Three Kings and the Stone Chair

Last night was ‘mommy-baby date night’ with my ten year old daughter, which means she got to snuggle up and fall asleep in my bed. This morning when we woke up, she said she’d had a dream and I asked her to tell it to me. I find her dreams fascinating for some reason. I think someday if I write these down, she will be intrigued by them when she is older. Anyway, so when she was done telling me I wrote it down and read it to her to make sure I had it right. I thought someone else might find “a ten year old girl’s dream” a sort of novel interest, haha. You can see the esoteric and archetypal elements in it of course… she is clearly my daughter. 😉

[Her dream]

I was walking on my porch, and then when I stepped off it I found myself in another world.

There was a stone chair, and next to it, three statues.

I went toward the chair and one of the statues, its stone broke and an old man that looked like the statue came out of it. He reminded me a little of “The Rider” in the Lord of the Rings movie.

I went behind the chair and found a doorway and went into some inner area.

I heard all these ‘things’ coming through the doorway and I hid. They turned out to be robots.

There was this tiny woman there and she and I fought. I won and so all her robots left.

I went back out and the second statue broke open and another old man was revealed.

He sat in the chair, and the other one said why are you in my chair, but then they laughed, they were both kings, but they were close friends.

I went back home to my house and went into my room but I saw this spider come down on a thread and I ran into it.

It fell on the floor and was huge and I was so scared, and I took off running out of the house and ran and ran.

I found myself in a place where the two kings were there on horseback. They had a woman like a young princess with them.

This other man on a black horse who looked a lot like one of the kings and was ‘almost’ a king but not quite, he was a black magician who also used a sword, he snuck up behind them all and killed the princess.

And then there was all these thin gauzy curtain things like in that video, all over [mom’s input: “veils”].

One of the kings then had flowers in his hand like he had loved her and he said to her, “who did this to you?”

And even though she was dead she lifted her head and said something I can’t really remember. [mom: ‘try’.] It was like, “Bahmitrix.” [she spelled this]

I thought that part was funny like it was a movie and even though she was dead she was talking and then dead again.

Then the black magician started talking to me and we talked and talked and somehow I came to be affectionate about him even though he was evil.

And he came home with me into my world, and he gave me a list of things I should do so I could become an evil magician like he was.

One thing I did was like a weird game where you had to capture things in a bag or net or something. I was about halfway through the list when – wait I think this is where I saw the spider. Anyway – when I wondered, “why would I want to be evil?”

And I realized that he wanted to be a king and he wanted me to become an evil magician so I could eliminate the other kings for him.

I went back out to the stone chair to tell the kings that this man was planning and coming for them.

And then I woke up.

[end of her dream]

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  1. Yar wenches!It is the eternally tardy mermaid Michele! I’m too lazy to look for your email on my stoopit outlook tonite! Just wanted to say HOWDY adn Im thinking of you and ,… and ,…. [wait for it!] I’m PAINTING!!!!!! Wooo hoooo!ALso getting excited and nervous because in a few weeks I will be GOING ON A VACATION!!! First one in years! Peter [boss] is spelling me and I am flygin to meet Paul in KEY WEST! [an old haunt !] I am VERY ready for this! It is freaking cold. I am tired of shovelling snow. Yeah , its pretty and fun the first few feet or so!I amgoing ro take a picture of the painting [not finished yet but i am on a roll!] and send it to ya – Cats are bugging me. It’s time for bed. I love reading you!Especially the dreams! Gives me visual insparations and chuckles sometimes. Especially Ry’s dreams! Will have to tell you all about the three stone statues we found on the property down in Nicaragua [the place we almost bought] reminded me of that when i read about her dream!WEll sweeties, I’m on amoxcillun for a sinus infection- its finally going away but not fast enough, and I am alone tonight [more arrivals tomorrow] so i am headed to bed. I am also getting a lot of ‘junk in the trunk’ sorted out and i am finding ime everyday to chisel away at the art, writing and sorting my pictures! The electric fireplce and blankets are calling me! LOL I miss you and think of you almost daily and wonder how youre doing this new year and latest ‘turn of the wheel”? write me when you can and when you feel like it ok? So I dont have to go digging thru the frigging emails to find your email addy! LOL Yeah I know – I’m gonna be late for my own funeral! HUGS and Carb free chocolate decadence! LOLXXOOMoimaid Michele

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