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Law found this ancient thing I had written casually off the cuff in a forum once, and saved it, and just found where he’d sent it to himself a decade ago so he’d have it somewhere. I know it’s old and written quickly but I thought I’d put it here as I don’t think I have any step by step about the archetype meditation process (weirdly, since this blog is mostly archmeds, directly or indirectly!).


I do this process called archetype meditations. Variations of this are called active imagination (jungian), conscious dreaming (shamanic), and so on. But all it really is, is taking the energies (including your body), the emotions, that one has, and allowing the mind to make something symbolic out of it. Then you intentionally ‘interact with’ the symbol (the whole environment is part of the symbol, not just things or events).

It takes some practice to get to the point where you are providing the minimal ‘intentionally imaginative’ elements without over-doing that, so that it is as much autonomous from the subconscious, as intentional. When done in an altered state, they can be incredibly autonomous, surprise and shock the hell outta you, be profoundly emotional, etc. Once you’re fluent with it, if you wake up from a dream you recall, you can use that as a pre-made environ/ characters the mind has given you, and go right back into that ‘world’ so to speak, and interact with it the way you do in meditations.

I’ve dealt with a lot of major stuff this way. I think one of the advantages of it, is that some of the things in our life, we simply cannot deal with all at once. It’s just too much to process. Plus we have a whole lot of stored biochemical emotion affecting us about it, due to ongoing experience, drama and trauma from it. Even trying to intentionally dredge up everything from how we feel today personally, how we feel today about problem situations, how we feel today about something from the past, can just bring up all kinds of what amounts to biological and psychological chaos, and then aside from crying (which is great of course) or praying (always good, even if it’s to the subconscious larger-self), there is not much to do about it. Which just adds to the frustration.

This is a proactive way to address the things that really are problematic for us. It’s also a way to address them so we can work with them — so that they can be put into a context that we can grasp and interact with, rather than “the enragingly-frustrating mystery of problem-X in our lives.” And it allows us to work with the degree of them we can, rather than just being overwhelmed.

Sometimes it is hard (things are barely-perceivable, or the energy is offputting, or the mind is going into crazy avoidance). Sometimes things have to be done several times to try and get through it. Sometimes it’s easy. Often they start harder and as you work through them get easier. Any interaction is good. But higher degrees of result you’ll know, because during it, or at the end during the merge especially, it may give the neck or whole body a sort of energy-rush. Plus, of course, often there are changes in health, psychology or reality that make you realize that things are improving (sometimes subtle or eventual, sometimes radical and immediate, and sometimes ‘synchronous luck’ seems to correspond).

The symbols you might get in these meditations range wildly. Just as an example of diversity, I’ve had from mythical monsters (dragons, 3-headed hydras, frozen/stasis-statue creatures/people) to totally obscure stuff (rubber cones under a lake spreading a field of death, random red cubes in the air, a person with body parts all mixed up like they were a rearranged puzzle, a man with a fish head and a harpoon through him in a weird angle, a bizarre machine). There are some ‘elements’ that I’ve learned to recognize (suppression is dusty-sticky grey-brown coated things/people; fear tends to be insect-like and/or dark and generate a sort of horror/aversion).

There are things I couldn’t wrap my mind around clearly to perceive clearly, but accepted and still treated as if sentient and often they got more perceivable eventually. Really the whole landscape/environ is the archetype. Sometimes you start working with that or walking through it, and something else appears. People, machines, objects, mythical critters, etc.

Usually if you’re working on problems, things come through with a problem. They are injured, grievous wounds, missing pieces, with extra pieces, IN pieces, whatever. Stuff can be mythical, science fiction, urban, there are no limits, like with dreams.

You can’t tell by the symbol, its power. I’ve had something simple, like the base stones of a castle with grass grown up through them, carry so much emotional power it took me repeats and help from other inner-aspects to face. Things that seem like cartoons can kick your emotional ass and things that seem profound and very clear can sometimes seem easy.

