm and softly hit me in the chest, pressing right against my heart chakra, and I “found myself abruptly” in another world.

–and the instant I opened my eyes, big monsters were nearly on top of me around me snarling in mid-leap and in insta-panic reaction I flashed into Responsibility (‘the ultimate warrior’) and did a sky-high leap up into the top of a tree nearby, registering as I did that I was in the middle of a forest, and landing with a big heavy gun in my hands.

No no no! I felt many ideas from many seemingly separate sources at once — Don’t shoot the archetypes!!! Which then seemed kind of hilarious. Just a triggered reaction, I guess!

I looked down at them. There was one huge one, one slightly smaller one, and then one that was about the size of a person and one that was small, like half that size. They were all brownish and “monsters” without a great deal of visual detail. I was suddenly distracted though, because from my high tree, I could see over a big part of the landscape, and quite some distance away, in a small clearing — I saw a creature I know! I couldn’t see it well at that distance but the way it walked gave its nature away. I was shocked to see it again.

I met this creature in 1994 I think it was. It was very, very weird. Its legs were the most recognizeable part from a distance, it looked in that area like some creature I cannot remember from the later levels of one of the early DOOM video games. It’s some mythical creature, with impossibly huge “haunches”, huge long legs that bend in this funky way so about 75% of the height of it is actually legs. I think there’s an extra joint in the legs, so they bend from the hip and come up high like almost near the shoulders, and then there’s a knee-like section and it turns and goes down and out front for a few feet, and then another knee-like section and it turns and goes down and back, toward the ground where some kind of foot is. But the legs of the mythical creature weren’t the most memorable part up close. That was the face and eyes.

But it’s a shamanic creature, I said to myself in confusion. Why would it be in this archetype meditation? I wanted to go see it, in fact, more than I wanted to deal with the archetypes. I couldn’t come down from the tree without dealing with them. And I had this odd sense of concern that they might be dangerous to the critter. So thinking, I imagined a big noisy rock-bell combo and I threw it way far away in the forest, to make noise when it hit another tree, to distract the monsters. They all ran after it and soon as they were gone I flew over to where the creature was.

I stood near it, I’m shorter than it is, and looked at it close up. Yep, this was the same creature, or same kind anyway.

It has the head of a human. Which was way too small for the body frankly. And it has the face much like some rare men I’ve known, it’s difficult to describe, a certain look that is kind of narrow-pointed-faced and the part of the face with the nose is real high and noticeable as if that area all comes forward a little. I have met a few jewish men who look like this. In this creature, the skin is fine-striped in grey, grey and white, all over. And the eyes … are way too sentient in a wild, foreign way.

I called my mate/twin to be ‘with’ me. He is related to you somehow, I said, remembering. I had seen the creature in an area just before, in that same area, I had seen my mate, and his mate in his real-world. I spent a few minutes talking to the creature, just saying nice things to it.

It’s so cool, I said to my mate. HE is so cool, he said in response. Not IT. That seemed a little pedantic to me, but I “felt” through us that he was responding more to a feeling I had, that I was sort of ‘dismissing’ it as a ‘thing’ in a way. I apologized and talked to them for a bit more and then decided I needed to get back to the meditation.

I flew back to where I’d come in, surrounded myself some feet away with a protective force field, and whistled for the monsters, who promptly came running to get me, ran into the shield and then paced around it.

I told them thank you and a little more along those lines. Then while they were outside being all snarly I did the rain of love and I talked to them through that, and the light, and the chem, and I kept talking to them, imagining feeling good energy coming from all my chakras and being carried through my words as well. They all started changing while this was happening and while still monster-ish, they were all smaller and neater by the time that was done. I let the biggest one inside the forcefield and worked with him awhile until it was done. I did that with all of them. There’s a lot of detail I’m leaving out because I’m boring myself at this point and I’m in a hurry to go shopping, but one thing was interesting:

In one of them I had it on a medical table and there was a lot to ‘deal with’ but I wasn’t clear on detail. And I had a “dreamling” — I haven’t had one of those in awhile! — a full-blown spontaneous dreamworld I was abruptly in the middle of — and I recognized what it was, and I was able to say, “Stop–pause–hold still!” and ‘hold that in place’ while I turned my attention back to where I was in the meditation, and created a thought-anchor for myself, a clear ‘memory-moment’ of where I was, what I was doing, what I was seeing — and then I marked it “hold still” in a sense, and then I flipped back (like flipping windows on your computer with alt+tab) and I was back in the middle of the dreamworld, which was like most dreamlings surprisingly vivid.

In the physics-bubble of that probability, I was up close to something I hadn’t seen before but I sensed was a space station of some kind, an artificial satellite. I was too close and had to back off a little. All around me though, there was STUFF. Big ol’ hunks of crap all over the place. It looked like a lot of scrap metal, rocks, all kinds of stuff. I could “feel” that this was like “space junk” and it wasn’t supposed to be there, and that it was causing a problem for the people who were in the station trying to use their instruments and such.

I put my hands toward a big floaty ‘thing’ of metal nearby and imagined dissolving it into its component energy abruptly. I felt a little rush as it disappeared. Then I imagined doing that for another thing a distance away, and same thing, I got a little rush as I dissolved it, which tells me it’s a good thing. I did a couple more and then thought, oh brother. This is going to take all day!

So I called in the Four to be with me, “accepted I had the power” (this is Senior’s influence), and then we just put a ‘safety’ around any object in that galaxy that was ‘righteous’, and everything else, we blasted into the oblivion of its component energy. Rush-rush-rush, very cool! And when that was done I saw that there were several of these station-things. I “understood” they hadn’t been able to talk together because of all the junk in the way. Now their communications were totally unimpeded.

I gathered up my energy and poured a lot into all of them, to go to their core of time, concept and build, and then send the energy forward, so they would be “the ideal” of their potential. When that was done, they were all a bit larger and seemed more advanced. I felt that the dreamling was ‘done’ and as I thought that, the whole world of it collapsed like a bubble into nothingness and I found myself with my anchor, which worked brilliantly, I was instantly back on track without any confusion or wandering.

The dreamlings and “managing” them often make me feel like I have challenged my brain to do more things at once than it normally does, somehow.

Anyway, here’s hoping the results of the meditation are powerful and prompt, for my sake.

Oh! I forgot! Edited to add: I asked IG:

Me: “How did that creature get here?!”

IG: He lives here.

Me: You mean this ‘place’ is like a level, layer, frequency, world, whatever?

IG: Yes.

Me: Weren’t the monsters dangerous to him? Did they exist even without me here?

IG: Their energies did, but he has been able to {something like ‘survive’}.

Anyway so now I’m thinking, hmmn, I’m not sure why she “sent me somewhere” as opposed to standing under the tree like normal, but she does tend to be more creative than prior IGs in this regard. But it made me wonder, if some of my ‘issues’ are quite literally mucking up the worlds at the layers that energy inhabits. Er, if this makes sense to anybody but me.