Movie Dreams

I had the funniest “movie dream” early this morning.

My dreams are so silly! But they are a lot of fun anyway. I like the ones that are “whole linear experiences” like this one.

He was a friend of mine from another world. (He looked like Kevin Spacey, bald, who plays the bad guy in the current Superman movie, but who was a good guy in my dream.)

“I have to go back. I have to tell them that we’re asleep, and totally under control,” he said with grief for his people. Somehow, by “waking up,” and by … climbing out when no authorities were around to stop him, he had made it to my world.

He should have been home free, but he couldn’t stand it. To me it seemed rather pointless—who would believe?—but he was determined. I shrugged, accepting that perhaps this was his destiny, and he concentrated, and a big hole opened in the floor of my house (which somehow, was at the top of a many-storied building), and I could see through this big square opening down into what seemed a whole ‘nuther world of little tiny people.

He had a piece of paper in his hand which he wadded up into a ball and he jumped in—but as he did, this bizarre wind caught me and took me with him. At first it kind of scared me, but then I accepted it, realizing there was nothing I could do. We fell slowly, shrinking as we did, and finally landed (surprisingly softly to me) on the ground, which was a cement courtyard type area of this little world.

Then we saw the piece of paper, which by now seemed the size of a giant ball 3 stories high coming right down on top of us but more slowly, and we took off running to the side to get out of its way. As the paper ball gently hit the ground and rolled a bit there was shouting, and some kind of ‘authorities’ came running to investigate the ball. We hurriedly got out of the way, making our way out of the courtyard and following some path into what seemed a large hallway.

The large hallway turned out to be a street. But the street was a bit narrow, and there were apartment-like housing stacked several (around 5) stories high, and then the buildings on each side ended in some kind of roof or ceiling that went across the street, as well, so the whole area was enclosed. I didn’t like it much, as it was immediately apparent there was no way out except through the openings at the far sides of the street. It was almost like this whole world was “one thin layer.” (I’ve had that impression before of “frequencies which operate as a whole reality.” But I wasn’t aware of that in the dream.)

We walked the street acting casual. The people didn’t look any different to me than people of my own world. There was music playing from somewhere, as if piped into this neighborhood. It was a song from my own world, and yet an old one, and I wondered if it was possible that there was some interaction between our worlds; like, how would they get our songs? It was some insipidly pop 80’s tune, and my friend kind of groaned. Apparently this upbeat song— which, surreally, seemed to actually BE making all the people on the street seem “upbeat”— was to my friend an announcement of something else.

The human traffic on the street all began going one way at each end, and we were forced to walk a little faster (“upbeat!”) until we were out of that “neighborhood” and all around a courtyard on this end of it, looking just like it had on the other side, were something like desks. Like a big library sort of. Except each desk looked like it was a dark-tinted lucite, a glass effect but not glass, and was small, and a person sat down at a stool by it but instead of doing something on the desk, they actually looked “into” it. It appeared that the people were choosing movies to watch, in some great enthusiasm, and I had the feeling that “every night was movie night” here.

My friend was starting to look like he was panicking. He was standing almost frozen at one side, me next to him, as the other people milled about choosing their movies from tall spinning racks. It didn’t look like the rack actually held a movie; just some kind of picture-card. A man in a suit appeared, and somehow I knew he was “one of the movie librarians” and he said to us, “And what will you be watching tonight?” I started to say it didn’t matter, but then realized everybody else was excited about choosing a movie, and acting casual might make me look suspicious. My friend was still sort of stuck as if in nervousness so I said, “Oh, we wanted to watch this one!” and I grabbed the closest item to me and handed it to the librarian.

“Movie-Visa,” he said, casually but expectantly. I froze. I thought maybe this part was what my friend had been scared about. “Ah… we forgot them!” I said with the most charming grin I could manage. The man was totally silent, looking at us speculatively, and I knew that we had made him suspicious. He said, “Well we’ll let it pass tonight, but bring it tomorrow.” I sighed in relief, and we followed him as he walked toward two empty desks. My friend had the look, though, that this wasn’t ok; that we’d probably got ourselves in big trouble, maybe? I wasn’t sure.