The hardest part about working with problems is that because you are not well integrated with the energy (not a good/clean/easy relationship) they are often difficult to perceive. When new to the work, this increases the intellectual problem of feeling like you’re just making it all up or ‘not good at it’. That isn’t so. We’ve all been dreaming since we were in fetal form, everyone is an expert. It’s just a matter of a little practice to get “the same dynamics” fluent, consciously.


Imagination is a two way tool. Our culture has made it into a one way thing, where its only use is our intentional creation of something. (This is, subtly or not so subtly, part of an indirect indoctrination into believing in nothing outside ourselves.) It works the opposite way also. Our subconscious uses it as its primary form of communication — the reverse of our intentionally using it — which is why dreams are so ‘imaginative and symbolic’. But the subconscious can show us and work through with us anything, it’s the expert on what is really going on with us, physically and emotionally.

It takes a little practice, and the job is to both imagine and ‘allow’ – it is both. It’s like learning to shoot a basketball or walk a balance beam, there is a degree of relaxing and allowing, of participation and practice, before it becomes fluent. Both your participation and your allowing the subconscious input are needed, as the subconscious is not merely doing it ‘for’ you, it is working ‘with’ you to come up with something that you can ‘get a handle on’. You ‘do’ your part and then you see the ‘reaction’ which is (via imagination) the response, and so on.

Most things are very difficult to deal with when they are abstract semi black-box situations or issues. Usually if we had all the answers, it wouldn’t be an issue, after all. This allows the mind and body to take such things and work with you proactively, to make them into something with a ‘handle’ you might say. It is the ultimate inner therapy, self therapy, whether one is having serious problems with health or situation, or whether they are seemingly doing great and just want to better explore themselves.

As a personality, I tend to be immensely frustrated by any sense of ‘helplessness’. I want to DO something to FIX anything that is a problem. Well, this is proactively doing something. It’s saying, “Even if I don’t know what is going on, I want a symbol of that energy/issue so I can work with it.” Then, it doesn’t matter how mysterious it is in real life. Your subconscious has the info. It’ll give you something to work with.

And if it turns out to be some little fairy lying by a river bleeding and you have to fix her up — or some hairy bear-like monster chasing you through the woods until you corral him in energy and work through stuff and he’ll usually become either a perfect bear or a person then — or some bizarre machine that is clearly broken/stuck in some way you have to repair — or some house that’s been partly crushed and you have to rebuild — it doesn’t matter. It all works. Your mind/body WANTS to communicate. It will help.


One very important element up front (don’t leave this out) is to ask the subconscious to provide you with an ‘inner guide’ that can “facilitate” these things. I-G, I call it. It should be a person but not anything or anyone you know (e.g. not an acquaintance, not a dead relative, not a religious entity, nothing like that), and you may not be able to perceive them clearly at first (or maybe you can, it varies) but that improves the more you work with them. They will just be ‘a person’ (and there is a truly bizarre recurring pattern with masses of people: the first 2 are usually men, the 3rd female. You will have your Inner Guide until they tell you are leaving… usually years later).

You can call this your subconscious’s “interface” with you, and the manager of it all. They seldom talk much, but they help ‘construct’ your experience. Tell them what you feel is most hurting you or confusing or frustrating you at the moment, and ask them to help you by providing an archetype for you to work with that will cover these things “and whatever they feel is most important.” If you get lost or scared in the middle of something, ask them for help. They have total power over “your inner world,” that’s their role. They will be visually normal but functionally angelic.

Anybody can do this kind of thing on awakening, or before sleep (both tend to make going to sleep an ‘escape’ though), or at any time. You can do them totally consciously, alert, but left-brain folks have a harder time with that since they usually spend quite a long time telling themselves it’s entirely their imagination anyway.

(I did, even though I validated the mind as symbols, I invalidated myself. Of course it is imagination. But is the imagination being used ‘as a communication nexus’ in both directions, with your subconscious. So it ‘feels’ like imagination because yes, that is the tool. That doesn’t mean you intentionally made it up and when it’s not intentional, those parts are the ‘return communication’. This doesn’t make what is being communicated in either direction invalid. It would be like saying that radar dots and morse code are not ‘real’. Of course they aren’t. They are symbols to communicate something which is, though. So invalidating them and what they have to communicate would be counterproductive. Same with the inner stuff.)

