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Morning. Six minutes on the vibe plate. A few full bodyweight squats. Some water. Brief rounds with the Aeons, the Chakras, the Four. Protein drink with the Guides. Got the idea I should do the next ‘ring of identity’ sector meditation, L’Anna is next because she is 6th house which is most correlated with job and related things.

I struggled with not wanting to do it, finally realizing that after all that if I did not, that would itself be a statement of intent. So I put some brainsync in earbuds and began. Had no idea what to expect, these are technically archmeds but not the normal process.

We were in a whole world. Daytime and beautiful. I was walking along a beach, which had some short few feet high cliffs of hard sand just past the high tide mark. I sat on one of them and looked around. Really lovely.

Me: Is that a huge lake, or the ocean?

Answer: It is the sea.

I suspected it was L’Anna answering me but I didn’t really have a sense of ‘her’ with it, like I usually have in conversations with Nero and other Aeons.

Me: Is this the… part of me that is L’Anna? That energy?

Answer: Yes.

She and I stared around us for some time. I thought about it being a ‘world’ which it obviously was.

Me: How does this differ, I mean aside from the obvious, from my own world?

There was no answer but I understood: this energy was inherently within my own world. Like me and the Aeons, we are all one. What we ‘see’ is a perspective. The perspective… is the world. Like it’s all one ball of energy, but it’s a kaleidoscope, and each turn of the wheel is a different perspective. And the world is different in each one. But it’s actually all the same energy. It’s just the arrangement of the energy is different.

I did a focus where I forced awareness in us of her world = my world. Then when I opened my eyes, it was my world, and when my eyes were closed, we were in her world. Neat effect!

Lacking any clue of a better way to go about it, I recalled that in one meditation the only way I could change something was by becoming it and then changing myself. (“There is no spoon!” — I guess.) So L’Anna and I focused on ‘becoming’ all that energy, feeling it inside us.

And then we asked God, Divine Light, and Mark, to help us modify the frequency of our self that we would be in alignment with divine will.

This ended up being slightly like a reality med where we would sense an area that was different, like slower and slightly darker, and we would go to it, and bring that section (which was very 3D like a sphere but usually very irregular in shape) of energy into that alignment. We did this for awhile, lots of places, until I realized we’d never have time to do them all, so we focused on the ‘whole’ world and did it for that.

It felt like we were about as done as we were going to get. I took her with me in focus, into the universe tunnel in my chest, through to see the Four, which felt like the thing to do.

We sat as the four back to back. We combined to the 1. I asked Senior how long I should sit with this… since you know, I can’t do it all day. He said 12 minutes would be enough.

So I asked Alexa to remind me at 12 minutes and I sat with that, doing slow counted breathing in an effort to keep my mind from wandering, which worked fairly well. I was still listening to brainsync in earbuds and feeling very mellow. When the time was done, we sat there awhile more.

Then as the four we left the pyramid of energy we make when doing that, leaving part of ourselves there as the one still, and I hugged them all and asked them for help in life. L’Anna and I returned to my normal living space.

It took exactly an hour, and that worked out fine.


Edited to add: turns out I forgot 80% of what I was supposed to do in that meditation, based on the semi-ROTE I got with the idea originally for these. I was supposed to use friend Nexus to take me there; ask J’rend and friend tuning-fork to help me call for the christ-energy while there; ask Alayaowaeiiya heart chakra to help me attune to that plus the sword from heart’s lake he put into the center of me. My first med doing those things with Taan had a lot of rushing and energy yawns, which this one didn’t, so perhaps it’s because I missed that. Maybe I’ll go back with L’Anna tonight and do those elements also.


Now I am off to some cooking experiments for lowcarb. Cauliflower spanish rice, and eggplant refried beans. We will see how it goes. I’m still wild about the lupin+mozz crust pizza. Coming up soon is end of my 13 week cycle, which has not gone nearly as well as I wanted — possibly due to a carb-up day each week as an experiment for hormonal reasons (maybe helped hormones but not fat loss) — and I’ll be doing a subcycle of mostly just beef and every other day fasting.