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I was listening to monks chanting OM in 432hz on youtube for a bit while reading something online from The Book of Thoth about the court cards.

I suddenly remembered a dream I had last night. I met a little boy. And that ‘sweet’ feeling of the Christ was present when he focused on me. He asked me if I had a true home, or something like that, and I felt he loved me and would help me in some fashion, like to find that safe space of a true home I think it was.

There was some other symbolism present that I think related to the look of him, even though I don’t remember the look now, but the other symbolism was a boy I’d known (only from afar) in school and rather loved and later deeply felt I related to in a way. He had white curly hair and super blue eyes.

I was thinking about the feeling of the ‘sweet of the Christ’ at the heart, and I wondered if it was all the heart chakra, or some of it, or something like that… I was sort of idly thinking in the back of my head while reading so my recall was fuzzy. I suddenly remembered that I have a guide for that.

J’Rend, I called inside me, and he was there, very close to the front left of my head, speaking quietly, so I felt “aware” of him.

I met the Christ again in a dream last night, I told him conversationally. At least I think so. Perhaps just a little bit of that energy. It was this young boy, and —

I realized I was watching a lean man with light silver hair do something in… a kitchen? I thought he was at a stove, he had something in his hand, some cooking utensil. Then he was opening a drawer across the room. He may have pulled something out. Again he has something in his hand. He walks to me and hands it to me. I’m trying to figure out what it is. “This is….” I work to “allow” it inside me.

First it seems like the 2-prong thing you might use in barbecue. Then it seems smaller and like —

A fork?  I ask him, now totally out of ideas for what this means.

J’Rend is back at my temple again, and he says softly, “Yes.”

And I look at it again — and it’s a tuning fork.

Ohhhhhh I say, finally getting it. Is this — oh. This is —

The frequency of the Christ energy, he says.

I love his voice. He speaks softly. My chakras love even the energy of his whisper. Somehow it’s like his energy makes all of them feel a little bit excited.

I have an idea that I think is from him, and I try it. I imagine lightly striking the tuning fork against the concept of my heart chakra, and then I hold it in the concept of inside the chakra, and allow it to ring. Alayaowaeiiya is there with me then, responding to this, and I realize that first, I just got an answer: it is not all of Alaya.

It is actually an incredibly specific, kind of thin thread through his middle. However, its presence in him, ringing now, is “enlivening all of him.” He loves it. I let it ring, and imagine myself in that feeling as much as I can.

So the energy IS in that chakra, I confirm to J’Rend.

The Christ energy is in all the chakras, he corrects me.

I suddenly remember the Sun telling me that his energy is in all the chakras. And the Christ is, as Mark put it or it came through about him, “The Sun, the Son, the Christ,” as these sort of… overlap/interweave with each other as energies. So I realize this does make sense.

I imagine the strike and ring and centering of it in my crown. It seems to go okay. I do this in ACKRCK and then in BUSM. I do this in Kyana Daoen and suddenly am overwhelmed by the sense of need.

Can I hug you? I ask KD, as he like the others has immediately showed up when I brought the bell of it into them. He wraps his arms around me, and I hug him, and I can’t let go, and I can’t squeeze him hard enough, and I just feel so incredibly grateful and I need to hold him as tight as I can for awhile.

I finally move to Bessand Ari and I perceive them (they are one, but both genders slightly separated) a little differently — but good — when I do this, and now I start getting delightful positive rushing as if it’s almost bubbles, from their chakra all the way to my crown.

I go to Konewa Turi and do it all again and feel that they love it too, and I get a big energy-yawn.

I have the oddest, most abstract impression during this that I can barely bring fully up to wrong words. Spontaneous. As if… as if the energy of this, when combined with the energy of the kundalini, creates something manifest in our world, that is incredibly distinct, unique, and infinitely desirable. Not only in terms of real value to us like money which somehow would be a given, but real value like power, the kind we don’t even know but is so primal and divine and fundamental it would be like… some part of me is getting an overlay on the philosopher’s stone and legends like that.

I’m sure I’m using the wrong words, but it felt like, if you were to mix KT’s energy of fire that is not quite plasma, and the energy of this bell, this ‘Christ’ energy which is like the center frequency of the sun/son, with something that is manifest here like say a mineral of some kind, you would get something that my brain translates to “quicksilver” but I don’t even know what that is, and I only mean by that word, that I had the visual-impression (not a real visual, a translation) of a result that was somehow, simultaneously solid AND liquid AND light.

It almost had the ajna-effect, despite it was a translation, of those three things seen all at the same time in some way that seems impossible for anything to exist. But it did. Incredibly rare, and kind of… realer-than-real in our world. Actually I think that’s another chakra effect.

Another energy yawn. I imagined my whole energy body about 12 inches out as a ‘thing’ and ‘rang’ the bell of the tuning fork against it, closed my eyes and felt positive about it, another energy yawn, and I decided I was done.

J’Rend, I said, Is this… is this a tool I can have to use… somehow… in other contexts? Or only for my chakras? Only for this moment?

As I say this, I imagine that I am standing in the universe tunnel (the one in my chest) at the entrance, looking out over the landscape. A tiny column of shelving built into the inside of the front of the tunnel in the mountain appears, the tuning fork on a shelf.

I realize I have never considered something like bringing my energy tools to this area. Nor something like building out the mountain area of that-perspective of the tunnel. Both of these seem like a really brilliant idea at that moment.

I felt unusually grateful. J’Rend was still close to my left temple, in my actual body sense of my own world. I tilted my head up and kissed him for a few moments in thanks. And then I let it go, and went back to reading the thing online.

About five minutes later I realized that all of that was a “spontaneous meditation” and I needed to write it down for the blog or I’d forget it soon.