About I

Outside this blog and related subjects, I’m an almost disturbingly normal person. I live on the flat-edge of the Ozarks with a few cats. My kid is an adult now. I work a normal (but from-home) corporate job. In my spare time I am as creative as I can be, with music and writing and other hobbies.

I was close to a medical-model skeptic hypnotist at one point in my life. I have (d?)evolved from there. What I may “seem to believe” is more a matter of what I experience, which is constantly rewriting my paradigms. I have no doctrine and what I do sometimes acquire, tends to change.

What began a simple “psychological exercise” for me, gradually became a serious “individuation practice” for me, which then moved into being a genuine “spiritual effort” for me. My daily, mundane life is wrapped into this because they are not separate for me. Arcane insights just wrap into the overall stew of things.

I tend to have fairly intense experiences when I am focused, whether it is on ‘meditation’ such as archetype work or on ‘psi’ such as in remote viewing, and the intensity of them tends to give me very long cycles of off-time while cognitive dissonance adaptation takes place. I have more angst about “denial” than any topic actually worth angst.

In the meantime, as the saying goes, life is what happens while we are making other plans.