Dog Spirit

OK I know I was going to bed, but I was quick reviewing my RSS and caught a post I’d missed on Mark’s cool Mindblogging. It reminded me of a short little experience I oughtta mention somewhere.

It was Spring of the year 2000 and I moved to NE OK, flat edge of the Ozarks, to live near my dad and grandmother. I was still moving in — delivered but not unpacked. Ry was with her grandma, my dad was outside somewhere doing yard work and I’d spent the morning putting dishes away out of boxes, and was worn out.

I went into my bedroom, which had nothing in it but my mattresses, and literally fell face down on top of them to just get a nap. After what seemed an instant I stood up, feeling fine all the sudden. I turned to the window behind me, which had no curtains, and looked out at the backyard. There was no fence to the left of us, and our backyard was open to many other yards and the grass alley between the rows of houses here.

Some man was playing with his dogs in my backyard. That seemed a bit odd, but the dogs were loose so I guess I figured they’d just kind of mosey’d on over from some other yard. He was running and leaping and turning and they were leaping all over, from full grown to puppies, and there was such a sense of joy about it all.

I thought, how interesting that they are all black, like the same kind of dog — he must raise those kinds of dogs.

And then I realized that I couldn’t hear the dogs. I mean they were just feet away from my window, barking and leaping in delight with this guy, but I couldn’t hear anything at all. I thought, now that is so odd!

I looked at the fellow, who was turned away from me, and as if drawn by my attention he turned and looked at me.

I was totally shocked. His face was covered with black dog-fur! Not like a dog head, or well sorta, but his head and features were human, it’s just that his skin was like a dog’s back and maybe his eyes were a bit offbeat.

HE was totally shocked too apparently! It was obvious he couldn’t believe I could SEE him, or maybe he was just amazed to see ME, but in any case, we spent a couple of full seconds just staring at each other open-mouthed in utter astonishment.

Just at that instant, my father started the chainsaw and I was nearly thrown back in my body.

I wondered if I’d dreamed that. It felt much more OBE though. I was so mad that dad had chosen that moment to interrupt one of the coolest experiences!

After that I kinda wondered about what we don’t see, and the stories of people with animal heads and stuff like that.


  1. Cool, PJ! I’m with you on that: it would’ve been great to follow that to see where it would’ve led.Now you’ve got me curious, though. Which minblogging post reminded you of this? As far as I know, I’ve not seen any dog-people. (Not yet, anyway!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The one where you were on a train, and you saw a couple asian children playing near an asian woman and assumed they were her kids, and a man across the aisle, and then when you woke up fully the kids and man were gone.Many years ago I was having a lot of conscious OBE experiences. I woke up one morning sleeping on the floor at a friend’s house and could hear her now and then sitting near me, doing paperwork at the table. I slightly turned my head to look at her, and when I did, I felt myself slide out of body, like the inside of me turned and the outside of me, awake but still feeling very heavy, stayed still.So then I was facing her direction, which was looking at the back of her. She was turned to the side, talking to two people leaning against the counter, one of whom was an Indian in full Chief-Feathers regalia. That was certainly noticeable. They were just having a quiet conversation. I turned back “into” my body and I thought, “Did I *really* just see that?!” and then just to check, I turned over, IN my body, to look.She was sitting facing the table, her back to me, working quietly on paperwork as I’d heard her doing initially. Nobody was there.I turned back, lying on my back again. That is REALLY ODD, I told myself. Closing my eyes and feeling ‘loose’, I turned over and successfully “rolled out” of my body so I was lying ‘in’ my body but sideways facing her.And she was sitting turned to the side, quietly conversing with the same two guys, one of which was the Indian Chief. I kept thinking, “Wow. Wow. I must be imagining this. How could it be that when I’m out of body, it’s not JUST that there are people here who aren’t here when I’m IN body, but even SHE is different?!” I stared until I finally felt I had my fill, and I had to go back in body and check again to see if they would REALLY not be there, as they were so totally clear, the voices, interactino, everything, all of this about 15 feet away from me.I turned back ‘into’ my body, and turned over again taking my body with me, and looked at her (normally). She was oblivious to all of this, sitting with her back to me, doing paperwork at the table.I tried to get out of body again but I was too awake darn it! Anyway, your post reminded me of seeing something slightly different in ‘reality’ and then seeing how it changes when you ‘awaken’. So I thought of the dog fellow and how I saw him until the chainsaw buzz frightened me back into my body! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh, ok. After looking over my blog again I figured that entry was the one. I’m still amused at how normal it seemed to be watching two kids one minute and seeing them disappear the next.Thanks for sharing your experience, too. Very interesting! Oh to have an OBE some day . . .Mark

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