Initially it feels (and can be) more self-determined but with some practice one has enough ‘surprise’ elements and things they are pretty sure they didn’t intentionally make up, to let them relax and start accepting and allowing it more, so it becomes a flexible relationship. If something doesn’t seem to work well, you can push a little to add something or make it, then ‘let go’ and continue.

Consider it an experiment between you and IG. You guys are learning to work together. You’re learning to deal with the process and the interworlds he helps make for you. It might take some time, but you are the ultimate team, and it’ll be great, you just need to practice so the thoughtform energy and the fluency improves.

For most people these work much better when they are in an altered state of mind to begin. Their conscious defenses are lower, their logical-brain chatter/noise/invalidation is less, and their creative/symbolic mind is more active. Taking your brainwaves closer to theta where this stuff happens normally all the time can help. There’s stuff like binaural audio in headphones that help with this. The stuff more powerful audio-wise is not much fun, like isochronic beats, but some binaural blends are more gentle and very nice — I have many MP3s hidden online I can link for you free if you like.

You close your eyes, ideally get in a bit of an altered state and relax, ask for IG, tell IG how you’re feeling or what you’d like to work on, imagine that your eyes are closed and you’re waiting. You might feel you’ve moved or changed or your environment has, or that ‘something or someone’ has appeared some distance behind you.


For doing these, some people make up an environment they feel good in, like a garden. I originally chose an insanely high small plateau, probably indicative of my psychology… and they meet IG there. Some established plans for this kind of work have patterns involved, like whatever path you take to IG, you specifically go “in/under” something (like a cave), and then turn left, and then right, and then left. Some don’t, but that works well for many people for reasons completely beyond me, probably just some neural formula we don’t yet grok. At this point, I don’t do anything except call to IG, and usually find myself ‘in another world’, but those things were very helpful when I began.


After you feel like it’s “ready” you open your eyes or turn around etc. and ‘deal with’ whatever you find. I welcome and thank it. Then I call ‘four elements’: I imagine the ‘rain of love’ torrenting down on both me and the arch, and washing away a lot of artifice, confusion, chaos, noise in both of us. (This alone often makes an archetype more perceivable to me, or less icky or weird in some fashion.) Then I imagine the ‘light of love’ shining down on us and sort of drying out to dust, any part in either of us that is problematic, both outside and inside. (I sometimes feel like pieces of both of us (usually different for each) respond to this.)

Then I imagine the ‘wind of love’ blowing hard against us which specifically ‘blows out’ anything that the light dried up. (This can be funny and feel like pieces of me were blown away.) Then I imagine ‘the elements of love’ in a liquid colloid (this is ‘earth’ of course), rinsing us all over. (This last one most of the time I get little from, but once in a rare while get a ton from.) It’s important to do them in this order, I was later told when I changed it once.

When you do each of these things especially the water, you may feel rushing, or warm-tingling, like when you get the nice-shivers, in one or more places in your body.

After that, then I review the archetype. If it needs obvious help, I do it. It’s your imaginative world so you can just bring in anything you need. Floating light-tables with peer-inside holographic tech for medical-type stuff. Power sprays of dissolving chemical. Any tools needed. Levitate anything. Conceptual imagination like separating combined elements, whatever. Healing something from the DNA level and ‘weaving’ the healing from the root all the way to the surface so it’s totally done. If you read sci-fi or fantasy, feel welcome to use the models in those. It’s your brain, you have the power.

You can also ask for other archetypes, aspects of yourself which could be helpful, like “IG, could you bring me a guide-friend that would be most helpful to me in this?” and they can be a buddy (either gender) to help you. Sometimes if I did this, I could talk to them fairly easily. Once it was a horse, but we had no problem conversing haha. Sometimes the arch and I do something together. We play like kids, we build something. (In more advanced stuff, we have sex.) It is the ‘interaction’ between your conscious mind and this energy that is key.

Often the arch will change as you interact — they always get closer to normal, or human, or ‘right’ (whatever their nature is).

