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I wasn’t sure how to explain it to IG. Even though I know she knows-all, already.

Me: I really want my freakin bathtub fixed. And my water duct work redone. And new carpet. And a vehicle! And an attic fan. I’m sure there’s more but these things are more than just minor now. Some of this stuff, like my bathtub and vehicle issues, are really messing up my life. It makes me feel poor, and kind of victimized by reality or something. I want these things to resolve. I recognize that everything is equally real — my mind, my body, my outer reality. And so, these things actually have meaning, and correlates — in my mind and body. I want this to improve. I’m willing to work on this regularly (I hope), to that end. And of course you’re always welcome to blend in anything you think is critical for me, regardless of topic.

IG nodded and I closed my eyes, and felt the arch behind me. I took my time about turning around.

It was about 10 foot high. It wasn’t human but it wasn’t a statue but it wasn’t architecture or machine. If a statue could be OI (“organic intelligence”) but also have some human organs, it was that. The only thing human about it was a general vertical shape and that near the chest level, was what looked like a heart, except on the outside, with the tubes cut off and sticking out; kinda yucky. The rest of it seemed a fairly solid thing. I didn’t get a sense of color.

I welcomed it, and thanked it for working with me, as I brought in the water-of-love and drenched it for awhile. Nothing happened until I imagined sending love from my heart out to it and then it began shrinking some. I stepped up close to it then and said, I will join you in these things. And then I imagined the light-of-love beating down on us, and not only did many of its areas get very hard, dry and crusty, but some parts of me did too, like this big section that felt like the back right of my head, and some other thinner areas. Then I imagined the wind-of-love super hard blowing against us, and it tore off all his dried places, and it tore off mine too, the part at the back of the head and the rest. Then I imagined the chemical-of-love drenching us like medium-viscosity gel and cleansing completely every part of us reachable from the outside and then draining into a drain at our feet, and we were as clean as we were gonna get. It was as tall as me now, and I could perceive it a little better, but otherwise it was about the same.

What can I do for you? I asked it. It didn’t “talk” but I did understand its responses.

Arch: I am damaged inside.

Me: Would you like me to work on healing you, like on a medical table, would that work?

Arch: That would be good.

So I made a table and laid it on it and then said, Now I need vision to scan the inside of you. And I looked within it and saw that it seemed stuffed with mostly pieces of metal, of different shapes and sizes. I put my hands over it and relaxed, and made its body vibrate at a frequency that would let me reach into it without harm. Then I reached in and pulled out some of the metal pieces, and made a table on the other side of it in front that I tossed it on. But it was shortly clear there was far too many to deal with this way. So instead I held my hands just to the sides, and I force-imagined that energy was pulling out all the metal pieces and moving them to the other table, where they were held in a stasis field. I slowly went across its ‘body’ at what would be shoulders up on a person, and did this all the way across. But I could feel it wasn’t enough. There was like, fragments, shards and little tiny pieces that were left all inside it. So I did another slow scan, from my side to the other side, ‘pushing’ with energy everything that was foreign out of it, all the little pieces, while putting good bright energy inside it which did this, like a flush. I felt my own body rushing like a merge while I did this, and I continued until I was at the other side of its figure and that part seemed clean. Then I put out a hand and made sure the pieces on the table were safely in that stasis field. Then I poured positive energy into it until it was ‘full up’ in that area.

Then I moved down to the area with the weird heart and valves.

Me: What does this mean? Wearing one’s heart on the sleeve… outside? I’m not sure.

Arch: The inside is so cluttered there is not room for the heart.

Me: Ahhhh. That seems kind of symbolic, about psychological stuff, I guess. OK, let’s work on this.

And I did to that area all that I did to the above, including the body-rushing feel on the last pass. Then I focused on the heart and I drenched it with some energy that would cause the sense of slightly-hardened-from-exposure outer skin that had developed all over it, to slough off as new material grew, and moved that to the table too. And then I inverted it back to the inside of it now that it had room, and sent warm wet energy of my own heart to help it.

Then I did this through two more regions, to cover to the bottom of its figure, the same process, and stood it up again.

It still looked like it had, albeit no organ on the outside. Usually things change more when I work with them, but I shrugged. It felt like it had gone ok. I asked it for some part of it I could wear in me to absorb more of its energy, and it gave me what felt like a ‘slice’ of its energy from my head to feet and set it inside me.  I asked what I could give it of me and it indicated my heart. So I took some more specific heart-energy and put it inside its own heart. Then I hugged it and tried to merge. There was a tiny bit of merge but not much. I’d had enough of that during the healing though to think it was ok. So I bowed a little and we agree we were finished and it vanished.

Then I went to the table of ‘stuff’ and imagined that me and it were one and purple lightning was flashing through and releasing and dissolving everything and I said, “I RELEASE YOU.” and got a nice rush during that.

I asked IG if that was ok and she seemed to think so. I said I would come back again and got the ‘reminder’ that ‘consistency’ is the most important thing.