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This offbeat topic is what happens when you let your best friend pick your archetype meditation focus.

I did some imagining of grounding, cleansing first, and touching base with aeons and four, and asked Mark (IG5) to help.

Mark went around behind me, and put his palms on each side of my head. For some reason this made me feel a bit faint, and I felt that I suddenly went floaty and my legs floated up so I was laying in the air. My environment seemed to change, and I opened my eyes and floated my legs down. It was dusk, nearly dark in the new place.

I asked for the archetype, and it came lumbering out of some trees nearby. I couldn’t see it well, and it was oversized, and crooked. It reminded me a little of Egor in monster movies, with one shoulder high and one low and body sort of twisted. This… is a sign I’m not real clear with that energy.

I talked with it and ran the elements-of-love upon us. I still did not feel very close to it though it looked much more like a normal… er… something, then. I asked it to make arms/hands I could grasp, and I took its hands in mine and told it that I wanted to know it, feel it, love it, mesh and merge with it, and I would love it if only it would help me get to know it better.

I had the sudden idea, which I think came from Mark, of a memory of a super old meditation I once did, that really helped connect me to the arch. I asked the arch to lay on a firm bed that I crawled up on and straddled him like to give him (it was now him-ish) a back massage. I lifted my nightdress so my thighs were exposed, and I put my palms down on them. I imagined that my hands were on his upper back, and then I just ’emoted’ and sent energy through my palms and deeply into him and me at the same time. The energy was imagined as just pure love and gold light, healing and blessing and cleansing and brightening.

After a short time of this, I started to feel it in myself as well, and I could tell that this was working. I kept on — it takes real effort and it’s oddly tiring — and just pushed on it as long as I could. By that time I felt very gushy-loving, and we stood and I threw my arms around him and squeezed him tight and told him how beautiful he was and how I wanted our energy to be in harmony and sync.

To share more of his energy ongoing I let him put a sort of golden jewelry on me — around my forehead/head, wrists, ankles, and then something in my heart and in my solar plexus. I asked the four to help me make some energetic shape of our energy for him, and it turned out to be a golden cross (like crucifix), that’s the first time I’ve seen that symbol in a meditation I think. He had me put it into his chest in the place right between heart and throat chakra — which is the Universe Tunnel where the four are centered in me.

I didn’t get much rushing, but a tiny bit, and I did get a couple big “energy yawns.” And at the end, I imagined us together and it really lighting up and pushing out the energy of me, and out the crown, and bringing the manifest world around me (which at that moment actually felt like a sphere divided into my 12 aeons, in 4 sectors) into sync with this intent and energy.

This is the first meditation I have done in a long time. It was not very altered state, it was much more proactive imagination than autonomous interaction, as by the time I got comfortable and went to put my headphones on with binaural, I discovered my wireless headphones battery was uncharged. But I was reminded during it that while state of mind can significantly affect what you allow and perceive and feel, lacking it does not render a meditation ineffective. So I think on the whole it went well.

This archmed topic was from Law, who I assume is responding to my greatly increasing angst about not being able to find a new job or income. Here’s hoping it contributes to manifesting a solution!!


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