ORP - The Organ Restoration Plan

PJ's Hyper-Nutrient Experiment No. 2 as applied to the GSEO*

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Cycle 1 (a brief detox fast)   |   Cycle 2 (light eating with megadose supplements)
Cycle 3 (ordinary eating with 'rich' supplementation)   |   Optional/Temporary Cycle 4 (parasite detox)

* Cycle 3 is within the context of:   GSEO - The Generally Sane Eating Outline


I lost 170# eating low-carb. Some was 'low' carb (<35g/day) but mostly almost zero carb (<10g/day). The LC was not really whole-foods and it had no supplementation, the ZC was just a couple factory muscle meats and cheese. Then I had my first 'symptom': I would eat carbs and realize I felt vastly better in every way, that I'd even been chemically depressed without realizing it. So I experimented with carb-cycling, which was a complete disaster, mostly because of what I was cycling with at the time. I also developed reactive hypoglycemia, since apparently my pancreas was still putting out the previous amount of insulin, but my tissues were far less resistant now. Eating a nearly zero carb (say, sausage and eggs) breakfast could nearly knock me out with the blood sugar crash as well as a big bowl of pasta would have.

I finally went back to ZC only to discover that within a day I was in 'mild' crisis and if I tried to lift weights I was instantly in major crisis. The kind where you nearly have a panic attack and if you ignore that anyway, your body bursts out bawling without even asking you, replete with visuals of battery meters on zero and gas tanks on empty and the clear message: eat energy food right NOW or you will DIE. I did, or I wouldn't be here to write this. I would try again a few days later with the same result. (Note: this is not carb-craving. I'm talking about something completely different here. Remember I did LC, VLC, ZC, successfully for a long time.) I finally realized that my liver was apparently not capable of putting out sufficient ketones in order to support my high body weight. I'd never heard of that before. I just didn't know what to do about it.

I theorized that perhaps I was missing 'some' kind of nutrient or mineral, who knows which one. Maybe lots. So I made an experiment I called "Hyper-Nutrient." I spent months, at every paycheck gathering what supplements I could afford, a basic 'multi' vitamin and mineral but then lots of other things and herbs and offbeat things. I was thinking that since I didn't really eat much besides meat, it might be some obscure things you'd pick up in a versatile plant diet that I was missing. The plan was to take the supps (a major quantity) every other day, so the body would have time to 'vent' some if it didn't want them. The plan went ok, except that a big result was a major aversion to swallowing pills.

After Hyper-Nutrient Experiment #1, I again tried VLC induction (which is nearly ZC, <10 carbs to begin). "Could" I do it? Yes. Something had improved. But I felt utterly crappy. I not only didn't have energy to lift weights, I didn't have energy to move, even to get myself food. But I was not in crisis. So my conclusion was (a) nutrients must be the answer, but (b) whatever I did, I didn't do well enough.

Hyper-Nutrient Experiment #2 I call ORP for the Organ Restoration Plan. It is a staged supplementation addition to a much more diverse diet. I read up on every major mineral, vitamin, herb, other nutrients, etc. This time rather than focus on obscure things, I'm focusing on a very rich and high dose of natural colloidal minerals, pure-powder vitamins I cap myself and am taking in megadose in cycle 2 (and high but not extreme dose from then on), a variety of other nutrients and herbs. It is in conjunction with what I call the GSEO (Generally Sane Eating Outline), and I am experimenting with what details of the GSEO are right for my body (and for my daughter's). I have folded into ORP ideas from a variety of approaches to health, including using chemistry measures (as RBTI does) and an initial lemon-water fast, but that is only one element.

ORP Cycle 1 ( 3-6 days usually )


This is a brief detox and clear period, with some liver fuel and regular fluid (limited to liver processing speed). If there are major detox effects this fast should be extended until they are clear, or stopped for light food for some days and then resumed, in up to a few cycles until any major detox symptoms are resolved. The 'timing' of the lemon water and sleep schedule are important, this is part of the goal to get back in regular cycles.

