Archetype RV (Remote Viewing)

Prior to this article, it’s best to read the previous Aspect RV post.

So as ‘Aspect RV’ settled into my psyche over time (or my psiche, as I call it, since psi is heavily involved here too), I began to realize that not only could I interact with ‘myself’ during viewing, but that the target itself seemed to interact with me.

At first I didn’t know what was going on. I would start a session and get a flash of something bizarre, like: I’m in a tiny dark stone room and there is a big sarcophagus and brilliant gold light is shining out of it but I tune in just at the INSTANT a huge heavy stone lid is slamming down and shutting out the light. WTF?? I knew it wasn’t part of the target, and I suspected it was information about the session or my contact (so… that wouldn’t be a good sign, in this case…) Or I’d be in the middle of a session and I’d see a person, like an ‘Aspect’ — but they would run in a room and slam the door. WTF?? This began happening more often as time went on. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know why it was happening. In the Official Doctrine of Methods, the data does not act out and talk to you. It’s considered “inert information” that you “passively wait for”. Yet my data was not remotely inert, and it seemed to want me to be proactively interacting with it.

So one day I was in a session and I ‘found myself’ on a street I sensed, and there was an Aspect, a woman standing in the sky above me, her feet a couple feet above my head. She leaned down to me and held out a pair of eyeglasses. Determined to do something proactive this time, I leaned up and took them, and then I put them on. Suddenly I found myself rushing through space, at enormous speeds as stars flashed past me, going toward some ball. I can’t remember the target now — it was a planet or moon — but the point was, the “experiential” nature of that data was SO intense, and the data itself definitely did seem on target, that I began to think maybe this ‘interact with the data’ was an idea worth trying.

After awhile of “off and on” working in that model, I started thinking a whole LOT about the two main problems in RV: inaccurate target acquisition (good sessions that aren’t on the proper target apparently) and inaccurate data (I don’t mean data you mess up between ‘experience’ and ‘paper’, I mean data you get clearly, but that is clearly wrong, you see later). What is going wrong in those cases? It is not a case of not being psychic; I believe both of those *are* psychic–but about “the wrong thing” somehow. It is true that a powerful intent or related issues CAN overcome problems in RV and improve success, however, I think that is more like something that is just ‘overriding’ whatever the real problem is. I don’t think we have a clue what the real problem is.

I started thinking about archetype meditations. The idea there is that there is you, and there is something else, and “interacting with the archetype” amounts to “resolving the energies” between you. I had the powerful gut feeling that this wrong-target/wrong-data amounted to some kind of “disturbed energy” that the person themselves had, that was causing some kind of distortion in the end-result of their actions. Something deep. It wasn’t something done at the conscious level, I believed that. Yet it did relate to the viewer and not any cosmic thing outside them. So it had to be something ‘fundamental’.

This feeling was so strong in me I couldn’t let it go. I decided to experiment: I would see if doing an archetype meditation on “the target” could in some way clear up “any energy pattern problems, blockages, skewings, etc.” I might have.

The problem was that first off, doing that work really took awhile before I ever got to the session. I would end up with an archmed and then 5 minutes of session, which was unworkable. Worse, often the archmed, while intriguingly experiential, would just barely if at all relate to the ‘literal’ target — and that’s not unusual, but terribly distracting for RV’s purpose. I worked various approaches to this, only to gradually and sadly conclude that it did not seem to improve RV and only seemed to cause problems. Although sometimes it worked, too many times it didn’t or worse, it either didn’t or it distracted me so I didn’t even get to the viewing, but neither situation bothered me because emotionally, the archmed meant more to me than the data. So then RV literally had ‘competition’ instead of help.

There are some elements of the archetype RV work that I will probably keep. I ask my Inner Guide to ‘weave me and the target together’ before it, and deweave us AFTER I have feedback, so the ‘target’ can be with me (an attempt at rapport) as I am getting feedback. At worst this is just better for understanding, and at best this has had some amazing occasions, like when the target itself appeared to be sentient and perceiving me and my feedback experience (like viewing-in-reverse) (Ganymede did this). But that is it. The whole archetypal process, I feel is counter-productive to the RV session and focus.

But the dilemma remained: I still felt strongly that my core gut-feeling was correct: that inaccurate target acquisition and inaccurate data (clear experiences which did not match intended target) were some kind of energy distortion maybe between the viewer and that target, or just the viewer period, who knows. So ok, maybe ‘archetype meditations’ — normally a process to resolve problem energies — were not the solution; because really, RV does not care about the fuller, deeper target. It just wants the bleepin data. Anything beyond that, unless it almost ensures that, is a distraction.

So when I left my last viewing cycle, I was in limbo. I want to experiment: I don’t want to just accept that “when it’s right it’s right” and ignore that it’s wrong sometimes; I want to understand WHY it’s wrong. I want to fix that or at least greatly reduce its frequency.

Not that my viewing’s any worse than anybody else’s; percentage of target contact seems better than average if anything (and there’s no brag in that because this is one of those things we appear to be helpless about, says science anyway; we get what we get). But my personality is not well suited to just accepting that a percentage of the time things go horribly wrong somewhere, and everyone just thinks that’s the way it is and nobody has a clue what to do about it. People invent all kinds of tasker-dances and feedback-jigs and cool-down approaches and methodology steps and more, trying for anything that might improve accuracy or reduce inaccuracy, but the reality is, after initial ‘change’-related seeming-success everything pans out to the same accuracy rate as always.

My whole career has been varying degrees and approaches to “troubleshooting”. My whole personality is geared to looking for stuff like that, understanding it, and fixing it. So that my primary interest in life is nearly overwhelmed with a major problem(s) of no explanation and nobody’s doing jack about it, drives me crazy!

So that’s where I left things.

This morning after a talk about RV I had an insight that relates a bit to the combination of Aspect RV and Archetype RV, but I’ll put that in a separate post.


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