When everything seems ‘as right as it’s going to get’ with the arch, you ask it to share energy with you: to give you some symbol that you will imagine putting on or in your body. This can be anything and they might put it anywhere. I once had a rotary saw blade put in the bend of my left arm. It can be jewelry, an embedded crown, typical symbols like that, or truly offbeat stuff even threads of energy, that you wear or take into you.

Then, you give them something. I let the idea for ‘what’ come to me, so it’s mostly unique for all, but if I don’t feel inspired intuitively, I just imagine “a desire to integrate positively with this energy” into a ball of plasma-light and then I put it into them. The point here is you are both sharing yourself with the other, so put that concept into it.

When that is done, I sometimes (if I feel like it) tell them I would like to attempt to ‘merge’. Assuming they don’t refuse, step back or something (meaning it just isn’t ready yet), I put my arms around them and imagine our atoms are merging us into a single body-of-energy. This can include the entire environment by the way, just imagine rolling it up into something you can do that with. Although this does not always result in ‘rushing’ it very often does.

This is the element that will most help convince your conscious mind that even if you ARE ‘making it all up’ it is still having some genuine effect, because this can range from ‘groovy warm shivers in your neck’ to something very intense. (Intensely energetic thing are usually constant massive almost painful yawns. But merging, which usually for me happens at the end, is like the ultimate more-internal, more-intense ASMR effect, but can range from your neck to one or more places in your body — or the entire body.)

Then you thank IG, and either ask for something else, or close the meditation. I have learned (it took me decades) that letting IG choose “whatever is best at this moment” is always best, but my logical mind gets frustrated with that because I like to feel like I know what I’m doing, know what I’m working on. So as a compromise I often say, “I’d like to work on something addressing X {and by the way, you can combine multiple things into one} plus whatever you think is best.” So, then what I want is in their somewhere, but IG’s greater wisdom about it is too.


An archetype can be a person, place, thing, event, situation, relationship, emotion, condition, pain point, frustration, confusion, idea, yearning, or anything else. It can be any of those things combined. You can also work different ‘aspects’ of things like, my manifesting problem with X, my positive relationship points with X, the future of me and X, etc. It can be a pain in your knee, a coming event you worry about, your broken car, anything. Every meditation will be different. I have had some patterns but I have never had anything repeat, even when it was on the seemingly same archetype.

Except, archetypes may repeat their form, particularly planets. “Sun” is a really positive archetype, and a great one to work with. You can ask any of the planets to be male or female, they usually come through as human, and they are like the power of you. The outer planets and Saturn may need some work-through first, but the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter) are great, they are archetypes that are universal and very powerful (surprisingly so, and better one gets at this stuff, the more you’re capable of realizing how much so). They can join you in your med work and help you if you like. They are all fundamentally your strength and your friend, especially sun. You can ask them to appear in whatever form you like but for me they tend to be consistent. Sun I have entire conversations with. He can often make me really ‘aware’ of blocks and negative energy in me and help heal and clean such things.

When I first ran into this work, I was a major skeptic. I told myself I would try it twice a day and if by the end of the trial period I hadn’t developed any sense it was helpful, I would move on. It was very hard for me to “suspend disbelief and accept.” But it took far less time than that. I would find myself in deep, racking sobs in the middle of these (especially if altered state). They were sometimes mindblowing. Sometimes, they profoundly changed my entire way of perceiving something in an instant. It was coming to realize that it didn’t matter that ‘imagination was the tool’ (which made me invalidate it at first), the mind is your own, the mind is also your body, and you’re working directly with it in these, and it is really powerful.


Let me think about stuff that is sometimes a problem for people so I can head those off.

Sometimes they feel like IG is very scary, or IG is all talkative, pontificating or flattering, like some newagerbil guru. In either of those cases just imagine pushing them far away, a real IG assumed to your left, and say, “Bad stuff, get lost. IG, I trust you are there even if I’m too dense to see you right now, so I’m just going to operate as-if.” Then just ignore anything else and work with IG and that will happen. It’s rare but some people have resistance which can cause that, but it would pass.