Note: There are a variety of plans and biotechs which include lemon-water for the liver, some of which also have fats (such as olive or coconut oil) for gallbladder. If fats are to be added it should be in a separate period and probably as part of Cycle 4 instead.

This initial cycle may be contraindicated by urine/saliva readings. If salts/ureas are too high (and if you have gout, or possibly high blood pressure or other 'high' blood readings, they might be) then skip it, or at least drink 4oz distilled water every half hour, 8 hours a day, for days or more prior to the fast, to try and flush the body and reduce their density (be sure and keep blood sugar stable, whatever is required for that).

Supplementation is simple to begin:

ORP Cycle 2 ( 3-7 days usually )


This is a light, easily digested, nutrient-rich food base along with megadosing of pure powder (if possible) quality vitamins, even more of the broad and dense mineral supplementation, other major nutrients, and some critical broad-spectrum and organ-specific herbs. This is primarily the period for the vitamin megadosing, with food to make it more practical and absorbable, and to provide fresh enzymes to the mix. Note that animal proteins are limited, mostly due to the effort to temporarily make life easy on the liver while providing it a lot of water flushing and nutrient support for its own detox.


Hyper-Nutrient for ORP Cycle 2

The below is a "totals per day" list (from 7am to 9pm), not a schedule
Supplements are taken in 4 separate sections, 5x a day: Minerals+Food supps, Vitamins, Herbs/FA's, detoxers.
There can be one day between cycles 1 and 2 which has no supplements, just light food and water.

This is specific to MY approach. Some of this is chosen to move urine pH toward 6.40 (from below that). Everyone should use a doctor or self-education to decide what and how much to supplement, and what upper limits for intake may be most wise.

Mineral Complexes (Natural Colloidal) once eating, take with food
Mineral Compounds
Individual Minerals
Food Supps
Fatty Acids
Chemical Extracts/Compounds
Herbal Extracts/Compounds
Good Bugs (taken w/Various groups)

ORP Cycle 3 ( ongoing )


This is essentially applying a rich but not extreme supplementation series to ongoing diverse whole-foods intake. This is designed primarily because:

  1. even natural and range foods are no longer on soil/water as rich in the minerals needed for real health
  2. few people can or will (for various reasons) eat a massive diversity of super high quality foods
  3. modern life not to mention intake tends to result in ingestion or exposure to a lot of toxins and stress
  4. hormones and other biochemicals reduce radically with aging and some supplementation can be helpful
  5. some face pre-natal/multi-generational nutrition deficiences that affect "base" body activity
  6. years/decades of malnutrition et al. make some peoples' body/organs in more need of TLC.

Hyper-Nutrient for ORP Cycle 3

The ORP version of GSEP is intentionally very broad and dense in supplementation.
This is particularly in emphasis related to the digestive and detoxive organs.
The inclusion/measures are going to vary by urine/saliva pH, season, activity, health and more.
These are MY basics. They will not likely be anyone else's.

  1. To start cycle 3, ideally (optional) 1 bottle of Canada's Essaic formula, according to directions until gone.
  2. Use digestive enzymes at every meal and probiotics in morning and/or after last meal of day.
  3. There can be one day between cycles 2 and 3 which has no supplements, just light food and water.

ORP Cycle 4

( Optional and Temporary, timing as needed, after at least 3 weeks of Cycle 3 )


This is a parasite-cleanse program (and if desired, other forms of cleanse). I chose this timing-point because I think the body needs to get stronger and have a little time of dense nutrition for at least a month first, prior to beginning things which sometimes are toxic to the body itself (just less toxic, hopefully, than it is to the bad guys), and which can cause significant detox (Herxheimer) effects. One should "feel stable" in strength, blood sugars, appetite, and so on, prior to going into this.

I intend to do this, but I have not yet decided what I will be doing for it, or whether it will just be alongside regular food or something special related to the process -- it will depend on what I'm doing. I'll update this whenever I decide.

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