We sat down at the desks. I could see into mine quite literally; it was very dark tinted, but I could see that each desk was literally, totally open inside, and that the ground under the desk didn’t exist, as if the whole thing were a shell and whatever happened, was ‘beamed’ up from underneath or something. The man pressed a button on both of the desks and said calmly, “These two have forgotten their visa.” He said it casually, but with a tone that told me that this had a major significance to whomever he was speaking to. A few seconds later, I saw dimly that inside my desk, someone had come up underneath — literally it was as if the ‘ground’ were just lower than head-height to a level underneath, and the head of a man popped up down inside the desk, dim but visible to me behind the tinted lucite-like surface. Except it wasn’t a man, it was an alien creature that looked a great deal like a Klingon. I wondered if all the people here knew that their movie equipment was being run by bad tempered aliens. Somehow I doubted it.

Something finished, the guy ducked out from the inside of my desk and I could see, appeared in my friend’s. A few seconds later he disappeared from there, and it was time for our movies. I can’t remember what it was that we were watching, but it seemed a harmless, happy enough movie to me. I leaned over the desk, watching as it began.

I could feel that there was something more. I could feel that there was something that was tracking the very detail of my eye movement, and I had this vague memory of my “other life” where this was a real laser technology. (What I couldn’t bring to mind during the dream was that it was the mind-control tech in the movie “Looker” with Susan Dey. As a coincidence, I am pretty sure (not 100%) that the guy who invented that laser tech, or had some leading role in it anyway, is the guy who founded the IRVA. Of course, the idea that it is used for mind control is purely movie paranoia! One assumes.)

I could feel that somehow, my “reaction” to stuff in the movie was being recorded, as if by some computer that could interpret so much about my mind and body through this, that I was being “read” like a book. I had the feeling that there was something “extra” in my desk due to the guy who’d done something, that was specific to my allegedly having forgotten my movie-visa. I had the feeling, as much a psychic sense as anything, that they were attempting to “track our patterns” to match with their database to see who we were.

But I watched the whole movie with no incident. I was very unusually “moved” by it though, especially given it seemed a lighthearted fun movie. I felt as if on some level, it just downright touched my soul. Weirdly, I felt as if my friend had been in the movie, and yet with me, and that we had interacted with each other “in the movie world,” and my response to our “relationship” in the movie seemed far more powerful than any response I had to the movie itself. I wasn’t sure how this was possible, and I was musing about it when two people walking quickly, a man and a woman, passed us in the street-hall. She was crying, and he was angry and it was very clear that they were feeling this way about each other, and that the movie “relationship” had caused this.

My friend watched them, still quiet—he had been so quiet since we arrived!—and I felt, from the look on his face, that this was the core of everything. That this was how his whole world was controlled, why they were “asleep” as he put it. I had the feeling that the movies could cause one person to be completely ostracized by their tiny society in the hallways which seemed to hold about 100 tiny apartments each. I had the feeling that two or more people could be made to feel any way about each other, depending on “the controllers” and their plans. I had the feeling that anybody who was not happy would be made happy, or would find themselves in a movie that maybe seemed to go on for years of terrifying imprisonment. It suddenly occurred to me that my friend might have feared the movie would make me lost to him, or hate him or something, and that he was trying fiercely not to care, knowing that he might have to abandon me at any moment for his own survival.

We were walking down the big hallway and everybody was disappearing into the buildings on either side. We didn’t have a house, and pretty soon that was going to be apparent, I realized, and we would stand out to the authorities. I wondered how on earth my friend ever hoped to get through to his people. I had the impression that he hoped to get into the “underworld,” the one just beneath his, where the movie technology was. I wasn’t sure he had any plan at all beyond that one. We were nearly the only people on the street now, and I felt almost naked, as the street was long and straight with no place to hide. One of the guys in uniform that I considered an authority casually strolled into the end of the street from one of the courtyards, and on seeing us, appeared to know us. I realized that we were in deep trouble…

…but just then, I woke up.

Poor guy. I hope I didn’t leave him there alone. Or maybe some part of me is still there, hoping for Soul Retrieval!

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