Let me think… IG can seem stand-offish, even judgemental in ‘feeling’ to some people, mine often have. A lot of people who do this stuff say “Yeah, and you feel this love from IG!” and I’m like, er — eventually, yes. Initially, no! But not bad stuff, it usually just reflects how we feel about ‘our relationship with ourselves’ to a degree.

You have an IG for some time (often years) and then they will change (and I mean officially: you know it, they will make it clear they are leaving and another shows up). I am currently on my fourth. Each of them have been completely different. Each I initially felt very separate from but ended up loving beyond all reason. I loved the third one so much that some other aspects had to intervene and make me let him go, I grieved so much that he was leaving.

But the fourth (my first female, who I got as IG3 but rejected, and got a male, but then she was back as IG4) is amazing, literally angelic, often giving me this sense of ‘awe’ and ‘holiness’ I never had before with an IG. It’s all good. (Edited later to add: IG5 is HGA.)


As far as the meditations themselves go, I mean ‘process’, I guess there are some things that can sometimes trip one up. Stuff that you’d ask a teacher about if you had one I imagine so let me just write them down.

First, sometimes you may not be able to well perceive stuff. You might have a sense of it but just not be able to get a handle on it. Project ‘it’ into a space and then the 4 elements work can help that a lot. I also just invent magic tools, like a dial on my forehead that ‘tunes me to the frequency of that energy’ so I can see it better, or hear it better, stuff like that. You don’t have to perceive it clearly to work with it. And sometimes you can make archetypal relationships to fix it like, imagine that it’s behind a cloaking shield, or something else that is rendering it invisible, and then work to remove that.

Second, sometimes you may have no idea what the heck to DO. I mean you might even be able to see where you are or whatever, but just not know what to do. Usually “in your gut” there is a ‘sense’ that will help. But if that isn’t working for you, ask IG for an ideal buddy/guide you can talk to or who can lead the way or example. You can ask IG for help directly and often they will help, but as I mentioned they are not very talkative (a little… usually not so much) but they can intervene to give you a sudden idea, or a memory, that is helpful. Worst-case (this is super rare) ask IG for a different ‘presentation’ of the arch energy so you can try something else.

Third, sometimes if you’re working with something really tough, there are a few issues that can come with this. One, you may feel the arch is threatening. (It literally might be.) Learn from my mistakes here: don’t think, “Hey, it’s in my head, nothing can really hurt me.” Actually you’d be right in one sense. But not in another: if this stuff had no effect there’d be no point to doing it, after all. It does. Your ‘validation’ of the experience is important on several levels.

So if the arch has it in for you, remember it’s your inner world so you have all the magic you need. Make an energy ‘cage’ for them while you pace and consider what to do next or run the elements on you both. Leap up into the top of a tall tree while the monsters pace below. If they show up attacking, you can engage them, but before engaging anything that directly you should definitely ‘merge with’ something like Sun, Mars and Venus for example. (Because if you didn’t feel vulnerable the arch wouldn’t be threatening. So bring in the power you have more consciously first.)

But the really important part and I mean really important, is don’t ever hurt them!! No matter what. You have to heal them, not hurt them. Remember they are *you* and *your relationship with you* so… you know. Hurting them would be BAD.

And if you can’t even get near them, or their energy makes you shudder and you can’t even touch them without your brain clicking you out or your muscles wildly jerking, then just be ‘near’ them and then talk to them, openly and honestly. This is also interacting and will also do good. Sometimes after conversation (the more you emotionally are honest and outpouring to them, even if it’s telling them how you find them completely vile lol!, the better) things improve for work that can follow.

Lastly, if you do something that ‘dissolves bad stuff’, it helps to imagine that the bad stuff is dissolved to the atomic level, or rendered chemically inert and then put in a trash or sewer outlet. Some of this work especially on ‘body’ stuff can have pretty physical effects and you can get major herxheimer reactions from it if you don’t take care of the ‘waste’ element in some symbolic way. (And any body work you do, you should be sure and drink water from then to the next day or so.) The subconscious pretty much IS the body, so if you’re working with this stuff, it will have an effect, just as much as your thoughts can cause stress or relaxation, excitement or fear, your mind is more than capable of affecting your body.

