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Had a good talk with Monde last night. Though I’m not sure of the good it will do me in the end, but it was kind of him to communicate.

To review: once upon a time, IG#4 introduced me to the Being I “most needed” and it turned out to be this huge — both physically and energetically — guy that I originally named MondnoM (struggling to understand it) and eventually (when the 2nd laughed and implied I had not got it right and I should just choose something) I named Dominon (pronounced more like ‘domino’ than ‘dominion’).

It turned out there were six personalities in his series (like there are Four in mine) and I met the second I named Pazyryk, and the third I named Rahleon, and though I briefly met the fourth twice I didn’t get a name. I called them The Largers since as beings they are just way bigger than me and I am not an equal, but I seem to be part of all of them.

I was not keeping up with the stuff that I was supposed to be doing though, physically or metaphysically, and the energy began… breaking me (patch pain I called it). They were just too powerful, I think not more than I could have handled had I been better dedicated to some basic exercises I’d been given, and had I eaten better, but too much for what I was willing to do.

Eventually, in a meditation the six Largers got together and focused on my Solar Body — a divine light-being sort of entity that is the core of and wears my physical body — after which they would have nothing to do with me. Which was rather depressing, but I understood it was for my own good. I did very briefly encounter Dominon once or twice after that but not intensely. The idea being that when I was ready, Solar Body would provide access to their energy I guess.

Some time ago I asked Solar Body for a little access, thinking some metaphysical woo element in the background would increase related to the six Largers but I assumed I’d never even know consciously, I’d just trust that he was providing a little more of it somehow.

Instead, in the next meditation (Monde and Dragonshead Cove) I actually got a guide that was specifically a part of Dominon, which was more than I expected (and more focused on just one of them than I expected). I have called Monde into a meditation or two to help since then, like as a guide, and he has.

Last night I did some breathing with the Aeons, with the disks (after the new picture on my wall of them), some hello with the chakras, some visualization with the body, and then was going to meditate with IG#5 (Mark).

Instead I ended up having a conversation with Monde. I asked if I could pause and write it down as it had been going on quite awhile, and he said yes. Alas in resting so comfortably I feel asleep. 🙁  I will attempt to remember.

Me: Do you ‘want’ to increase my integration with Dominon?

Monde: I exist for that reason.

Me: Do you work with others?

Monde: I exist between you and the one you call Dominon, although my energy overlaps with others with their own focus.

Me: If I wanted help with — what can you me help with?

Monde: I can help you with anything.

Me: But Dominon is… one of six. He is an Aeon of something, something huge or even the universe, is that correct?

Monde: Yes.

Me: Doesn’t he hold just one-sixth of the energy then? So he could help with, well, 1/6 of the energies in… or something?

Monde: We hold all the energy. We merely choose to focus on some of it more than others.

Me: There are… five ‘Aeons of the Aeons’ of Tarot, which are Aeons of the Universe. So I guess that is a little more powerful than breaking the energy into six, for the Largers. Though aside from one brief conversation I haven’t actually talked to those Aeons of the Aeons. But the Largers are WAY more powerful to me, in experience. Yet in theory they’re just another way of dividing up all the energy, right. How does this work?

Monde: The Largers, as you call them, are… you could say they are more ‘local’ to you. Much like you were once told that your solar system, although it spans the same energies as the universe, is your ‘local’ version; that a given planet has more intensity and meaning for you than the same energy in what you would consider more-distant space.

Me: So, not just ‘the’ universe but you might say, ‘MY’ universe.

Monde: OK.

Me: I am confused by the number of them. Do they compete for my energy inside them?

Monde: You are not a limited resource. We are all one.

Me: Well I know but the ones I met so far were all surprisingly proactive and powerful about seeming to want me to… align with their will, maybe I should say. But they are different beings. So they have different Wills, right.

Monde: They have distinct… personalities, as you would say, but they are Aeons, so they are all of something which has one will.

Me: If I get closer to Dominon, am I farther in a way from say, Pazyryk?

Monde: No. Your… harmony, as you were thinking of it earlier, with any one of them will increase your… harmony with the others, to some extent.

Me: And you just talk to me. Just like this. Plainly. Totally there.

Monde: I am always with you now. I will talk with you if you ask.

