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So I finally did the first ‘Ring of Identity’ meditation, from the idea Mark gave me in a ROTE, tonight.

I decided the ring would be 12 sectors, my Aeons. I began with Taan, who is first in my aeon circle, and first house, which is the rising sign.

I spent some time going through the long list of invitees to this major undertaking. This included the Aeon of Aeons of each of the Tarot suits, the Numbers 1-9 and 0, the solar system planets, and a variety of guides and parts of self I don’t normally call into meds.

Then I did the process as suggested: had Nexus take me to a compilation of energy that is ‘that sector of me’ (and my identity). Had J’Rend and friend-tuning-fork help me ring that fork so it powerfully vibrated and sang with the ‘christ’ tone, called that to me as well. Asked Alayaowaeiiya for help in feeling it in the ‘sword’ (of power & light) he put inside me (in the ‘Heart’s Lake’ meditation) and bring that into harmony as well.

I spent awhile just working on getting that groove, feeling the whole environment shift to resonate ‘with’ that energy, and me internally. I had a lot of various rushing and fuzzing and a couple big energy yawns during this.

And then… I was done. I drank some water and decided to do another meditation, this one on something constructive for my life and especially work.