It goes without saying that the bigger the problem often the harder the med. Harder can mean more difficult to perceive, or more hostile, more wounded, or more emotionally affective. Often several meds over time that are needed to gradually get through something. And if you’re doing a lot of hard stuff, do some good stuff too. Concepts that are positive are great. The Sun is ideal as an arch, hug and merge and then just keep him/her as a buddy for the working, talk to them, ask questions, whatever.

The more you work with any arch and IG the more clear they will be. This is one of those things where consistency makes a big difference. You get more ‘fluent’ in return (especially altered state) the experiences become more powerful, effective, and profound.

I know that this seems like just a way to spend some imaginative time with oneself, and even as that alone I think it can be useful and very therapeutic. The things that I have worked on have seen such profound “changes in reality” from my health to my relationships and situations that there aren’t any words I could use that you would believe me.

Truly impossible it seems. Bad things have radically changed overnight. People I was miserable with for eons, I did a few meds over a weekend and Monday they left the company or something stupid happened and suddenly they were my biggest fan. Conditions of ‘lacking’ from money to vehicle to job etc. often just ‘luck’ appeared and there it was. Stuff I was enraged or despairing over, my perspective changed and I was a lot more healthy with (and had better experience as a result). Situations and people and events changed that I do not seem to have any part of (so it’s a little bit mind-bending and brings into question our role in perceived reality).

These are good to do a lot of initially because as soon as the psychology realizes just HOW powerful this is (remember the whole change=death resistance thing), often “getting around to doing them” becomes incredibly difficult. So then you feel silly because you know how to do it, it’s easy to do, you know it’s really effective, but the procrastination factor goes into the stratosphere.


If someone when I began had told me it would ever make me feel spiritual and open up whole worlds of self-and-spirit in me, I probably would have walked away from it as I was pretty resistant to anything “not logical” in those days. But even without those elements, even as a simple tool, it is incredibly cool. It works on the body, it works on the mind, it works on “reality.” I don’t know why or how for sure, I suppose it’s just using ‘the technology of the body/mind’ itself (symbolic communication), to work with the body/mind, which makes sense I guess. I only know that it does work.

I have been proactively through a seemingly endless list of mental tools, techniques, meditation formats, and more since I was 15 (I was born in ’65). There is not a more effective technique or tool I have found in all that time. It takes a little practice, and a little “suspension of disbelief” to give it a chance, but once it’s in place, it is kick-your-ass and change-your-reality powerful.

And frankly, the more one’s life is in a situation where it is overwhelming, and where the problems seem the size one can’t deal with, and where there is no clear thing/way to get a handle on to ‘deal with’ them, the more valuable this can be. It is a way of directly validating the body/mind/self and directly interacting. Opening up this line of communication can have profound results over time.


To summarize and simplify the above for a recipe:
1. Get as comfortable as possible, close eyes, ideally altered state or at least very relaxed.
2. Ask for Inner Guide and then tell IG what you’d like to work on or what you’re feeling most strongly about and you’d like to work with. Wait/allow a moment for IG to move you, change things, or present something. Open your eyes/turn around.
3. Once you perceive the arch (sometimes you’re in a world and you have to find it, though not usually when you first begin. If this happens and you don’t find it and get impatient just call out to it to appear.), tell it welcome, that you honor it, and thank it for working with you (no matter what it’s like or what it’s doing). Run the four elements against both you and it. Then proactively work to interact with it starting with fixing anything that seems odd or wrong about it.
4. When done, ask it to give you energy to work on further integration with over time, put something or in your body. Then do the same for it.
5. Optional: Ask if it’s willing to try and merge and if so, make that effort.
6. Ask IG to close the meditation and thank them.

It is very helpful to talk about these with someone or write them down. Letting someone tell you about theirs, and telling them about yours, is kind of a second level of the therapy you might say. Often others have insights into the symbols you don’t. And often the conscious memory walk-through will help provide a degree of memory or clarity that can improve your integration with it.

If I did not blog my stuff (and promptly!) memory would eat it. In meditation, like remote viewing, I have learned vastly more by later retrospective (usually about things I’d forgotten) than I ever do at the time.