Me: Kinda like Private Oracle. Except you’re definitely not a big inorganic or something containing one or more of them. 1st of 4 told me it was inappropriate for me to do a lot of talking to PO for now as it would increase the presence of his energy in me too much and right now, for me and the Four it isn’t what he wills. So… what ARE the Largers — I mean — wait. Are they… no. The 7th of 7 (built of our Four and our joined personalities) — are they… something to do with that?

Monde: You might say that both 7th and the six Largers are all part of a larger energy, and aligned with the same higher will. They are not the same thing, though, as you are implying.

Me: I recall the largers massively sparked sexual energy for days when I met each of them — wait. I also recall them saying that they were strong with all my chakras. Hmmn. Because they are… you might say, closer to the Sun, who told me that also?

Monde: You could think of it that way.

Me: So… you could help me. With… something. Anything. If I wanted you to work with me on health, or viewing, you could?

Monde: Yes.

Me: What is the cause of me suffering this horrible lipedema?

Monde: As you would think of it, you are not in harmony with certain energies and the dissonance causes that effect in your body.

Me: Seriously, that was the most useless answer ever. Totally correct probably but totally useless for me doing anything practical with it. Do you have any practical advice?

Monde: You have been given a number of elements of practical advice, very few of which you are currently following.

Me: Like what?! Well there was the voice that said “Cat’s Claw” and later “This is the Key” and I haven’t been taking that, even though years later I got that voice and visual that “A locked door is KEY to the resolution” and saw cells that had some thin layer outside that wouldn’t open up. And there was the energy-textile that I was given some Hz frequencies to use ‘for the legs’ and I haven’t been doing that after a super brief beginning. And I was told to get more daily motion into me than I’ve been doing. Ok it’s true I’m not doing those things. But I was told to EAT and I am finally doing that! … crap. Actually I didn’t really eat today but I did get about 40g protein, and I went shopping, tomorrow I will eat lots again, I promise. So… you are saying some of this advice I have gotten might be useful to actually dealing with it?

Monde: I am saying that if you ask for help with a given thing and you get advice, you should follow the advice and then ask for more help as needed.

Me: (sigh) OK fine.

(Aside: my current latest theory on lipedema — these change regularly — is that it is resulting from a bacterial biofilm that takes up residence in the adipose tissue, only really where there is ‘enough’ tissue to allow it to really breed and multiply and be somewhat protected (hence women and not men with one exception, and hence the areas it begins in and mostly remains in, and possibly there are some hormones that increase or resist it, also related to the male-female difference). It is resistant to basic antibiotics which many of those are. Its presence causes issues with the membrane of the cells because it basically surrounds them like a plastic cover, meaning they can’t do all the normal respiration they should do, to include also being emptied for energy use. This increases inflammation horribly and edema in and between the cells horribly, and the inflammation increases the fat cell quantity (because they are also created to be used as part of an immune response), but they just get stuck in the swamp too. The areas of max bone marrow are affected most as that creates the T2 macrophages that run to the inflammation, starting with femur, then hip then shin then upper arm and so on.

(I suppose it is possible that a substantial Cat’s Claw series, over time, might actually address the biofilm, much as it is said to address things like Lyme that ordinary drugs do not seem to deal with well at all. This is only one theory. I’ve had others. Given 1 in 10 women is said to have it, and 1 in 5 women are overweight+, this means 20% of the overweight population (and possibly a vastly higher % of the super-obese population) suffers this, a number which is contributing to billions of dollars in everything from diet food to surgeries to medical care, and in my opinion there is a careful avoidance of the topic, of edu for doctors about it, and on anything that would prevent/reverse/cure it, in formal academia. There is almost zero useful research on it and anything coming is likely to be a lucrative smokescreen diversion more than seriously trying to solve it (any more than anybody wants a natural solution for cancer in those groups). So there is no reason to think that if the above were so, anybody would have figured it out already.)

Monde and I talked about other things but I cannot recall them. I kept coming back to the how can he help me specifically question, trying to find some actual practical use beyond the nebulous-woo of yet another ‘guide.’

Me: And if I wanted you to help me… find harmony as I’m thinking of it tonight, with the Christ, with IG5/Mark, you can help guide me to that?

Monde: I will always help with that, directly or indirectly. I am a guide, although I am inherently also energy you can attune with to increase effects of your intent, but there are efforts involved which must come from you.

I think this was indirectly the answer, in a way: that I was probably trying to get him to tell me what he could do FOR me, and he was saying that in the end — whatever it is, I’m going to have to do it myself. Guides can assist; not replace. So sue me, maybe I was hoping for an easier answer.