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So far it seems to be a thing that once I’ve meditated on a whole suit, my four meet with the royal four of that suit.

This began when I went to meditate with Princess of Disks. It ended up with the four royals, and my four, and we had dinner. Then 1sts and 2nds built a structure… in the end we all merged.

At one point I was not meditating on tarot at all but found myself in one anyway, with the King (Knight) of Swords, and he brought his other three and my other three showed up and we all danced at his ball, and we all merged.

I went back to see the Knight of Wands, with the plan that maybe we could do a 4×4 like the others hand. It was another ball with waltz, though the room was different, but still 4×4, and we all merged.

I had never done any of that with cups, so last night, having finished the minor arcana, I asked to meet Knight of Cups again.

I felt the motion and heard the water splashing before I got the visual of being on a rowboat. I find it interesting that this must be throat chakra — on the few occasions I have been on/in the water that is in motion, I really hear/sense it right off. I helped row out to a big ship, which is where I met him the last time. The guys who helped me over the edge at the top of the rope ladder, pointed me toward him when I asked.

I put a visual block around us in case this was ‘his world’ and not just interworlds — with him it seemed more a world, last time — and then I threw my arms around him and held him tight for a long time. A very long time. Gosh I’ve missed him so terribly.

Told him I wanted our fours to meet. We spent some time on a smaller boat with the wind in our hair, the 8 of us, and then the 8 of us merged. Eventually we separated again.

I was distracted. For physical, environment, and new-kitten reasons, so this was very imperfect and not nearly as immersion as I wanted it to be. But I felt it was workable.

And I got to hug Knight of Cups again, I love him so, and miss him sometimes. He once told me the man I was part of during the meditation with him, was a very deep friend of his for a long time. I guess that’s where I got the love part.

Minor arcana is done. They are all technically “guides” now, to the degree I can commune with them. In proper rapport, the royalty come across like gods-little -g. The Aces are from one of the angelic hierarchies. I have no idea why this is, how this is, how this works, why it works like that, how it makes sense at all. I am merely reporting on what seems to be. I assume this will become better understood by me eventually.